Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ghost Hunting Theories: Interdimensional Beings

No, I haven’t forgotten or abandoned the theme of my blog. I took a break admittedly after all the research for the haunted formula and the books I’m working on, but I’ve been in the mood lately to discuss some alternate explanations for hauntings. This will be a series on the blog, called appropriately “Ghost Hunting Theories.” Expect to hear such things discussed as; interdimensional beings, shadow people, aliens, neurologic disorders, residual, alternate universes, time splits, earth effects and completely explainable.

In this first in the series, I want to discuss the concept of interdimensional beings. Let’s go to Wikipedia to get an overview: There is a hypothesis called “Interdimensional hypothesis,” relating that UFOs, aliens, shadow people, crop circles, Bigfoot, and ghostly activity are all explained by the passage of beings from another dimension occasionally crossing into our dimension and being glimpsed.

I’ll be honest. When I first heard about this theory, I laughed. It’s a normal reaction when hearing such a “universal” view of ghostly activity. Then, I started reading more about it and considering it. Honestly, the concept of souls of the departed lingering as if their lives on Earth weren't enough seemed equally as ludicrous.

Some things explained by this theory include the lack of evidence of visitations, the difficulty capturing them, their ability to show up and then disappear suddenly. The characteristic often associated with shadow people is that once they realize they’ve been seen, they dart off into oblivion as if they didn’t expect to be seen by people normally. There are also some areas like Bennington Triangle that have a wide variety of events occurring on one place that make them seem likely portals.

Let’s go back in time when a person would get a cut that became infected. They had no concept that tiny little microscopic bacteria were the reason they were getting sick and dying. The very mention of microbes would have made people giggle nervously. “There’s nothing there we don’t see with our eyes. That is ridiculous! Surely it is a matter of the person's character or perhaps their very soul.” Things that occurred were often explained by the supernatural or spiritual because if science didn't cover it, that's the category it was relegated to. Luckily, advancements made it possible to see things at a molecular level and realize that these very exceptionally tiny bacteria could create a chain reaction that would down a human. It was not the human's lack of moral fiber that created the illness but something spread easily by our environment.

The ghost world will some day face the same issue; is it supernatural or is it scientific?

We are in much the same situation now. We have all these different forms of phenomena, no way to truly capture them. I know this as an investigator that it’s an extremely frustrating thing when really the majority of the evidence if subjective personal experiences. Perhaps we aren’t able to visualize the means by which these phenomenon occur. And, perhaps they are not all separate issues, but held together by one commonality; interdimensional travel.

So, the next obvious question is; if they can travel into our dimension, why the hell don’t we drop into theirs? There are many explanations, some including technology and others assuming that perhaps their dimensions have exits and ours does not.

Here is another consideration; what if when we are sitting at home watching TV, we are being seen briefly by another dimension, but we do not see their dimension? Perhaps when we glimpse a ghost, we are briefly seeing something in another dimension which might also explain why it often times does not seem to see us or passes through walls as if they are not there.

Any way you look at the concept of interdimensional beings, I actually have it as one of the top of my list of explanations for phenomenon. I am more likely to believe that concept than souls being stuck here because they don’t know they’re dead or they unfinished business which I put further down my list. At the end of this series, I will give you my order of beliefs at this very moment because, one thing I know about me, tomorrow something new will give me a new belief in the field.

It is my very ability to admit I have no final answers that keeps me seeking out ghost hunting theories.


  1. I suppose when you think about it that the whole folkloric concept of fae creatures (as they are in Celtic mythology, anyway) is, basically, references to dimensional travel. This thing that "phases" in and out. While saying Bigfoot is an interdimensional being seems sort of science fiction-ish, saying Bigfoot is a fae or at least something along those lines seems, well, somehow more plausible.

    Even though they're both saying the same thing.

    I always have been a pretty big advocate of the idea that a lot of different unexplained phenomena are really just side-effects of the same root cause. And honestly, this idea is about the only thing that could tie them all together.

  2. Andrew;
    You're a smart guy. Yes, I agree. It does tie them together. If the para-normal is beyond the normal, then all these phenomena are in that realm. Some could be explainable by principles of physics still not discovered yet. One of those is certainly interdimensional beings. I always say that if this phenomena can appear in our world and is seen with our eyes and heard with our ears, then it has to follow the same rules of physics. If it takes on a physical form, it is not spiritual. Spiritual would supposedly be without the need for the physical, so why would a soul need to know how to push a ball across the floor for an investigator? Intriguing things. I love theories and I love debates. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. You have a great attitude about it, much like mine.

  3. Its interesting you posted this today. One of the green orb theories I read but didn't discuss because it was so far off topic for me was that they were aliens or other interdimensional beings. We are on the same page today.

  4. Jessica;
    I cannot tell you how much that has been happening lately, especially putting up posts people are thinking about or using a strange word that they were just going to use or knowing they're going to email me and emailing them at the exact same moment. Freaky thing going on with me.

  5. Wow! Too lots of smarties theories. I got nothin', but it is an interestin post. What's Dale's opinion?

  6. Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. - Gandhi

  7. CB;
    Dale believes ghosts are another example of why humans never ever leave you alone. Even when they lose their bodies, they still torment you from the other side.

    I love that. It sounds like my life philosophy.

  8. Autumn,

    I'm not completely against this particular theory yet not sure I buy it either for ALL things paranormal. This is an interesting topic that I'll have to give more consideration. But now I have a question for you: if it is just a matter of interdimensional travel, then, if you are a believer, what about reincarnation? How would this even begin to fit in with this particular theory? That is a kind of possible "para-normal" thing...or is it?

  9. Tara; I have a very firm belief when it comes to reincarnation and it is that it does not exist. But, that said, as a psychic I know something regular people may not realize. When one gets the right signal--whatever the means is that we pick up psychic info--it comes like a memory and from the viewpoint of the target. So, if a common person were to somehow pick up the signals of a life that had been lived by someone on earth--perhaps during a dream or touching an object or some other perfect set of circumstances, they would believe that they themselves had lived that life. But, as a psychic, I know that is the perspective of someone getting psychic information from the POV of the person who had lived. I've had reincarnation type dreams before, repeat ones. For some reason, I have connected to a woman in WWII France who was Jewish and on the run. If I weren't psychic, I would believe I lived that life. But, it was precisely like a psychic memory. So, I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do believe that anyone for some reason, whether it's DNA memory or perfect timing and placement, can pick up a past life and relive it in their mind from that person's perspective. I'm not sure interdimensional travel explains everything, like I believe in BF as a real creature, but it is a worthy one on the list of "what the hell is happening?" hee hee

  10. Ok then, put this in your pipe and smoke on it for awhile...I have a book called "Old Souls" that I read and it is about reincarnation. CHILDREN, not adults, who are very young yet know things that they possibly could never know. Of course that may be the DNA theory in effect. I actually do believe in reincarnation.

  11. It's the same for children. I get information from readings that I can't possibly know, even about subjects I know nothing about and terminology I've never heard. Children are some of the best at uncorrupted psychic skills. They don't question information they receive. It doesn't mean they lived that life, but I do understand that a lot of people believe in reincarnation and really anything way we explain the world, we need to be comfortable with it and reincarnation answers a lot of questions for people. I get it. It's the same for religions all over the world. Whichever way to explain the unexplainable makes it comfortable. That's sort of what I'm doing here, tossing out theories to see which ones might stick for some people's explanatory styles. Ironically, the workbook I'm writing about how to tell if something was a supernatural occurrence or a natural one has an entire chapter I'm writing at this minute--about explanatory style and its importance in our understanding of the unknown. You are a very intelligent woman to be asking and seeking answers that fit. I like to see people doing that more often.

  12. Why thank you big-sis...I do love a debate! However, I also respect other peoples beliefs! No matter how wrong they may be! LMAO! I'm KIDDING of course! LOLOLOL

  13. Interestingly enough, Autumn, a fellow elf, Calantiriniel, who co-founded this site, only just sent a link to thee ghosts-as-natural-recordings-in-stone AND dowser's bible, Tom Graves' Needles of Stone. Everyone should track a copy down. Love ya, sis! Ta-taaaaa! ~ Anadæ ~ (•8-D

  14. Bror;
    My big brother, thanks! I am covering that in the series under Earthly explanations. I find this to be one of my favorite pet projects, but then, you know that about me.

  15. Although I highly dis believe the probability that beings from other dimensions visit us, I think it's an intriguing concept. I'd leave it for science fiction though. The likelihood of an inter-dimensional being somehow warping to puny planet earth is pretty much impossible.