Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Mother's Douche Bag

Yeah, this post is sounding kinda creepy, huh? Not really. It’s about weird things we use for ghost hunting tools. Even creepier? Keep reading...

When I was a kid we would open the family bathroom medicine cabinet and there it was…unavoidably out of place amongst the bottles of mercurochrome and salves. Mom’s 1950s era douche bag, propped up, flopping a bit like a calf’s bladder, drew attention. I remember as a kid pondering it. The images in my mind were intriguing. Was it used for unplugging the sink? Perhaps to clean out ear wax? No one spoke of it. We pretended it…wasn’t there.

One time as a little kid who inhabited the tiny end bedroom, the truly disturbing room with the ice cold closet year-round and something that sounded like it was breathing raspy within, I decided it was time to do something about this ghost. I pondered what to do for someone who was having trouble breathing. I understood how they felt, nearly everyone around me smoked.

Then, one brilliant day while in the bathroom reaching for the St. Joseph’s aspirin, I saw it. I picked it up this time and examined the line and the bag. It reminded me of those Ambu masks on TV medical shows that helped aid breathing.

So, I brought it with me to my room and left it in the closet for the night just to see if the poor ghost might be able to resuscitate his poor breathing. I forgot the douche bag was in there. I never used the closet because it was cold and felt so nasty. I kept my clothing sprawled on the radiator.

But, I was in the bathroom one day and realized the douche bag wasn’t there. Oops!

I put it back in the medicine cabinet and lived with the rattling breather in the closet for another year until I could switch bedrooms.

Since that time, I have incorporated some strange items into ghost hunting, using a belly dancing scarf and windchimes as early warning devices to make noise. I’ve used a tap light for communication and powder for signs of a presence.

You know my last few ghost hunts were not too productive. Perhaps we need to pull out the old school tools. Can't you just see J&G holding up a Summer's Eve container and doing a little commercial and then proceeding to set it down on a chair and carry on a conversation with it like a KII meter... Hell, ratings may go up!

(Tomorrow's post is about shadow people--a favorite subject)


  1. We had a blue, glass eye cup in the bathroom when I was a tot. I am still positive it is some kind of extradimensional demon-viewing monocular.

    Either that or a WW2 era torture device.

    Maybe both.

  2. I would love to see J&G pull out a douche bag and see if the ghosts might try and use it and feel refreshed, lol. Nothing else is working. Did that poor ghost in the closet ever get rid of it's weezing? The closet was damp and perhaps it was time to move on to another section of the house. Fun post...

  3. LMAO!!! Ok, your Mom may have used it as a douche bag, but my Dad has one...enema bag. LOL Ok, maybe too much information, but funny all the same! I'll give you a 10 for creativeness! LOL You are a hoot!

  4. Will we ever get to see more of the belly dancing? Perhaps in 3D? Hmmm, what doc show are you refering too? Trapper John M.D? Quincy? Two of my faves growing up.

  5. Pangs;
    I had a best friend growing up. Her mom was the type that weighed and measured their food, checked their BM's and made them use an eye cup to rinse their eyes every day. It freaked me out. I still blink rapidly when I think about it and yet, here I use a Neti pot every day-pouring saltwater up my nose... It's all relative.

    I suspect all that ghost got was a good laugh and perhaps a fresh breeze feeling--It still wheezed.

    Glad you liked it. You can never really know what's next on this blog.

    I am going to, in fact, do another belly dancing scarf shimmy by popular demand. Expect it coming up in the next week probably. You never know how I'll do it--want to keep that a surprise.

  6. Wow. that is a bit creepy. Never seen a douche bag like that before.

    I guess this may be a bit appropriate then. An award for you my lady:

  7. OMG, I just remembered my mother's retro style douche bag in the bathroom growing up. An image that I really don't need to remember.

  8. awesome blog. I have always been fascinated by the paranormal since I've had experiences with it myself since childhood. I really like your blog and am now following!

  9. Andrea;
    Thank you!

    Do we ever get over these things? I remember the first time seeing my dad's teeth in a jar of water and Polydent. I had no idea he had dentures. Terrifying!

    Even though I am often filled with humor, there is a lot of content in this blog. When blogger fixes the stupid glitch in the search bar on the right, you'll be able to look up lots of paranormal subjects I've written about. Welcome onboard for the wild ride!

    Poor baby. We will have to fill your weary head with new images. Thankfully, they came up with the wonderful disposable ones that come in little happy boxes with flowers and butterflies.

  10. Ok you aren't that "off" LOL, I too use a neti pot. I should use it daily, but I'm lazy. Hey, at least I admit it! LOL