Monday, August 30, 2010

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

SyFy: Repeats of Ghost Whisperer

AMC: “The Mummy” movie

SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” Philadelphia Zoo

FX: “Final Destination” (movie)
SyFy: “The Langoliers” (movie)
History: “The Universe”

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” (repeats)
SyFy: “The Tommyknockers” (movie)

Okay, not a thrilling week at all, but remember this—“Destination Truth,” “Beast Legends” and “Ghost Adventures” are starting their seasons VERY soon!

Oh, and you know those major changes I talked about in my post recently, well they’re happening sooner than I thought. This week will be insane for me and into Labor Day weekend when I will be moving to a new nest that is absolutely amazing. I hope to do a vlog from the new location when I’m settled in Labor Day weekend with a picturesque backdrop. Thereafter, without any indentured slavitude as a wife and homeowner, I will be putting amazing things into the blog, so expect it to evolve from after Labor Day going into Halloween season! In fact, tomorrow Dale has done a video talking directly to ya'all and I think something has changed in him, something dark and disturbing. Expect from now until Halloween to be full of creepy surprises from him and from the posts.


  1. Okay, Okay ...
    let me guess !
    Dale will be doing the Linda Blair head spin ,and the spider walk down a flight of stairs ?

    Yes I can see it now.
    Dale better not blame me for the possession !

  2. I noticed no asterisk ***
    Nothing worth watching this week especially for you because you are moving! At least you will be settled in your place when Destination Truth and GA made their new season returns. DT next week....Yea!!!

  3. That's funny. I forgot to log-in and I had to use word verification and the word was "boring." Never fear, later this afternoon a post goes up about the strange deaths associated with the Empire State Building....

    Yeah, he'll come right out of the TV screen....

    I did forget to asterisk, but chances are I'll miss everything but GH in a zoo--that has me curious. Otherwise, it's packing every night. I guess in 26 years of marriage, I managed to save a few things. The funny thing is I'm an organization nut and try to own as few things as possible. Guess in a house you don't notice how many "few things" you have in each room. Can't wait to settle in for my new life and also for DT! Wahoo!!!

  4. Loved The Langoliers. Can't wait for what's new and hot for Ghost Hunting in Sept.

  5. Before checking out GH at the zoo, watch monkey business:

  6. I love those guys soooo much!!! I should probably do a post on them. I keep forgetting to. I have that guy's exact goggles. Yeah, I'm a steampunk freak. I've been wanting to modify an old miner's oxygen mask I have too. I love that so much!