Abandoned Motel

Well, it was a long day and accidentally put the wrong city name on this video--it was actually Gila Bend, but desert towns begin to blur together over time.

Julie and I will hopefully be soon doing another road trip to abandoned places with just as much variety as these past several videos. We're working on our book "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories" involving photographing abandoned sites and then me doing psychic reads of the memories and writing this into a gothic atmospheric story form for a book compilation.

Do not miss Julie's amazing photos of The Domes at her blog.


  1. What a sad and creepy little place. There was something about the light playing on the wall in the last bit of image that was intriguing. I was hoping for a better look.

  2. Max;
    I keep telling you, buddy, clean up the place when you're having chicks over.

    I had Julie take extra photos of that. I saw the same thing. It was fascinating. I got a great read on an angry passionate couple; Joelle and Mike in one of those rooms.

  3. Cool place. Reminds me of that film The Lost Room. I love the song too.

  4. I will be adding those photos in a post coming up soon. I decided to do a post on the Domes before that. I am excited to be a part of the book and watch you do your readings. What you get from them fascinate me so much.

  5. With all your crazy roadtrips, abandoned sites visiting stories it will be a best selling book.

  6. Echo;
    Thanks! Sometimes the road trip stories are more fun than the readings I do on the haunted sites. I'm working on the reading from this motel and it's a history that I almost would love to write a screenplay from. A very interesting read! We are right now planning a trip Oct 15th to Tucson for the ghost tour, but we also will stay at their most haunted hotel and stop at some crazy places. In fact, there's a cheesy enormous gift shop on the way to Tucson that sells the most campy Arizona stuff and I'm going to film there and also buy some great kitschie stuff for giveaways. I can't help myself. We need to share things like scorpions and cactus jelly and other terribly awfully cool gifts.

  7. I really find that place appealing.

    The color, the faded sign, rows of previously identical rooms that are now each a unique little universe of their own. Exceptional!

  8. Pangs;
    I wouldn't mind going back there. There were several of those old fashioned 50s style motels that were abandoned, the kind with little cottages in a square and overgrown weeds and such. Absolutely enchanting. The only problem is, the one I wanted to check out was across the street from the motel where the police department was. Yes, the police department was in the UFO motel. Hmm.....


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