Monday, August 16, 2010

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

First, I want to thank everyone who showed up on Friday night for our lonely Friday live. It's fun commenting back and forth and I believe we had 128 comments on that one! We'll shoot for more this next Friday. You should get comfy, have a drink, sit back and be ready to be naughty and flirty.

NOTE: "Ghost Hunters" starts again on the 25th. I'm not sure if this is good news or not. Not only has the show become unbelievably stagnant, but SyFy got the bright idea to put the housewives of Atlanta on the show. WTF??? How is it possible SyFy can take something and completely "eff" it up? What the hell are they smoking in their offices? I want me some of that--it might make their shows look more interesting.

(*asterisk means I’m watching it)

DISCOVERY: “The Colony” (reality series)

*HISTORY CHANNEL: “Gates of Hell” A 2-hour special about places around the earth said to be the openings to hell.

*SyFY: “Ghost Hunters” repeats and “Ghost Hunters International” (new) entitled “Pirates of the Caribbean”
HISTORY CHANNEL: “Chasing Mummies”

*SyFy: “Destination Truth” (repeat) “Fact or Faked” (new) A Civil War ghost and cattle mutilations. This is so great—no more loud-mouthed Mary and I get to see Josh and Ben—my TV crushes!

TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Ghost Adventures” (repeats)—never fear, the new season starts in a few weeks. Can’t wait to start the drinking game again and put up the music vids.

I will be doing an interesting interview with a couple of awesome local hunters this week. As well, Julie from Above the Norm and co-author of the Hug-A-Blogger project is going to hopefully head out to the abandoned trailer park with me for an interesting photo and video shoot which no doubt will end up on here, as well. I promised to drag ya'all on crazy jaunts with me and this will be one of many. Come September, when I reveal my total self to everyone on my birthday, the 17th, henceforth expect some vlogs from me face-to-face or whatever body part (you never know with me)and more insanity on video. Keep your fingers crossed for the Hug-A-Blogger project that we pick up a publisher and can hit the roads. If we do so, it will be a totally insane online social media frenzy of videos, blogging, vlogging, Twitter, Facebook, roadside dares, and hopefully when we roll into towns across the US we can entice those nearby to come and meet us for supper. The road map will be drawn out on my body using my moles as the city markers and videotaped for this blog as well as the HaB blog, so expect that probably on Wednesday or Thursday. Honestly, you didn't think I'd go about this the normal route, did ya? This is Autumnforest we're talking about!


  1. oh shoot! the housewives on gh, that's way too bizarre. but i'll be watching; it's human nature, lol

  2. Hey Sandra; They played it up like something scary happens--jeez, I hope it's the housewives falling through the floorboards and unable to be found for the next season....

  3. What is NeNe or Kim being haunted by a "Tarty for the Party" hating ghost? Yeah, I have watched that show and will have to see how J&G handle the ladies, sigh! I have been watching the DT repeats before ForF and can't wait for the new season to start on September 9th. They have moved it to Thursday because it doesn't need GH as a lead in show anymore. It is so much better...

  4. Julie;
    Don't you know it! Yeah, DT does not need GH (the other away around). I'm glad that Thursdays will be full. I've been enjoying seeing old DTs with FoF back to back; both my cuties together. Wahoo! (I guess I should be happy for small blessings. The Jersey wives bother me even more than Atlanta, don't know how that's possible. The only ones I like are OC wives and sometimes NY but not often--the dialect kills me) and I will never watch DC because I know those kind of women there and I'd rather watch prarie grass grow. Some day, they'll get it right and give us Alaskan housewives. I suspect they'd actually be damned interesting.

  5. I have to agree, the OC housewives have been my favorite. The dialect doesn't bother me with the Jersey housewives so I watch the crazy antics of Danielle. I am done until the OC ladies return. I heard that Beverly Hills might have a housewife show too. Jeez, enough is enough! With the exception of the ghost hunting/truth seeking shows, Amazing Race and LA Ink, I am DONE with reality shows....well Ace of Cakes and Duff is an exception, I will still watch him. No more housewives!

  6. Yeah, and no more multiple birth reality shows and no more whiny crying spoiled rich girls, puh-lease!

  7. Yeah, give me cake decorators, tattoo artists, ghost hunters, destination truth seekers, and crazy people running in pairs to win a million dollars any day. The rest can disappear and I wouldn't care.

  8. Really, the wives getting a show? This is why me and the TV are usually not on speaking terms :D


  9. Frog Queen;
    I'm with ya, honey. It's a real crazy freaking TV world. It's more sane in the suburbs than reality TV and that ain't saying much.

  10. What's this drinking game you speak of? I think I might need to play! Ghost Adventures entertains me. LOL!!

  11. Maggie;
    This will give you an example:

    I post a video that I think suits the guys for that episode, then I have a drinking game. Every time they say "bro" "dude" "man" or Aaron opens his mouth in horror, you take a swig.

  12. Ghost Adventures I have seen. It's a hoot.

  13. CB;

    I adore the GA dudes. They are just plain old fun and they still have that childlike excitement when they run into stuff.

  14. You know Autumn, I use to love Ghost Hunters, but I haven't been interested in viewing it in a couple of seasons. It just doesn't hold the excitement it first did. And you say they are putting AHW on it. GEEZ! Personally, I have come to prefer Paranormal State as well as Children of the Paranormal (may have that show name wrong - Chip Coffey is the medium on that show and helps kids with abilities learn to deal with them). There are other shows that are really good, but I can only watch them when I'm hanging out with my "friend". My Nanny, bless her, only gets the bare minimum on the Direct TV and most of the cool shows are on channels that do not come with the basic package. Boo! Oh well! It's her house and I abide by her rules!

    Loved the Friday night chat. Hope to participate when I can!

  15. On another note, don't y'all think that a reality show of chicks like us (ok Brian, I'll include you too!)who like all things spooky and ghosty and well, just down right bizarre should get OUR own show? Now that would be a HOOT! Don't you think???

  16. Tara-Dear;
    I'm totally with ya. I want my own show. I want to do it the way I imagined. I have a few concepts that would be awesome and Barry "gnostalgia" even came up with a cool one that's a version of Big Brother done in a haunted house with skeptics and believers and religious types. Intriguing. I agree about GH. I have my own theories about that; a combination of almost no geomagnetic activity since late 2008 and the fact that they do the same damn things, same equipment, same techniques, same pairings over and over again. Reminds me of my own daily life--drudgery. Yeah, let's start our own show. We'd rock things in the paranormal world. Oh, and I hope you can come back Friday nights, it was a blast having you there. You are fun! This Friday I'm putting up a video of me in the belly dancing scarf again for all to get a good laugh before we begin our flirting and discussions.

  17. Wow....when I saw that preview that included the housewives, I about shat myself.....

    It kind of bums me out 'cause I've enjoyed GH in the past. This season I've got 'em on a very short leash.

    Fonzie, jump the shark!!!! :)

  18. Dan;
    Jump the shark is right. I saw it happening when they began taking in wrestlers and bad SyFy actors on the show, but it took a super plummet when they had their own inn investigated... Next thing you know, they will be interviewing that Summer's Eve Douche bottle like in the post I just wrote about "my mother's douche bag"

  19. I have an enema bag they can investigate if they are that desperate for viewers!

  20. Tara-Dear;
    You are wicked. You so belong on this blog--hee hee :-)

  21. Wait, the housewives of Atlanta are going to be on Ghost Hunters? Ok, a few of them could use a good exorcism, but other than that they shouldn't be on a show about ghost hunting. Blargh!

  22. Mejis;
    I totally agree. Personally, I would have sent Barney Rubble and Fred Flinstone to guest star with them and you can imagine how I'd team them up; Grant and Barney, Fred and Jason--it'd be like watching twins....