Monday, August 23, 2010

Where Do Apparitions go?

Did you ever wonder where that apparition hides when you’re not glimpsing it for all of the 4 seconds you saw it? What does it do with the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 56 seconds of the day?

Here’s some options knocked around most commonly:

1. An apparition is a residual sighting of something that occurred in the past, not associated with a soul, but more like a video replaying under the right conditions (whatever they may be).
2. An apparition is a being in another dimension and under the proper conditions (whatever they may be) it is glimpsed. It might also be that it can glimpse us and wonder.
3. An apparition is a soul of a deceased person and this soul can come and go at will.
4. An apparition is always there, but only some people at the right times (whatever these may be) can glimpse it.
5. It takes an enormous amount of energy for an apparition to make itself visual on our plane and it will use any means to gather enough energy to show itself briefly.

Depending on what day it is, I’ll give you a different answer for what an apparition is and where it spends its time. I tended to think going into the field that they were a residual recording or visual memory in an environment. Eventually, I began to speculate that perhaps they were from another dimension or perhaps a dimension in which our time lines play out side by side and we see a bit of the past for a moment. My issues with the soul explanation had more to do with the concept of heaven in the traditional sense. It would seem ridiculous to have a resting place for eternity that allowed for souls to just wander the Earth. If that were so, why they hell weren’t they everywhere like zombies; trolling in the malls, wandering the family’s home and hanging out at their favorite hot dog stand?

Here’s another thing to consider: I do psychic readings. I touch objects, sometimes look at photos and I can tell amazingly detailed and strange things that I couldn’t otherwise know. I don’t know how this works technically, but I can tell you that the mind contains whatever contents we believe are the soul. So, if the body dies and the soul exits, the soul is no longer of physical matter, just like my psychic knowledge is not of a physical content. You can’t see a thought. You can’t see a soul. Perhaps, under the right conditions, like when I touch an object, I see images in my head as if they are memories, you can also have the right conditions in which in your head you see these images, but they are not actually in the room.

That’s something to think about.

Now, I’d like to hear your take on this because my posts are nothing more than a way to get you talking and you are a highly intelligent crowd and your viewpoints matter greatly to me.


  1. Me first! Me first! I tend to think I believe a little bit of everything as far as apparitions. Some may be "stuck" here for various reasons; searching for someone or something. Some may not even be conscious, for lack of a better word, and just appear when energy is right, and maybe, just maybe...and I tend to believe this more depending on the situation, they are trying to tell us something or warn us. (i.e. The Gray Man of Pawley's Island - if you don't know about him, look him up!). I think the soul never dies. It goes from lifetime to lifetime as needed and maybe sometimes, it gets confused or just likes staying in a certain realm. Do I make any sense? This can be hard to put into words. I mean, I've never seen an apparition. I've seen a shadow person and many shadow animals. I also at times get premonitions or feeling that I shouldn't do something or that something is going to happen to someone, yet I don't know who or what or exactly when. That happened this weekend (see blog) as well as right before I separated from my husband (I'll explain later for those interested) As far as where the go? I'm not sure they go anywhere? Yet, they must go somewhere or we'd see them all the time. Or would we? Maybe they pick and choose or maybe only some of us can recognize or see and feel the presence.

    And for those of you who have not experienced Autumn's abilities...(hush Max! LMAO!) she is FRIGGIN' AWESOME! That's all I'm going to say.....Love ya chick!

  2. Tara-Dear;
    You have the most popular viewpoint on it. I've heard of the Gray Man, doesn't he arrive before a bad storm or something? Jeez, I love these local legends. It's like La Llorona where I am or the hitchhiking women in white. I will definitely check out your blog to see what you have to say. You always are so insightful. I hope to spend some time with you helping you develop your abilities which I think tend more towards an empath.

  3. Good topic!

    Ever since i was a young boy i could see and hear what we think are ghosts. For 28 years now i have looked for them everywhere you can think of. I've seen countless apparitions and captured thousands of evp recordings.

    I will not say yes they are the dead because no one can not yet anyway. I will agree with you on the residual memories and the right conditions being needed for them to manifest themselves.

    Some are just voices that are trapped here somehow. But some are capable of interacting with us also. I tend to go with the dimension theory. Then again i have evp's speaking of heaven,hell,the devil and other things so that makes you rethink things as well.

    1. I have felt entities but have never seen any. It happened to me when I messed with a Ouija board in the 70's. It was very frightening to me.

  4. John;
    I'm with you on the dimensional thing, even the possibility that those dimensions are other time periods running simultaneously. I had a sister who used to have angry fits and pound the walls when my mom would find her stash of pot. I remember long after she moved out, I would occasionally hear her rants in her old room. Scary, huh?

  5. I so look forward to learning how to utilize and harness my abilities! Yay!

  6. I'll email you this evening, Tara-Dear.

  7. Well, I believe there are different types of apparitions, there's nothing wrong with multiple theories or explanations. And certain entities and intelligences can mimic or appear in different manifestations which further muddies the waters.
    Perhaps they NEED the right human "reciever" in order to appear? Your research into all the stuff that constantly bombards us is a good illustration. There are all kinds of radio & broadcast signals out there all the time, but without a radio to tune in on them, they're invisible & inaudible.

  8. Gummer;
    You're da man! Yeah, I think there's a lot of variables. When we can actually recreate a situation, we can find out what conditions made it happen and finally be able to predict and perhaps even create these situations. It's an exciting time for open-minded researchers.

  9. I read in Harry Potter that apparitions is magical form of teleportation and magicians use it to cross the dimensions to travel to their destinations faster. Sort of spells that create self-winding energy and magicians can travel. May be that’s what people - travelling magicians

  10. OK, at the risk of sounding thought on this is that possibly an apparition is a dimension of the soul. Like our sub-conscious is a faction of us. An energy that is there, but not taking up physical space until it taps into the desire or needs of the person seeing it. An explanation for a group of individuals all seeing it together would be that there was a reason for them to all experience it. That it would not be an accident but a common bond, possibly the same reason or maybe different reasons but a common desire that the appariton has tapped into.

    Or maybe not.
    Gotta go watch mindless Monday night TV now!

  11. Echo;
    I like that idea and I would definitely want to learn that trick so I can mess people's minds.

    I always wondered what happens to intention when a person dies. You go to sleep, thinking about tomorrow, have things planned out, part of you living in the future already. What if you die? What happens to that forward thrust of the mind???

  12. well...if I end up going before you, I'll let you know! tee hee

  13. I tend to think of ghosts and hauntings as phenomena (plural) and comprised of several different explanations. I wrote something on SS that explains this.

  14. Thanks, Cullan. I love to see others working the theories and thinking about these things. I will check that out.

  15. I always thought that apparitions needed and used the energy around them to manifest there selfs and it takes a lot of energy to do that so i like to think that they are always there lost in the energy until there is enough energy to manifest it's self

  16. Keith;
    That is a very popular take on it which makes me wonder about solar power plants and electric plants and other places with large sources of energy. Now, that's an interesting idea--do a ghost hunt at a power plant. You just gave me a new idea!

  17. I'm also going to say that there is likely several different explanations.

    However, I do like the concept that something that can impact brain function will cause an individual to perceive an apparition or aural activity. Some confluence of natural forces acts in conjunction with a person to create the apparition.

    Of course, this doesn't explain the what of it and would not be the sole (or soul, if you prefer) explanation. But it is certainly seems likely in some cases and I recall recent studies going down this path.

  18. Pangs;
    It is a good explanation. Some people might say, well what about that episode of GH when Grant and Jason both saw the woman apparition in the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone? Well, there's no reason why the conditions that are ripe to conceptualize this figure from long ago couldn't have happened to them both, sort of like receiving a psychic vision at the same time.