Q&A: Getting Personal

(As we get closer to mid September, I am revealing bits and pieces. Here's my smile--taken last evening--I'm the one on the left--Dale is on the right--didn't mean to scare ya'all. He had to horn in on this Q&A)

I have had a lot of you emailing me asking me for the identity of the man mentioned in the interview comments. I am not naming this kissy-faced ghost hunter ever. So, you can give up. Maybe during our lonely hearts Friday night on here, I might enlighten you more about this tragic comedy. I will not use his name, though, so you will never know who he is...

Today, I'm allowing ya'all to ask me any questions you want; from where I stand on things paranormal, what my philosophy is in the field, my personal existence (such as it is), or anything else you can come up with. As well, if you want to ask Dale questions, I will make him available too. I know ya'all are a very creative bunch. Okay, let me (us) have it...

(5 pm EST my post will be "My Mother's Douche Bag"--bet you'll be back to read that!)


  1. I've got a question for Dale .
    How long has your bottom lip been
    F'd up ?

    Dude, you still freak me out man !

  2. Autumn,

    Imagine you've gone to the grocery. You have returned home and are unloading the booty from your vehicle. There is nobody within shouting distance. You have just enough bags that you can't quite carry the last one. Do you steel your resolve and attempt, by hook or by crook, to make this work with only one trip? Or do you put a few bags down and resign yourself to having to trek back to the vehicle for a second load?


    How many knocks on wood is appropriate to startle sleeping humans without actually having them fully wake and get out of bed to check things out?

  3. Max;
    My lip was ruined by a careless child in the 1970s who stomped on my face. He ruined my cord too. It makes talking very difficult. I am glad that you are concerned about me. Some people aren't willing to ask an injured doll what went wrong. I have been scared of children ever since, so I understand how you feel about me.

    I personally have no issues with going back and forth from the car because I have long strides and lots of peppy energy.

    For my human, it takes 5. She has some deep sleep! I like the way you think, my friend. You seem a bit twisted, just like me...

  4. You've got a beautiful smile! (I was so tempted to say "Dats a purty mouth you got dere").

    What's your favorite movie about ghosts?

    Have you ever TPed or Egged a house?

    Have you ever been to Disneyland, if so, what's the best ride they have?

  5. HB;
    Autumn will assume you meant her smile. Dale is skeptical anyone thinks his smile is purdy.

    I'm admittedly still waiting for my favorite ghost movie and I'm hoping it will be "Phasma Ex Machina" when it is released, but if it doesn't hit the mark, I'll stick with my fav so far which is .... (drum roll)...(it's going to surprise you)... "Stir of Echoes." I know, I know... it should be "The Haunting," "The Changeling" or "Legend of Hell House." The reason I didn't choose "The Haunting" (even though the haunting was very realistic) was that it was kind of lame. "The Changeling" got super scores for best EVP in a movie and best hidden room ever, and best kid coming through the floorboards, but the plot line present day bored me. "Legend of Hell House" was creepy and cool but scattered. "Stir of Echoes" portrayed psychic skills so well and if a ghost was trying to get a message across that it gave me super shivers. I like when it strikes a cord with me.

    Hee hee. I have done a shit load of T-P'ing. I never egged though. I came up with an idea with my girl "gang" in high school. I had us go door to door and say we were doing a scavenger hunt. We went down a list of shit we knew no one would have and listened toilet paper. Everyone had a roll of that. We then took all the rolls and went on a TP frenzy-wrapping cacti and spraying it with a garden hose to make it stick. Yeah, I was a little devil in high school.

    I used to live in Redondo Beach, so everyone I knew had to come and visit and just had to do Universal Studios and Disneyland. I got to where I could repeat the talk at Universal Studios and knew every freaking ride at Disneyland. It's changed more recently and some of the faster rides are pretty cool--I think there's an Indiana Jones one if I recall--pretty awesome, but I'm traditional. I love to party with the pirates. In fact, my biggest fantasy is to have the ride after hours with a huge party of friends and wander around the animated figures and drink and party with them. I love Thunder Mountain. I also love the Haunted Mansion (duh). Another fun place to party.

  6. Don't worry Dale, you've got considerably nicer teeth then most people I know.

    I loved Stir Of Echoes, it's probably my favorite ghost movie next to Sixth Sense and Ghost with Patrick Swayze, which I love to watch while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby. I dug the use of Paint it Black in that movie though, it was good stuff.

    Oh wow, that is so evil! On the cactus? That's brilliant, I've never thought of that.

    Hell yeah! Party in Pirate Bay. I'd get so drunk off of rum, I'd start running in circles with that guy who always chases the women.

  7. HB;
    I think my teeth are better than humans because they never rot, no matter how much I chew on the human's panties... I mean, eat sweets.

    I have to admit that Sixth Sense was brilliant. It's one of those films, though, that once I saw it, I couldn't see it again, like "The Others." With that kind of ending, it's a one-shot deal. "Ghost" I wasn't too into which is weird for a chick, but I hate when people pull my emotions around in movies. I usually avoid the tear jerkers. I've had enough in real life. I did like the hot pottery scene, though. I'm not stupid. Oh, and Whoopie was awesome.

    I would love to run with the wenches from the pirates. Sounds kind of hot! I might even slow down, so one can catch me (Arrrr!)

  8. Dale: got wood? (silly question, you live with Autumn, so of course you do!)

    Autumn: as a psychic, have you ever poked around inside MY head?

  9. Are you actually a vampire or a mythical creature of the sea?

  10. Gummer;
    Technically, I have stuffing, not wood, but my stuffing is often protruding and, yes, I get to watch her while she's sitting around in her too tiny nightie watching movies on the big screen--my eyes won't close and she has my head facing her. What's a doll to do?

    I have an ethic about my skills. Even when I have desperately wanted inside someone's head who was close to me and I thought was lying, I still wouldn't do it. I'm kind of like a vampire. You have to ask me into your head before I'll peer around. I NEVER EVER go there without permission. Plus, when I know someone well like you, buddy, I don't trust anything I'd see if I did poke around cause I'd talk myself out of anything that didn't sound like BG. I read strangers very well and people I know less and less well because I am also driven by Virgo's logic and will talk myself out of things or interpret them to suit what I know about the person.

  11. CB;
    I am not a vampire, though I would love to be bitten by one... Being in the water makes me a very exotic and wild thing, slippery and hard to catch, tormenting and toying, free and uninhibited. Yes, I am a mermaid. You guessed it.

  12. What is the first thing that goes through your mind when I say leather straps?


  13. Barry;
    Leather straps...my wrists, of course. I use my hands to read things, if I can't use them, I don't know what to expect. It's actually more exciting to not be able to read--everything is a surprise.


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