Halloween Cards!

(One of the PumpkinRot's Halloween cards I'm using this year)

Yeah, yeah, we all send cards at Christmas, but why not Halloween? There’s no better time to tell a friend or relative that you hope they have a haunted season.

You can certainly design your own Halloween cards and with a little help from places like Office Max, you can get blank cards and envelopes to work with. You can use photographs you’ve taken at the graveyard, in a pumpkin patch, of a scarecrow or row of blackbirds sitting in a tree. As well, you can take paper, soak it in concentrated tea, burn the edges and use a calligraphy pen to write something Edgar Allen Poe’ish.

The next step is to find the great Halloween cards people are making and selling online. I got my own Halloween cards (and will every year henceforth) from PumpkinRot in his shop. I picked the scarecrow with the sunset cards. Gorgeous!

Supporting artisans, you can go to Etsy and type in “Halloween cards” and support some wonderful people who make awesome cards.

Online, you can go to sites and have free cards delivered to friend’s email addresses. 123Greetings is one site, as well as HalloweenGreetings and FlashHalloweenCards.

You can even take a digital picture of the Jack O’Lantern you just carved and put it into an email with wishes for the season.

Want more inventive ideas? Make a sound file. Whisper in a haunting voice some message like “have a happy Halloween,” and send it as a sound file to a friend saying it was an EVP that you captured and to listen closely and see if they can make out what it says.

Inside the card, place some dirt from the graveyard.

Spray your card liberally with a pumpkin/autumn scented home spray.

Have a creepy picture turned into a puzzle at your local Kinko’s and give it to a special friend to assemble.

Blow up a balloon, write a message with a sharpie, hold it until it dries, let the air out of it, sent it to a friend to blow up and read.

Any way you tackle Halloween, do make it not just your favorite holiday, but everyone else’s new favorite.


  1. cool... now go out and scare the crap outta somebody! ;)

  2. I will most definitely be sending out Halloween cards! Speaking of which I would love to be able to send you one *hint hint* :)

  3. Awesome! I love Pumpkinrot's shots. So evocative. I sell my own on cafepress. Not the best though. I might check out this Etsy.

  4. Cullan;
    Do you have a link on your blog? I totally want to see them!

  5. Thanks for the cool ideas for ghostly greetings. I guess it time to get a plump pumpkin and start rehears carving.

  6. I usually just photocopy my ass and send it to everyone. A very scary sight and pretty much implies "Happy Halloween."

  7. Now those are some neat ideas. With the invites for my party, I'm actually going to make them smell like caramel apples with essential oils. I got the idea from John over at Season of Shadows. But your right: one of these days, I'll have to actually order something from Rot!

  8. Hey you! I agree with Dolly...you got my email addy! Send me your address! And Ju, I know you will be making a comment on here too, I need yours...hell anyone who wants a card from me...give me your addy! I usually only gave cards to my ex-hubby, but I think I'll make my own and send them to friends!

    I have my own "thing" I love to put into cards...so if you want to know, send me your addys!

  9. HalloweeNut;
    I got that idea from John too (the guy is brilliant). I did my business cards with a scent that was a mix of incense and cannabis. I thought it would smell new-age, but then I worried about sending them in the mail--what if dogs sniffing packages segregated mine? Heehee.

    Tara; my address is in the email!


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