Monday, August 2, 2010

This Week In Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

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*(asterisk—means one I am watching)

Discovery Channel is having shark week which adds to the suspense offered this week. We can’t complain too much because this is actually much more full a schedule than a month ago and as we get closer to fall, I suspect it will be even better and better!

Discovery: “Shark Attack Survival Guide” and “Day of the Shark 3”
FX: “Ghost Rider” (movie)
SyFy: “Ghost Whisperer” episodes and “Warehouse 13”

*Discovery: “Top Five Eaten Alive,” “Shark Bite Beach,” “The Colony”
SyFy: A few episodes of “Warehouse 13”
History Channel: “Ancient Aliens”

Discovery: “Air Jaws II Even Higher” “Ultimate Air Jaws” “Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week”
*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” (repeat) “Ghost Hunters International” (new)

***SyFy: “Desination Truth” (repeat) “Fact or Faked” (new—sounds great!)
Discovery: “Jaws of the Pacific,” “River Monsters,” “Into the Shark Bite”

Discovery: “10 Deadliest Sharks” “Mythbusters Shark Special 2”
TNT: “Men in Black” (movie)
Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” (repeats)
SyFy: “Haven”


  1. Just realized the new season of Ghost Adventures premieres on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

    Have you heard anything about this new series SyFy is developing called Paranormal Witness? You think it'll be any good?

  2. Andrea;
    Yeah, I heard about that show and I'm really intrigued!

  3. Destination Truth (repeat) leading in Fact or Faked, a dream come true. I have an adorable picture of Josh Gates that I will be putting on my blog later today. He posted it on twitter.

  4. Julie;
    Oh my! I feel all giddy when you say "Josh." I think if I could have lunch with three interesting people, I'd pick Josh Gates, Joel McHale and Bill Maher. Yeah, what a lunch that'd be!

  5. hey, autumn! just checking the tv sched here!!

  6. Libby-Girl;
    TV guide should give me a cut cause I'm tearing through all the bullshit they have on TV and finding the substance...

  7. This week is gunna suck! I don't care about sharks lol.

  8. Gabriel;
    I think I'd rather put on Jaws and watch it. It's my favorite movie of all time. I guess you're going to have to resort to DVDs, my friend.

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