Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Fact or Faked

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Today, let's talk about which videos you would have investigated. You might not have agreed with the ones they chose, so let's hear from you about which you wanted them to pursue.


  1. No!
    I want to talk a Bigfoot seen in the mountains !

  2. The videos they chose were fine, although I thought they probably could have done more with the skunk ape video.

    I thought the ATV experiment was pointless. The noise is obviously to loud, and they would have noticed an ATV going by. If it had been two different videos and an ATV was somehow double exposed or something like that, that might have looked a little better...but I still doubt that's what it was.

    I thought the dust devil experiment and the mist experiment was a little more sensible, but they still didn't duplicate the original video.

    The bloating experiment for the cattle mutilation was rather convincing, but I think they may ignored other pieces of the puzzle...the radiation and the lights in the sky. The lights in the sky may have been nothing, but they probably should have considered the radiation more. Plus, they seem to only be focusing on this one particular incident. I'm not sure if bloating would apply in all cattle mutilation situations. Sometimes eyeballs may be removed, or specific organs.

    Bloating might be an explanation for the specific mutilation they would explain the surgical like precision and also explain why there were tracks leading to or away from the mutilated cow. But I'm not sure bloating could explain all cattle mutilations.

    I guess it was an ok episode, not their best though.

  3. Max;
    Yes, Bigfoot likes to hide in the valley.

    Oh, the indignities BF must endure....

    I was hoping they'd do skunk ape instead of cattle mutiliations. Everyone has handled those and it's always inconclusive. That was more of a paranormal investigation than a viral video debunking. So, my photo shows what I would have chosen. You're right about some parts of that being really good but still not your favorite episode. I thought the ATV one was pretty cool, though. When you look at the video, you could almost see it being something like that so I'm glad they tried, but yeah--the sound is an issue. Maybe a dude with a bike and a bike light....

  4. I would like to seen something on the skunk ape instead of an investigation on a spider web. I kept yelling at the screen "its a spider web !!!"

    Here is another case where using someone like Autumn would have benefited the show. I'm sure that she has walked face first into a few spider webs during her investigations.


  5. Barry;
    You are so right with the exception that I usually walk breast first into spider webs since they arrive before I do....

  6. I thought they could have done some good debunking experiments with the skunk ape video. They could have tried people of different heights as a comparison, and Austin could have put on a gorilla suit and attempted to run across the marsh. If it really is that difficult to run across the marsh, they could have tried getting a couple of athletes to try it too -- preferably athletes with good balance like a gymnast or a person who does parkour (although they'd be out of their element in a marsh, it would still have been good to try for debunking purposes).

  7. Jeff;
    I'm totally with you. Going back to that spot would help. If I recall, that film was taken by a man who apparently has captured it a few times--what are the freaking chances of that?

  8. I caught the new one late, so I missed all the experimentation concerning that light that whizzes past the camera. Did they shoot it using a glass pane at any point? It has the look of a reflection. I wonder if they were able to examine the original video. To me, it seems like either a glass plate reflection of something zipping by or one video has been overlain by another. But if they didn't check those things, then I was a little dismayed that they sat down to have an EVP session. Their conclusion seemed forced. Um... we tried some junk but like couldn't figure it out, so um... it's like paranormal or whatever.

    I agree with the mutilation one. It seemed like they weren't testing a cattle mutilation video as much as investigating cattle mutilations. I got bored at that point and turned it off. The fact that they stood around the dead cow trying a couple of things seemed unscientific (to say nothing of having been done a hundred times before) and made me wonder if I missed another EVP session when I switched it off.

  9. Cullan;
    You crack me up, buddy. Yeah, I get you and I readily admit that I worked on writing my book during the cattle mutilation one, so I'm not sure if they did and EVP (hee hee) or perhaps talked to a rancher and ran his voice through a computer program to see if he was lying....

  10. I'd like to see them do a BF or some kind of crypto video. But the one that was shown, well that guy has very little credibility in the cmmunity. As soon as they mentioned his name I thought "fake".
    Hint: if you lay down some boards or plywood it's pretty easy to cross marshland. But it would have been funny to see that sleepy-looking Eraserhead Guy try it while the John Cusack Guy and the Sally Field With Facial Paralysis Chick vidded him. :)

  11. BG;
    I can barely type, I'm laughing so fucking hard. Yeah, I agree with you buddy. That would have made my whole week worth of laughs. I do want them desperately to do some of those cryptid vids. The thing I'd want to keep in mind with this show is--what the hell are people at home constantly seeing online and going "is that real?' and then passing it on to others for the opinions. There are so many viral videos. The first one had to be Patterson-Gimlin, when you think about it. Let's take some of these ones and really look at them. I'm sure they'll step away from UFOs hopefully. The UFOs to me are useless. There's freaking billion explanations for them and we are terrestrial beings, so let's keep it on terra firma where were can test it. Still, I know a lot of folks who believed that skunk ape film and that's one you should go after.

  12. Wow, could you tell I was tired early this morning.
    I meant , "I want to talk about a Bigfoot seen in the mountains !"
    DUH !

  13. Max;
    The devil gets no rest these days with all the sinners, I can see where you get overworked, poor thing.

  14. I like to see Cryptozoological quests videos.

  15. Echo;
    I am in total agreement. Of course, no refrigerator Bigfoot vids, but there are so many of these clips that are used on all the BF documentaries and I want them to answer some of the ones that are most often played over and over again.

  16. I only saw the "ghost light" part of the show. I completely missed the bloating part!

    I'm bummed about that.

    Skunk ape would have been cool enough. I wouldn't mind seeing them have to tromp around a swamp for a night.

  17. Pangs;
    Yeah, at least they could produce a few skeeter bites for their efforts.

  18. That'd give them another cryptid to chase. "Dinosaur skeeters--fact or faked?"