Start Stalking the Halloween Blogs Now!

You realize, don’t you, that there’s like 80-some freaking days until H-ween? I don’t know about you, but this time of the year, I open up my steamer trunks and pull out my headstones and spiff them up and then pull out the collection of creepy modified baby dolls to horrify children in the front window and see what new things I can do with them to make them even scarier. I darken the house, turn up the ceiling fan, make hot cocoa with a shot of amaretto and put on some horror movies. In other words, I pretend I don’t live in a flipping desert and it's fall and not August!

So, I’m starting to stalk my favorite Halloween-themed blogs. Some folks are freaky insane for SciFi stuff, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, LARP’ing, etc., but my geek-dom is Halloween. If a guy is seriously into Halloween, he has my complete and utter attention. Some girls might like a guy into wines or traveling to Italy or spa massages, but not this gal. Give me a man who wants to spend an afternoon with “Halloween” playing in the background while working on Halloween prop design or costume making and would love for me to host a Halloween party with him—-he’s my knight in pumpkin armor.

Now that you know what curls my toes, here’s my list of Halloween-themed blogs that I like to haunt:

Season of Shadows: I lovingly call John the Father of Halloween and there is a reason for that. He doesn’t just make it happen all year round on his blog, but he has a sentimental attachment to Halloween that pulls at me. Sometimes I get misty-eyed just seeing vintage Halloween commercials and videos and short animations that he finds and displays. Other times, I simply want to check in and see him film his progress on whatever amazing prop he is making this year for Halloween. This year, in fact, he is working on the Angel of Death and it is so impressive that I get all giddy when I see it. Well, and it helps that he has a voice that makes a girl tremble. So, nothing like his hypnotic voice telling about his project and showing the amazing work with his beautiful hands to have a Halloween gal mesmerized. Be ready. When you go to his blog, you will have Halloween flashbacks. I love this guy. He’s the real deal.

Anything Horror Central: I’ll be honest here, not only is this guy a dear friend, but the reason I wouldn’t leave him alone when I first found him online is that he is an enormously talented horror movie reviewer, brilliant and super nice guy, and has a dark sinister side that makes him an ideal horror writer and brilliant wit. I will haunt him forever to get a screenplay written. He’s that good.

The Halloween Blues: Okay, okay. He got me with being obsessed with Halloween year-round. An excellent and witty writer. Very engaging and very much a Halloweenophiliac.

A Nostalgic Halloween: This site is beautifully designed and has the eye of an artist to it. Wonderful vintage art and beautiful visuals of Halloween abound. This one is classy and nostalgic.

Halloween Artists: This blog is about showcasing artisans and craftspeople who do Halloween-themed work. You will get an interesting mix of work here.

Halloween Addict This is just a fun mish-mash of all sorts of Halloween and horror stuff. If I just want to get into the mood or see something about Halloween I haven't seen, I dash over here and check it out.

Halloween Folk Art: This is just plain old fun. It’s like looking into some retro folk art of Halloween in some out of the way antique shop. I love the feel of it and the beautiful Halloween-inspired art.

Halloween Overkill: This blog is awesome. Really, you’re going to find everything related to Halloween shown and discussed on here from movies to videos to games and more. If you’re a big kid at heart when it comes to this holiday, this is a great blog!

Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror: This is all about excellent movie reviews and a lot of obscure ones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on here and found a movie I hadn’t heard of and I thought I knew them all in the genre!

Horror Bloggers Alliance: This is a blog that simply lists all the recommended horror blogs. It is a super shortcut!

Horror Movie a Day: This is pretty much what it sounds like and what an ambitious project!

Octoberfarm: This is one of those blogs that if you’re into the season and you haven’t been there—it’s sort of like being into pasta and never eating Italian—where have you been??? Jaz makes Halloween come alive all year round and I call her the Martha Stewart of Halloween and she really and truly lives it every day through recipes, decorating, awesome witch-themed items and gardening. I feel like I’m coming home when I go to her blog and I just adore this woman.

The Candy Corn Chronicles: This is about a woman who is a folk artist and addicted to Halloween. It’s folksy. It’s beautiful. It’s endearing and real.

The Death Rattle: Awesome horror movie reviews from someone dark and edgy.

The Gourdqueen: Honestly, I’ve never seen art like this before and I know no one could possibly get near this level of skill. What she does with gourds is Halloween concentrated!

The Vault of Horror: Just a great place to get reviews of horror movies and lots of pic’s from them and find some interesting ones you haven’t seen yet.

All Things Horror: Just like it sounds, all things horror. Lots of great movie reviews and fun stuff you forgot about and go "Oh, I remember that!"


  1. if you see a big red glare in the eastern sky that is me blushing!!! thanks so much for the shout out!!! now i have lots of new blogs to go to!

  2. Hey Jaz;
    Have a super day and thanks SOOOO much for your awesome blog and huge heart.

  3. Those are some really cool blogs. But I have to ask: have you ever heard of Pumpkinrot? To me, this guy is the reining KING of Halloween! He has an awesome website, addicting blog, and incredible Halloween haunts. Not to mention, he does the best scarecrows (I think you may have posted them a while back, via his YouTube channel). I highly recommend you check it out at!

  4. HalloweeNut,
    I'm definitely going to check that out. I might have found a YouTube video and didn't realize there was a blog. I'm going to check it out now. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. It's an honor to be on a list with some truly bad ass blogs. Thank-you :)

  6. Halloween Blues;
    You so deserve to be on my list. You give me much joy.

  7. Wow, there are so many of them. I need to get on the ball and check out the ones I haven't read yet. BTW, I know that you want to travel to Italy because we have talked about it.

  8. Admittedly, Julie, I've always wanted to go to Italy while I'm still young enough to get my ass pinched. Drink some warm red wine amongst some rolling hills and have some handsome Italian guide showing me the countryside, but I still put Halloween above that on the list, most definitely!

  9. I love Halloween, too. Thanks for posting those links!

  10. Damn, I love Halloween season. The colors, sights, smells, haunts and everything. It's my version of heaven! =) So excited.

  11. Mejis;
    Glad you enjoyed it.

    You're my kinda guy--anyone who becomes a big kid around Halloween is a fantastic human being!

  12. Halloween is my favorite time of the year.
    It's this photoshop freaks fun time.

  13. Max, does anyone ever bother you to show your real face? I bet you're a handsome little devil (hee hee)

  14. Whats funny is I dust those things all the time cause I have them out all year round in my house ha ha ha.

    Me and my husband will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this Halloween!! It's coming up so fast!

  15. Congrats! I do keep some of the stuff up year-round. I used to do it all the time but have had a husband who despises all things horror and creepy, ghost hunting, the writing of horror and ghost blogs, women who laugh too much...well, if your husband puts up with it then I suppose you will have 74 more anniversaries on Halloween. Lucky you! Where can I find that man, hmm??? Got any horror-loving male relatives? hee hee

  16. I got another great suggestion for another Halloween blog

  17. Very cool list.

    I'm going to make a sincere effort to buy some pumpkins this year before the 30th. I always end up with the last, lonely one.

  18. Thanks Autumn for the list of Halloween blogs! I already follow jaz@octoberfarm (that's how I found YOU! LOL!)I'm so behind on reading all the posts of my fav blogs! I'm glad I didn't accidently skip over this one! I'm just treading water until my life slows down! I can't wait for FALL! WaaHoo! I love Halloween!
    Oh! I AGREE with HalloweeNut, I love the blog Pumpkinrot too! His scarecrows are freaking fantastic!

  19. Pangs;
    You need a Halloween gal around. She would start buying pumpkins early in October, carving them, having them rot out, getting another one, carving it, letting it rot out...You'd see many Jack O'Lanterns before the 31st.

    I loved Pumpkinrots' scarecrows and had no idea there was a blog. How exciting! I am thrilled to follow.

  20. I love Halloween, it's just a pity it's not so big here in South Africa - but every year more and more people are getting into it.
    My Bday is in Oct, and I'm thinking of doing a Halloween theme. That should get 'em on board.

    Thanks for sharing Autumn.

  21. Hey Juz;
    Hope your party is a huge hit--I'm sure it will be. Yeah, everyone loves Halloween. I heard it's catching on more and more around the world--we're infecting everyone. :-)

  22. Very cool list. Do so love the Seasons of the Shadows blog. Enjoy visiting that everyday - wish I was ablet to blog like him. You are right a true treasure the the Halloween blogging world.

    And of course all the other blogs are a delight too. Enjoy reading them and seeing what they have to share.

    And Pumpkinrot is a great guy and has an amazing blog....definately worth a visit.

    Thanks for sharing your list with us and your love for Halloween.

    Happy Haunting!


  23. I'm doing a special post tomorrow on Pumpkinrot. I think I have a serious new addiction to their site. He is a wonderful talent and I am astonished and humbled by the scope of it. I always dreamed of being a Halloween hostess personality (think Elvira meets Julia Roberts)... If I could make a living doing Halloween year-round, I'd be all over that action. In the mean time, I'll enjoy Pumpkinrot and Season of Shadows...

  24. I am so very honored to have been mentioned in your list of Halloween blogs!
    Your are truly Queen of Halloween.
    I try to keep up with all your writings and am amazed at all that you do!
    Shake your Halloween grove thang!

  25. Thanks Linda;
    You're my very favorite Halloween artist--now get to it--more gourds, lady!

  26. Oh hey, thanks for the shout-out! I appreciate it very much.

  27. Fantastic stuff. I linked this post to one on Strange State. And if Max Evel reads this, his love of Halloween and Photoshop might mean he could be interested in Strange State's Paranormal Hoax Photo Contest.

  28. Great blog! Thanks for the heads up. I have always loved Halloween. Im into Vampire Face Painting .

  29. That's a lot more intersting than the typical Halloween attitude, the blood n' guts horror stuff like and at Haunted Houses. I prefer intellectual commentary and something that makes you think, something with style. Thanks!

  30. all of you have a spookiest,frightening halloween this time...wake up the innovator in you and prepare a strangest theme for this halloween...HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  31. hey, what's happening this Halloween in October farm? And whatcha all cooking this Halloween? I might just make this, this time around. -

  32. Check out cool free Halloween song/story/art:

  33. I'v check all the blogs you list. some are pretty good, but some of them look so awaful.


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