Awesome Giveaway!

My very dear friend at the most amazing Halloween-themed blog Season of Shadows is having a wicked awesome giveaway of Nox Arcana CDs. Now, if you've not heard of them, you seriously need to give them a listen! Season of Shadows has some of Nox Arcana's music on the Halloween Radio. It is haunting and moody and perfect background music for the Halloween season, but also I use it all year long when writing horror or just wanting to have a moody background sound while working around the house.


  1. I thought of you today when I passed one of those Spirit Halloween shops that pop up in empty store fronts here in California.

    I asked Daniel "what should we be this year?" I'm thinking of dressing Daniel up as a priest. Imagine him walking around our party smoking cigarettes and drinking beer all while he's dressed like a priest.

    Luv fall and watching Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis...


  2. Paula;
    I went to a party once as a pregnant nun and my boyfriend went as a priest. We hung all over each other all night and had beers in our hands. It was a party favorite. I like that when you see a Halloween store you think of me. That makes me smile. I like to be associated with that!

  3. Pretty cool music for Halloween season.

  4. Echo;
    I'm such a freak--it's all year round for me but when I play it as the children arrive and I have a super creepy display--they totally freak out!

  5. Nox Arcana is amazing. I have to admit I do listen to it all year round as well. Use to be really into them, would listen to them pretty much all the time.

    Oh, how I'm excited for Halloween.

  6. Invidus;
    You'll really enjoy Sunday's post. An interview with Michael Myers....

  7. Autumn,

    That's very kind. Thank you so much for the extremely nice words about the blog and for promoting the giveaway!


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