Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strange State's Cullan Hudson

(Note: Due to the fantastic response to last night's post for lonely folks on Friday nights, I will be continuing that series--live commenting and hanging out when there's nothing else to do on your Friday. God knows, my Friday's will remain empty for the foreseeable future and last night was part flirtation and part gut spilling and part advice. I think it was an interesting success.)

Cullan from Strange State – Paranormal Mysteries and More was willing to be one of the bloggers we meet and interview in our Hug-A-Blogger project and I was thrilled by his participation. There is something about certain blogs that sings to me, not only someone’s talent but their honest passion about the subject. I was also quite pleased that he was willing to let me interview him for this blog as well and talk about his work including his book “Strange State: Mysteries and Legends of Oklahoma.”

I was drawn to his blog for the simple fact that it’s beautiful and classy, but also because he wrote and published a book about the strange things in his state of Oklahoma. Regional experts are the best folks to know. When I read his posts, I was drawn in. He finds all kinds of truly interesting news and knowledge that I hadn’t heard about online. You know how when the Hubble gets new shots, everyone’s blog carries them? Well, for Cullan, it’s more about finding the odd and unusual, the lesser known and more intriguing. I like the way this guy thinks. He’s smart, well written and earnest.

Here is my interview with this fascinating man:

Autumn: What made you write a book about the strange things in Oklahoma?

Cullan: Having been interested in the paranormal, etc. my whole life, I thought it odd that I couldn't find any books with local stories. It seemed like all the great stuff was far away. I knew for a fact there were local legends, so I decided to dig them up for myself. While doing so, I kept thinking to myself that someone should write a book, and it hit me: I could do it. I was halfway through writing it when I found out that another writer, David Farris, had already beaten me to the punch. So, I decided that I would then try to the most comprehensive book on strange Oklahoma. I think I did a pretty good job in digging up some of the most obscure stories, dating to before statehood. Some of the tales were only ever published for the first time in Strange State.

Autumn: Are you interested in things paranormal and how did you get into it?

Cullan: Quite interested. My fascination seems to have been instilled in me at birth; it's almost genetic. My mother is quite the fan of the paranormal, supernatural, and bizarre. We're both writers and find great inspiration in tales of the strange but true.

Autumn: What can we expect in the new book coming out?

Cullan: Just when I thought I had scraped the bottom of the barrel, I kept finding more. In the forthcoming Stranger State, I include many of the same topics: ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot, etc... but there are also other stories that aren't as supernatural. I recount some really fascinating and bizarre tales of true crime and the more unusual characters who have graced the state.

Thinking ahead, what's next for your writing career?

Cullan: Over the past few years, through various and sometimes drastic revisions, I have been working on my first novel. I look forward to putting that one to bed. I hesitate to name a timeframe (since I always seem to delay its release), but if all goes well over the next few months, I would like to see it in print come spring 2011. Additionally, I am working on a collection of short stories (some bordering on novellas) centered around the theme of the paranormal in the Southwest. Tentatively titled Dark West, the stories contained therein will include both new material and previously-published works such as 2005's "The Iron Door: Curse of the Sierra Jumanos". I'll also be making several personal appearances this fall at various book festivals and libraries, in addition to speaking at the 2010 Boggy Depot Bigfoot Conference.

In conclusion, I highly recommend you check out his blog, check out his book. I love finding new talent and he is definitely one!


  1. Anyone Else Lonely on a Friday Night?

    I would've taken part, but I had to work.
    I guess that wouldn't make me lonely then.
    Would it ???
    Glad you had some fun.

  2. Max,
    I'm going to start doing it every Friday night I suspect. It was fun.

  3. i am now following cullan, cool blog, thanks!

  4. Sandra;
    Good. The guy is bright and interesting.

  5. I started following his blog as soon as I found out that he is one of the bloggers that we are going to hug. Very good blog. Can't wait to meet him.

  6. Yeah, he's cute too. You know I have a weakness for cute guys into spooky stuff. Poor Julie, you're going to have to babysit me on this road trip, aren't you? J/K, I really am the model of decorum and dignity (when I'm asleep).