Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Stalks You In Your Dreams?

Everyone has them, those horrible nightmares. Dreams and nightmares are a way of letting off steam, assimilating new realities in our lives and preparing us for how to handle situations. Sometimes, however, we have repeat nightmares.

Whenever I lose a loved one, I have a nightmare that my teeth are falling out. I try to put them back in, but they won’t stay. I’m frantic because I know these are permanent teeth and they will not be replaced. It’s rather symbolic of the loss of a loved one, someone irreplaceable and the change is permanent.

Whenever I have a streak of bad things happening to me, I have a repeat nightmare that tornadoes are chasing me purposefully and I try to hide, but they find the structure I’m hiding in. Over time, I have mastered this nightmare by lifting a manhole cover and crawling down below the street. This shows that in my mind, even though a load of bad luck has struck, I know that I can handle it. In the old days, I would run, cry, hide, and then run, cry, hide again and again.

As a child, I was stalked by King Kong and Godzilla. I would dispatch family members to go kill the beast for me as any child dependent on elders would. Other times in my life, invisible ghosts would throw things, pull my hair and generally torment me. Sometimes, I’ve had ones with a killer in the woods, chasing me with a knife.

A lot of people make a big deal about symbolism in dreams. We use whatever means something to us to represent issues, but they aren’t across the board the same for everyone. When I have a dream that involves me getting in touch with my inner diva, I put Erica Kane from “All My Children” in the role. Now, this character I haven’t seen since I was a kid, but at a tender age I equated this TV personality with demanding women who were self-assured. To another person, she might represent his mother who looked like Erica.

The key to dreams in which you’re being stalked isn’t so much on what or who is chasing you but in how you handle the situation; this shows a lot about how you feel you are dealing with your life. If you run and close your eyes, you are not ready to face things in your everyday life. If, however, you invent ways to outsmart your stalker, you are thinking on your feet and should be proud of your skills at dealing with things.

So, next time a dream stalkers chases after you, ask yourself how you handled it.


  1. What stalks my dreams ?

    DALE !

    That doll freaks me out man !!!

  2. Dale does like to drop into dreams, Max, so you better beware....

  3. Stalkers then must be having only dreams of themselves stalking. Just wondering if stalkers have nightmares.

  4. Echo;
    I used to have a stalker for a few years. I seriously hope his nightmares involved me finding him and nailing his nuts to his thighs.

  5. He may start loving you for that.

  6. Echo Phyber & Autumn:
    I resent that - I'm a stalker. No I'm not,just kidding! :)

  7. HalloweeNut,
    You crack me up. Just hope you don't look like the stalking in the photo above....

  8. I rarely have repeating stalker dreams. Zombies occasionally, those little doll-sized indestructable demon things appeared again recently,though.
    Sometimes I have dreams/nightmares that I'm being stalked and pursued by sex-crazed women but it's always in an inappropriate place or inopportune time. (I'm not big on exhibitionism!)

  9. Dang, Gummer! No outdoor sex for you, huh? You're missing out! Hee hee

  10. I am not often chased, but I do get shot at from time to time in dreams. I don't usually worry much about it.

    One thing I am positive of is that henceforth I will be having dreams about brainless, gibbering, drooling fools with their nuts nailed to their thighs shambling all over town.

    When I was little I would fall asleep dreaming of King Kong.

  11. Pangs;
    Yeah, he'd have a very funny walk by the time I was done with him. What is it with King Kong? I have a lot of friends who had that one as a kid and I think, other than the flying monkey in "Wizard of Oz," that was the most likely monster we were exposed to that could scare little kids senseless.

  12. Oh, Kong wasn't scary for me :)

  13. When I was a child I had dreams with snakes and wolves. I even wrote about it early on in my blog life. Here is a link. Let me know if you like it.

  14. MM;
    That was brilliant! I am actually in the process of writing a post about lucid dreaming. I was even in a book called "Control Your Dreams." I have been practicing it for many years and I absolutely am never taken over by nightmares anymore because I can change things within to make it tolerable or sometimes humorous, like one time when I turned a polar bear into a Stay-Puft man like in Ghostbusters. Hee hee. That was a fantastic story. You are an excellent and engaging writer, my friend.

  15. Hmmmm...I use to have a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out or being full of bubble gum or something textured like grits and I just could never get it all out of my mouth! I have also had tornado dreams rather frequently, and dreams about alligators. The alligator dreams scared me more than the tornado dreams. They are so primitive and like sharks are pure predators. Cold, blank, dark eyes with zero feeling in them!

    Max - I'm with you....Dale is uber creepy! I've given him an new name. Mr. Creepy McCreeperson.

    Autumn....I once had a nickname..."Serial Ball Smasher." Envision an anvil...kinda puts a smile on my face...hehehe. ;)

  16. Tara-Dear;
    You are sunshine and giggles. I love you, girl!

  17. Last night I beat the crap out of Ansel Adams.