Halloween Series: Interview with Mrs. Voorhes

This is another in my Halloween series running until Halloween; every Sunday an interview with a horror movie killer. Today’s installment, my interview with Mrs. Voorhes, mother of Jason the boy drowned at Camp Crystal Lake in the movie “Friday the 13th”

Autumn: Mrs. Voorhes, when I first saw “Friday the 13th” I was so surprised you were the killer. You did a brilliant job of hiding yourself nearly the whole movie.

Mrs. Voorhes:
(flashes an evil smile) Well, it was easy. You see, the director kept the cameras off of me, dear.

Autumn: Oh. Tell me why you felt compelled to kill all those counselors?

Mrs. Voorhes: They killed my Jason. He was a gentle son, a sensitive boy. He should never have been left unattended. Those damned teenagers! (pounds her fists on the chair’s arms) Sex, pot and rock and roll; it killed my son!

Autumn: I thought Jason died by drowning.

Mrs. Voorhes: (beady eyes narrowed) He was unattended. That sweet gentle loving boy was left to his own devices while those vile teenagers fornicated! (voice rising) They were clawing and clutching at each other like wild animals in heat while my darling son drowned, no doubt calling for his mommy (wipes away a tear).

Autumn: I’m very sorry for you loss.

Mrs. Voorhes: (eyebrow raises) Are you really? You look an awful lot like one of those counselors. Did you work here at Camp Crystal Lake?

Autumn: I assure you, I’ve never been here before, Mrs. Voorhes.

Mrs. Voorhes: Oh yes, I could see you clutching at one of those instructors, writhing against him, moaning and not even noticing me as I come up behind you. (reaches into her pocket)

Autumn: (scoots her chair back as Mrs. Voorhes removes her cigarettes and lights one. Autumn lets out a sigh) It would seem that your son appears in the other movies. What took him from being a sweet gentle son to a killer?

Mrs. Voorhes: (laughs madly) He is his mother’s baby (grins). In fact, I keep him at my side at all times.

Autumn: Really? (looks around the cabin curiously)

Mrs. Voorhes:
(stares at a spot over Autumn's shoulder) Isn’t that right, Jason, dear?

Autumn: (swings around to face Jason in his hockey mask, gets up and runs for the door, Mrs. Voorhes ordering Jason to chase her).

Note: No bloggers were injured in the making of this interview, Autumnforest made it out in one piece!


  1. Apple doesn't fall from the crazy tree.

  2. I've gotta say, for an undead slasher, Jason is one tough cookie! Hell, even explosives can't kill him!

  3. HalloweeNut;
    Yeah, but I could outrun him. Someone should teach slashers how to run!

  4. Autumn, you outrun your interviewees every time.

  5. Echo; I'm used to being chased by crazed people because I'm always poking around abandoned sites. One of these interviews; however, I did get caught!

  6. good one!! luckily he didn't grab a handful of your hair! i'm sure he was tempted by it!!

  7. Libby;
    He'd have whacked it off, no doubt. Like Predator, he'd keep it for a trophy.

  8. I think Mrs V is trying to deflect some blame. I'm pretty sure Jason tried to off himself to get away from her.


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