Autumn Senses for an Autumnal mood

(**6 days until my vlog is up on here**)

We’re all sick to hell of summer, huh? It seems to last longer each year.

Let me drop you directly into the center of autumn and see if I can give you a little getaway, something to look forward to:

The sickening sweet smell of brown overripe apples on the moist earth
rotting leaves
Fresh-born earthy mushrooms
roasting pumpkin seeds
cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
hot cocoa
simmering exotic tea with honey and cream
scented candles
candy corn
rain-soaked fallen leaves
damp sweaters
hot dripping pies
distant wood smoke.
pale gold
lime green
nutmeg brown
pumpkin orange
terra cotta
mushroom gray
scarlet red
moss green
forest green
bittersweet chocolate
pear green
brick red
deep periwinkle.
Cold noses
hot baths
icy fingers
brisk chilly wet winds
woolen sweaters
thick socks
flickering heat from the fireplace hearth
making love under a soft warm blanket
sleeping with the blanket over your head
the sun comes up later and later….


  1. Autumn...this brought back old happy memories of me and the ex. And you know, that's ok. Tears and all! This is his favorite time of year too. I could see and smell and feel each thing you are describing. Thanks for bringing me good memories.

  2. Tara;
    Glad to give you a good warm feeling. I am so especially tied to autumn that it is in my blood year-round.

  3. Something tells me that MM's pie preference is in the realm of hair pie! Yes, I said it! Out loud even! LOL

  4. Tara;
    I was thinking the same thing, but my mind is always in the gutter. Look at Monkey Man, he's so distinguished, surely he couldn't mean that kind of dripping pie....

  5. Wendy;
    I think the love of autumn is universal. I have been living in the desert so long, I worry I'd forget all the details, but growing up I stored away every sensory reminder and I recall them like this just so I can feel it again. I figured others sick of summer might like to remember too.

  6. Deer Hunting and football as well oh and the ladies at school haha

  7. Keith;
    Yes, I suppose the male species notices different things about autumn, including women who wear unpadded bras and tight sweaters on chilly days (hence the term "nippy weather.") :-)

  8. I love the smells of a new season.

    I have some of these, just because they smell so much like dirt and outdoors.

  9. Pangs;
    I love you! Thanks! I am always looking for more autumnal scents. My signature scent is one that smells of the woods and mushrooms, earthy and masculine. It smells like an autumn forest. It reeks of sex. I love it! It's very very expensive, so I get it decanted. (cheap way to buy perfumes....they buy the bottles, decant and put them into sample sized tubes and sell them). I've been wanting to try other smells. Now, I'm off to check those out!


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