Monday, August 9, 2010

This week in horror movies and paranormal TV

Above: So, instead of a pic, I'm making you endure my Saturday night antics. My best buddy and I did some drunk karaoke with old 70s songs. I came over to the camera, turned it on without her knowing it and we belted out the tune. It's a classic, ain't it? Sorry, I sang into the camera--hope I didn't make your hair curl...

(Since last Friday's "Are you lonely on a Friday night" was so popular for folks to come on and just hang out and live comment, I'll be continuing that series every Friday night. So, if you're bored, lonely, dateless or just curious, come on and join us. It'll be on after the post reviewing "Fact or Faked"--you think we could get lucky enough to get Ben from the show to pop on and hang out? Naw, he'd never have a lonely Friday night, would he? If you have buddies, tell them about it. The more new voices to add to our regular ones, the better.)

*(asterisk means I’m watching it)

SyFy: “The Fifth Element” (movie)

*TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Haunted Lighthouses of America” (this one was good!) “Mysteries of the Smithsonian,” “Bermuda Triangle: Beneath the Waves”
HISTORY CHANNEL: Episodes of “Monsterquest” (repeats)

*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” (repeats) “Ghost Hunters International” called “Demons of Nicaragua” (new)
*HISTORY CHANNEL: “Chasing Mummies”

*SyFy: “Destination Truth” (repeat), “Fact or Faked” (new) –one is the car rolling uphill urban legend
HISTORY CHANNEL: “The Universe” episodes

TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Ghost Adventures” (repeats)


  1. hee, hee you are too funny - you guys sound great!

    i always love your tv guide, i'll be watching some of these. we're staying in a bed and breakfast for 3 weeks and then moving to a hotel again coz the house we're building is not done, blah. anyway, i get to watch the biography channel and chiller here and watch all the spooky shows. me likey.

  2. Sandra;
    Well, so long as you have plenty of spooky shows--you can wait forever for the house. :-)

  3. Cool, I will be watching GHI and ForF. Also, a non paranormal TV show is now on Wednesday, LA Ink, and starts this week. Will Kat and Corey kiss and make up? Tune in...

  4. Julie;
    You are funny! Yeah, I know a bunch of people addicted to that one.

  5. Damn, girls! You two don't sing half bad inebriated. If you dug New Wave when it was in the pink, why not try tackling this gem when next you imbibe? Then be sure to go here for the story on them. Oh, btw, I soooo want that print Alex did when you 'forced' him to don a Halloween costume that said Momma's little lamb. the footage is priceless. How are things? Oh, made friends with Robin at Out of the Box Primitives yesternight. Awesome collectibles. Have an excellent week, Sha' ~ An' (•8-D

  6. My Bror;
    I'm not sure I can tackle that gem, but I wouldn't mind mind at all doing Belinda Carlisle, Sade or Cindi Lauper for some awesome 80s. I made her sing "Killing me Softly" and "I am Woman" and a bunch of horrible 70s memories. It was hilarious. I'm a Carly Simon/Carole King kinda gal myself. Things are chugging along. I focus on what I can control and not what I can't control (Serenity Prayer works every time). I will keep you informed how the Hug-A-Blogger project is going. Getting a publisher to bite is the hardest part, driving the country is the easiest part. Give Virginia my love. Miss that state!

  7. So they're going to be tackling a Gravity Hill on Fact or Faked? That seems like a waste for them. Then again, maybe most people don't know about them.

  8. HB;
    Yeah, I love this urban legend. There are just some that are too tempting to do and that gravity hill one is definitely one I like to see them tackle. I can think of a zillion other ones. This show could stay on forever with these viral videos and urban legends. I'd just like to see it be more hip and crazy and fun with a lot more things to explore each episode instead of building models and such. I just want to see people talking about this stuff we talk about around the office place (well, I don't cause I work from home and if I talk to my coworkers, it's time to put me away)...