Dead Body in a Refrigerator???

Julie from Above-The-Norm (she has pics up!)and I had an insane day off Wednesday on our crazy road trip. We hit a helluva lot of abandoned sites, hilarious stories, total weirdness. Expect some videos and photos and stories. This video was taken at a bizarre bunch of structures in Casa Grande called "The Domes." These weird kiva-like buildings are used for teenaged raves, have tons of graffiti and tons and tons of echoing sounds inside that I videotaped, so expect to see those videos soon. This one was taken inside one of the hangar-like buildings. We found a refrigerator and I just had to find out if there was a body inside. There were beer bottles, bonfire remains, clothing all over the place and we wondered if they stored someone in there. I opened it up to find out. Cause, well, I'm too curious! More stories later....


  1. That's relatively disappointing. Lol :-p

  2. I really hate that I have lost my damn mind... every now and then I feel like telling everything I know... only I can't remember shit.

    Anyway, you should always give a little looky loo into refrigeration units... if not dead bodies, maybe a forgotten fudge pop! I'm always up for a fudge pop.. not the low cal stuff though... where was I? Oh yeah.. cold storage... when I "retired" from the world of selective information... we were tracking what we believed to be a truck driver running a north south route and pulling a refridgeration unit. After a kill, he was storing the bodies inside the unit.. for an undertermined amount of time before they were dumped... which made it impossible to pinpoint the time of death.

    Such are the tidbits still rolling around in my mind.

  3. Soraya;
    Yeah, I was at least hoping to find the party kids' clothing stored there or a still cold six-pack would have been nice, it was like 107 out!

    Intriguing!! You better be compiling that best selling book I know is rattling around in your head, my friend!

  4. LOL, I was disappointed that nothing was in there, but glad we didn't find a body. You are one crazy roadtrip buddy! I had fun and looking forward to the next one.

  5. Girl! You REALLY don't want to find something like that..unless it's decomposed to bones. The smell of decomp is enough to make you vomit! TRUST ME on this one! LOL I KNOW that smell! You can TASTE it and it takes FOREVER to get it out of your nose, hair, clothes! UGH! LOL....but hey, let me be honest...I would have been hoping for the same thing! LOLOL I'm pretty sure I need some serious psychological help at times! Muuuaaaahaahaa!!!

  6. Tara-Dear;
    Julie and I kept saying the whole trip, "Damn! If only Tara were here!" We just know we could take you on a wild ride through the desert and the three of us would raise eyebrows the whole way.

  7. Reminds me of a story I heard about a curious group of teens who snuck onto the "Body Farm" not knowing what it was!
    (they didn't tarry too long!)

  8. BG;
    Ick! That would be so nasty! I have to admit it'd be fascinating to work in there and learn more but I think it would seriously stink.


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