"Beast Legends"

This new show is starting on Thursday on SyFy right after "Destination Truth." I'm curious about it and will definitely give it a look-see. Sounds like fun. I love legendary beasts.


  1. Looking forward to this one myself. Since MQ got cancelled and DT went into reruns, I've been suffering from crypto-withdrawal! I hope BL provides a worthy followup to DT!

  2. Gummer;
    Losing UFO Hunters and Monsterquest just destroyed me too. My favorite thing in the world used to be when TLC would show nonstop cryptid documentaries. Now, they just show bakers and people ruining the earth with huge families....

  3. I will certainly give this a look. I love mythical creatures. I hope they entertain with this.

    I was watching bits and pieces of stuff the other day and started thinking that they should cross the woman with 19 kids (and counting!) with the show about hoarders. Kid Hoarders (and fame whores!).

  4. Pangs;
    I like that idea. If you add in that she does tattoos in her spare time and has a cake shop--it's totally a TLC show. What does TLC stand for? I've nearly forgotten at this point. I miss the old days when it was just tons of conjecture documentaries. I find Bigfoot and Mothman a thousand times more interesting than whining children being herded before cameras by egocentric parents.

  5. I am finding myself on The Documentary Channel (on DirecTV) a bunch recently. Not crypto by any means, but at least interesting.

    I saw a doc about an Appalachian moonshiner yesterday (called The Last One). Pretty enjoyable for the music and scenery at the very least.


  6. Pangs;
    Thanks. I'm a documentary nut. One day, I hope to film one. I think I'd like a chance to go at it with my own style and take, but I am addicted to them. Thanks for the suggestion.


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