Spirit Halloween Superstore!

Okay, I admit that I’m one of those freakish people who goes shopping at the Spirit Halloween(notoriously up around Labor Day to just a day or two past Halloween) and actually buy for year-round there. I love the gargoyles and statues and especially the sexy clothing. The mesh stockings and garters and girdles are so sexy! It’s better than Frederick’s of Hollywood. I fondle the male masks and costumes, imaging an innovative guy willing to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask or a Viking costume in moments of intimacy….

For regular folks, this is purely a seasonal shop. They go not just once during the season, but several times as the big day approaches. I love to see the kids getting squeamish but my favorite part is watching the adults become kids again.

Every year they seem to have some new things I have never imagined before. Last year, they had a big bin filled with zombie babies! Yes, zombie babies! They were freaky unsettling. I tend to like rats and ravens, aged cheesecloth and gothic fencing, but I admit to nearly caving in and buying jello molds shaped like brains and huge wine goblets that were bejeweled.

The animated horrors are truly amazing. You can get crawling torsos and skeletons that talk to you, bats that fly overhead and life-sized monsters that move. It is always a treat to see the new line of innovations for the next year.

So, we’re getting near that time again and no doubt you have a Spirit Halloween shop preparing right now to open any day. Get your dark gothic, horror-loving side to come to the surface and express itself in the one store where you truly become a kid again and it’s perfectly acceptable.

Just try that in a bookstore!


  1. Mmmmm..... Spirit Halloween. I prefer pyramid for costumes,,, but I love Spirit's props. I've already started buying for this year, although I'm told I should at least wait until September before I start decorating.

  2. Halloween. The best holiday ever. You are so right, that we should have more fun and dress up more often. I love that gothic look. Very sexy.

  3. Jessica; I keep up gargoyles and such all year long.

    MM; Best holiday ever! I want to live it all year long, which is why I have this blog.

  4. Libby-Girl;
    I literally go there 1-2 times a week the whole time it's open. Sometimes, I just want to hang with the geeks in a dark place with scary animatronix talking at me.

  5. I love Halloween! I can't believe its almost here again! I also love stores like "Spirit of Halloween" but my friends hate them, so I can't be as hardcore as you Autumn. Not going to lie, I'm a tad bit jealous.

    Do you like host haunted houses and stuff during the Holiday? Or do you nto buy stuff from the store just go there to people watch? (which is cool nonetheless)

  6. I can spend lots of time in a Spirit Halloween superstore. You feel like a kid again.....BOO!

  7. Invidus;
    Oh, I go all out for Halloween. People actually drive their kids to my home to see what I do. Last year, mannequins and scary tortured baby dolls filled the windows and scared the crap out of the kids. Some of them forgot to knock and get their candy. I'm moving into an apartment soon and this Halloween, those kids are going to be scared. I put up decorations in my house on my birthday on September 17th because I can't wait. Yeah, I'm a freak about my Halloween stuff. I wish it were autumn and Halloween all the time! I have a post coming up soon showing my last year's Halloween party--it was amazing!

  8. Spirit of Halloween is the WORST COMPANY EVER!! Item ordered 9/23 for 2nd-Day Air. Not received by 9/29, called and checked, they said it was now on backorder until 10/15 (not told this prior!). Told it would ship that date and get to me on 10/19. On 10/16, still no tracking info, so I call again and am told it's STILL not in stock. When asked why I was told it would be in and I'd receive by 10/19, they had no information on that!! Now being told they don't know WHEN it will be in stock. Asked for manager to call me back, manger never did!!! DO NOT USE THIS STORE! I RECOMMEND YOU TELL EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY!!


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