Saturday, August 28, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award: 7 things you didn't know about me

Thank you, Soraya at Spellbound by Moonlight for this award.

I readily admit, I have won this one a few times and I have passed it on to many. I do enjoy the part where I tell 7 things you didn't know about me, but dammit! I'm always airing my secrets here. I will dig up some strange ones for you....

1. I don't like potato chips, popcorn or french fries. I know, I'm the only American who doesn't.

2. I have had so many nicknames in my lifetime, that I pretty much answer to anything and like Steve Martin's dog in "The Jerk," I even answer to "Shithead."

3. I will run out of my way to open a door for an elderly person or a woman with a baby stroller or a handicapped person. I've been known to help old ladies reach things on high shelves in the store, carry their groceries out, help wheelchair bound people load their chairs onto their carriers, rescue lost pacifiers and give them to mommies to clean off and even made phone calls and sat with a blind woman who was left at the wrong store until her family could come and show me proper ID before handing her over.

4. I love to grow organically and even had my own tea garden where I made curative teas for friends.

5. Given a choice of chocolate or sex, sex ALWAYS wins out. The feeling lasts long and you burn calories instead of ingesting them (well, maybe a few calories ingested).

6. Nothing gets me more childishly giddy than a new spiral notebook and a new pen. There's something about the promise of creating that gets me all worked up like the first day of school.

7. My favorite scents are cardamom, ginger and sandalwood.

Thanks Soraya. This is always a blast!


  1. <3 No problem! As I mentioned in my comment to you, You're a huge inspiration to me :)

  2. Golly, Soraya, it works both ways. You have stuck to who you are, are always true to yourself and your passions and interests and never let any shit in life get in the way of your own growth. I wanna be more like you when I grow up (hee hee) :-)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets all giddy about office supplies. I prefer paper and pen over computers.

  4. I hope you stop #2 and start only answering to Autumn, Sharon and terms of endearment.
    And if anyone calls you Shithead again please let them know that they couldn't possibly be talking to you!
    and If they ask if you didn't hear them, tell them that you thought they were talking to themselves.

  5. Andrea; The true sign of a writer!

    Cindi; Luckily, no "shitheads," but I probably would respond (with a knee to the groin, of course).

  6. No chips!


    (My word captcha is "horindo". Ain't that a peach)

  7. Pangs;
    I'm a freak.
    Of course, you already knew that

  8. Autumn,

    First time I have commented here, but you really do deserve a lot of awards. :) I figured this would be a good time to comment since I am totally with you on the Pen and Notebook thing. Mmm...

    You're awesome! Keep up the amazing-ness :D

  9. Invidus;
    Thank you. You are such a dear! I am a gracious hostess and do welcome you to my blog home. I seriously hope you like Halloween and all things spooky because I plan to unsettle over the next couple months. Tis my season!

  10. Autumn;

    I love all what you just said. :D I'm seriously excited.