This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

(*asterisk means I’m watching it)


Discovery Channel: “The Colony” (reality series)
SyFy: Warehouse 13

AMC: “Ghost Ship” (movie)
*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” NEW SEASON

History Channel: “The Universe”
SyFy: “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures: The Beginning” the 2-hour documentary that started the series.

Never fear, more good stuff is coming including the new season of "Ghost Adventures" (can anyone say "drinking game?") The new season of my very favorite show "Destination Truth" (moved to Thursdays starting September 9) and accompanied by a new SyFy show called "Beast Legends" (more on that as the time gets closer)

**Instead, come and join us here on the blog on Friday night starting 7 pm EST for Are You Lonely Tonight to comment back and forth with others with nothing going on this Friday night.


  1. I get that you like the Ghost series, but show a little love for the other programming like Eureka or their cheesy monster movies on saturday.

  2. Beast Legends sounds interesting. I hope their creations are as good as the beast on the moor from FoF. I chuckle just thinking about it.

  3. CB;
    I've never listed weekend shows, but that would be cool. I'm going purely for the ghost hunting loving crowd and I don't think Eureka fits that. I'm just thrilled that "Mary Knows Best" seems to be off the schedule! Wahoo!

    I am excited about the show and that it will be alongside "Destination Truth." What a night Thursdays will be!

  4. Yeah, that "Mary Knows Best" thing seemed to sink before it even had a chance. I say all the better. I think that was too contrived, as if someone sat down and said "You know, ghost shows are hot right now and so are reality shows about loud mouthed Jersey trash... If we could COMBINE these..." It was a recipe for disaster from the get go.

  5. Cullan;
    If only Mary had 18 children and ran a bakery and had a husband who was a crab fisherman, we would have hit all the reality shows into one.

  6. Not much to speak of ..... I am also excited for DT to return. I love that show but the seasons are not long enough. Also looking forward to the ghost hunting antics of the GA boys. They are always great entertainment.

  7. Julie;
    I'm with ya on those. These guys'll keep me quite contented during the upcoming lonely nights of autumn.

  8. the new episode of GA is going to be great, about Gettysburg cemetery. Imagine what kind of ghost hunt can be done there with all the casualties occured after the miraculous turning of Civil War in this battle.

  9. Echo;
    Gettysburg is on my top of list of places I'd like to hunt at. I went there as a kid and the feelings I got were really unique and reminded me a lot of how I felt at my home growing up which was a field hospital during the Civil War. I'm sure GA will make it loads of fun!


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