Sunday, August 1, 2010

Would You Date Me?

**Tomorrow more pic's from Hotel San Carlos hunt and some about Dan the "Lucky Bastard" who joined us.**

Jeez, a lot of ya’all are people I email on the side. You probably know how my professional life is growing leaps and bounds and yet my personal life is taking a decided nosedive.

That said, where else can a person go and ask for support than on a blog? After all, if Julie and I’s project Hug-A-Blogger takes off, we will be proving the very point I’m making here; that the blog world can change your personal world.

So, here’s what I wanted to ask. Would you date me? No, no, you don’t need to literally date me. What I want to know is do I have qualities that would make me marketable should I find myself on the market?

I guess this is the place where I’m supposed to describe myself for perspective suitors.

How does someone categorize Autumnforest?

An excellent and healthy cook, gives wonderful massages and foot rubs and, well, sexually expressive

Loves entertaining, gardening, watching horror movies, Halloween, abandoned places, graveyards, ghost hunting (duh), skinnydipping, dancing and singing like a mad woman (when no one is listening or watching), reading, writing horror, and MST 3000’ing bad movies

My strong points are that I’m spontaneous, demonstrative, huggy, happy, goofy, excellent sense of humor, childlike, creative, intelligent, tender-hearted, a great life coach

My weak points are that I’m not good at owning or expressing anger, I drink beer from the bottle and I occasional use swear words when appropriate

What should the man offer? Unfortunately, I never asked myself this (the very problem here). How interesting to be the one to put attributes that are a must before a male audience:

A man who would call me pet names like “honey” and “babe” and doesn’t mind holding hands in public, loves kissing and necking and has a strong sexual drive, would hold me in his arms and make me feel safe and loved. It would help if he can be a goofy kid and also a responsible adult, shouldn’t mind shooting baskets until the sun goes down and then sneaking into an abandoned site along a roadside or go on a spontaneous ghost hunt for the weekend, enjoy horror and reading, open-minded, non-religious, nonsmoking, no drugs, social drinker but not out to get drunk

So, am I dateable? I haven’t been on a date since I was 16. I guess you can add “painfully devoted” to the list of my weaknesses.


  1. Not only would I date you...I'd marry you! :)

  2. autumn, you are so dateable, i'd be a jealous witch if i ived close to you!! you honestly have NO reason to be insecure! really!

  3. Sure I would, but would you date me?
    Seriously, You should've named this post "Am I Relationship Worthy ?".
    That's not knocking you down when I say that.
    You need to ask yourself that question, and what you are willing to compromise in the relationship.

    You love to blog a lot, and you have to ask yourself are you willing to walk away from it if the relationship takes certain demands of you.
    I'm just using that as a example.

    Dating is simple, and can be a nightmare if you let it be...
    but a relationship can take it's toll , or be the greatest thing ever if you share things in common.
    Which, I am sure you may already know.

    Anyways, I could be my usual pervy
    self, and say boobie jokes as always, but as a blogger friend.
    I think you are very pretty in the pic, and you seem very smart.
    I think you will make your right choice down the road when you are
    ready for whatever you want, and are looking for.
    I wish you the best in what life has to offer you .

  4. Ditto to EVERYTHING Max said.

    And NO. I would not, because you're a girl and I don't swing that way.

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  6. You seem quirky 'n cool, but back in my single years you never would've dated me. You just posted on my site (for all to see) that you think I'm a douche. Thanks a lot!

    FYI...if you do post a pic (for your suitors) I wouldn't use a cosplay one. You never know who you're going to attract. haha.

    BTW...Awesome blog. Been reading the older posts.

  7. Ditto Max

    Would you give up the basketball player for a book reader? Or someone who sees the irony that "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree" is printed on paper.

  8. DH;
    Mail order bride, huh?

    Yes, I have been beaten down in the ego dept. It will take having someone see me through their objective eyes to realize how precious I am.

    Well, since I've been in a relationship for 31 years, I guess I am relationship worthy. I just didn't ask myself at 16 what I was looking for in a man in my 40s. I think the question for me should be--is he ready to be in the relationship and be there for me? I have made excuses and ignored behavior for much too long. I have been compromising myself for 31 years, so yes, I'm good at it. In fact, the girl you know on the blog is the one my friends and son know--the real me. The real me has been hidden away within a relationship in which all that is special about me was considered "wrong" or "imperfect." So, I will ask more of the man this time. He will be getting an extraordinary prize.

    You asked if you were being douchey and you were. I am also very truthful. Being douchey and being a douche; however, two separate things.

    It isn't so much the basketball, as just being willing to hang with me now and then even if there's no real purpose, just doing something together. I have been alone for most of my life and I like the idea of just palling around with someone. Reading is important. A guy's mind must be open and new information coming in or he's stagnant. I've been in a relationship in which, even though I have been a writer since my teens, my work was never read. In fact, the name of my blog is a blank for him...

  9. If I were a Man I would certainly date you and even marry you. What more could one wish for in a woman?
    Youre both 'cooking and good -looking'.

    Max Evel has a point when he says you blog a lot, implying that it could jeopardize a relationship. Indeed, blogging requires quite a lot of time, and male partners don't always like their woman to spend time on it.

  10. Duta;
    Thank you very much. My blog actually takes very little of my day. I hate to say it, but writing posts I do usually once a week and put in the queue and then let it run itself, except occasionally dropping on and saying "hi" to folks. I admit that recently I have taken on tons of projects and have kept busy but that is purely out of loneliness and neglect. When I have a man's attention--he gets the full treatment and there is no doubt of his importance in my life. Should he leave me to my own devices, however, I will fill my time to keep from being frustrated.

  11. I'm looking for a woman who doesn't mind that I won the DVDs at Season of Shadows drawing ....

  12. Barry, you won it? You lucky booger! Yeah, I don't mind that you won it--I've won 2 things over there in the past, so I can't be greedy. Wish you could share it with me. :-)

  13. Barry, you won? Geez, I never win anything. (pouting) Miss Autumnforest, you know how I feel, you are one of my best buds. I wish you well in every endeavor but mostly, I just want you to be happy.

  14. Thanks Julie. I have earned that happiness many many times over. :-)

  15. Well, Pussycakes, if I didn't have enough issues already... :D
    'course I smoke, so I'm out anyways. :)

  16. Yeah, not gonna swish my tongue a tobacco tasting mouth, honey!

  17. Are you real? I thought I was reading my own bio and I never thought it possible to find another excellent cook who is sexually expressive and loves horror movies and ghost hunting. Those are some beautiful traits you've got. If you are ever on the market, please let me know.

  18. I'm already looking, M. Yeah, I'm on the market very soon, but I won't miss up on someone who is so similar. I'm intrigued.