Pumpkinrot: My Newest Addiction!

(Tomorrow is a Q&A spawned by several readers' curiosity about my personal/romantic life...a question answered and more questions welcomed)

I think that video above says it all. Go to YouTube and type in “Pumpkinrot” and even more magic dances before your eyes or go to their site.

Imagine Autumnforest speechless. Well, I am. I feel like I just got a pair of socks from my great aunt for Christmas and then just woke up the next day to realize there’s this dude called Santa who brought me a bike! I was happy with the socks, but I’m ridiculously delirious about the bike!

Pumpkinrot is like Halloween’s Santa.

If you aren’t following this site, you simply don’t like Halloween, don’t like anything creepy and scary, traditional and creative, eerie and spooky. These brilliant Halloween minds create amazing home haunts, scarecrows, videos, the most astonishing Halloween cards I’ve ever seen and I want every single one of them! Pumpkins, carvings, amazingly made models…

I…I…I…cannot find words…

Where has this Santa of Halloween been my whole life? I might have to start a cult of Pumpkinrot, casting spells over pumpkin innards and erecting scraggly scarecrows all over the landscape.

Not many people seem to be able to capture the feel and mood I have about the season. The Johnny Depp version of “Sleepy Hollow” did a fair job, but it was too slick. I need something a bit more rough and barren, dying and brittle, whistling winds and blowing leaves with hints of 1970s Halloween nights and that sickenly sweet smell of candy corn, black birds and burning pumpkin.

All I can say is go to this site and look over everything. It will take you all night. Be sure to check out the “Rot shop” button. I suspect I will be a regular shopper. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted Halloween cards that aren’t fucking cute and adorable!

Bless Pumpkinrot and may moviemakers use this site for inspiration. We need more visionaries like this for us Halloween-addicted folks.


  1. told ya.

    that's why i get so frustrated with how all my creations come out "cute"!

  2. I'm a big fan of H-day....And the movie Jeepers Creepers. Video totally reminds me of it. As you can see I'm not a very deep person.

  3. Cindi;
    Yeah, Pumpkinrot totally gets the season in concentrated form.

    Jeepers Creepers was my fav until the ending (total cheese). I would have had the sister taking off to try to find the brother and left it open for #2. Pumpkinrot does get that feeling like that woman with the cat's corn patch... creepy!

  4. I'm so glad you dig my husband's work. :)

  5. You two have a really amazing site and his vision of Halloween is really crazy amazing. Some people really know their niche and their talent. He has definitely found his. You are very lucky to be able to share in Halloween year-round. Every day must be an amazing gift. I am totally in awe.

  6. We loves them. Great people very creative. I want to be them in my next life :)

    Halloween Santa...I like that.


  7. Halloween is my favorite time of year. I started a new job last night and met a woman who doesn't celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. o.O Blasphemy! But I didn't say anything because I need the job. ;-)

    Speaking of YouTube, have you seen the Children R Skary videos? Creepy and morbidly funny. Look it up and watch Candy and Black Halloween for some early Halloween fun... but all the cartoons are awesome, especially Ida's Luck P1&2 and The Little Girl who was Forgotten by Absolutely Everyone (including the Postman).

  8. Candace;
    Thanks--I'll look that up right away!

  9. Thanks SO much for this post.
    You're awesome.

    I really really appreciate it.

  10. my roommates often complain about the scary life-like raven decoration i leave out year round among other things... halloween is truly my kind of holiday!

  11. You've really said everything. Rot is my hero. really, he is. it's been almost a year since i found pumpkinrot, and i check the blog far too many times a day than i ought to. Half the stuff on my pin-board are pumpkinrot pictures. He is the reason for the five zombies in my room, the witch that watches me from the end of my bed, the rows of black, dirty jars on my mantlepiece. i can't imagine MYSELF without pumpkinrot. Haunt theory will be coming out next year and thats just ASEURYGFQWQGRUIASGKIADFABGUILR83Q1!

  12. Theodore;
    I just got the cards in the mail--the ones with the scarecrow and the sunset colors and am using them for my Halloween cards this year. Jeez! He is truly the king of Halloween. I want to jump into his world and run around 24/7!


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