My Face!

I want to thank Max Evel profusely for taking my photo and turning it into the most wicked profile pic in all the universe! He is a talent that humbles me and I am so proud to now be one of his amazing designs. Perhaps some day I will get him to do an animated one of me. He does those too. I entrusted him with my face and he took it and went to town. Thanks Max! He's not just a little devil, he's an artist.


  1. Like I said ... you are beautiful,and you make this fun .

  2. Beautiful! Can we get a countdown timer to your full reveal? ;)

  3. Max; you are the man! er, the devil!

    M; That would definitely make me nervous to think people are counting down. I think it would be a real let down when they meet the real me. I'll just do a face to face vlog on my b-day and introduce myself. They already know me so well, it won't be a surprise to put a face to the voice and the attitude.

  4. Max did the best caption of you.

  5. wow! speechless. I mean wow! you're just wow!!! ;)

  6. I had a little fun with you on my page gorgeous.
    I wish you a very great night.

  7. Hmm, I will have to see what ol' Max can do for me. Nice job dude. You captured my little sis in such a cool way. See you tomorrow Miss Autumn Forest...

  8. Love ya'all, and especially Max Evel. He is the devil's meow.

  9. I was a cat once .
    I ran out of my nine lives.
    My owner forgot to feed me.
    Get it ?
    Nine Lives ???
    It's cat food ...
    Hello !
    Is this thing on ??

    Okay , I need some rest.
    Hugs !

  10. Max;
    Step away from the mic and work on the computer--you are an awesome artist!

  11. I'm never going to blink, wash, move my eyes again!

  12. Gabriel; don't do that or your eyes will dry up and you won't be able to look at the picture anymore. Thanks!

  13. To look away from this beauty is out of the question.

  14. Just don't be running into any light posts, Gabriel!

  15. Beautiful picture Autumn, of a beautiful woman! Oh and Gabriel, dried out/up eyeballs are not a good look for anyone. I know, I'm a mortician and have seen some REALLY dried out/up eyes once! Poor old gentleman had some awful skin condition and was also for some reason unable to close his eyes, so even though the hospice nurse constantly put in eye drops, it wasn't enough! Getting those eyelids closed was quite a challenge! But I digress.....Now I'm not saying it won't make a statement, but.....LOL

  16. Tara-Dear;
    You are freaking brilliant! I love that! Did you try super glue? That's what I would have done. Oh, how I would love to touch things where you work. As a psychic who reads through touching, it would be so exciting! You are one talented lady!

  17. Aww, You're absolutely beautiful!
    And apparently Blogger agree's because the word verification is squiel.

  18. cool... but i'm sure ol maxy got into some badass porn with your pics :O lol

  19. EEEKKKKKKK!!!!
    That's the most frightening photo that you've posted so far!!!
    Take it down! It's too scary! I'll never be able to erase that horror from my mind!!!!!

    Seriously, I've never doubted for a moment that you would be VERY pretty. There's no way that your kind and caring spirit could shine through as anything that being said, even if you just had one eye in the middle of your forehead, I'd love how you looked.
    (But I guess that's it's a bonus that you ARE gorgeous by everyone's standards - WATCH OUT WORLD! Autumn's free! hee hee)

  20. Hey, just got back from Max Evel's blog...very talented AND funny!
    I'll have to go back and read more when I get home from work.
    Looks very cool!

  21. Cindi;
    Definitely follow Max. He gives me smiles and makes me feel happy every time I go there. That's a talent!

    Well, Gabriel seems to have a thing for older women. I wish all men had that. :-)

    Squiel--really? That's wicked awesome!

  22. in praise of older women:

    they don't yell
    they don't swell
    they won't tell...

    and they're grateful as hell! :P lol

  23. I don't know...looks a little blurry. Maybe Photoshop could fix that. *winks* Fun stuff kid. We'll keep an eye out for the vlog intro during the b-day celeb.

  24. Words fail me, so I'll steal some from the Bard:
    "Oh that I were a glove on that hand, that I might touch her cheek."

  25. Autumn, I wish I was still in the field. I was doing my required 2 year apprenticeship when the TURDS I worked for decided they didn't need me anymore after 10 months. Truly sucks because Funeral Director/Embalmer Apprenticeships are few and far between. Been outta work since November 8, 2009. But, things happen for reasons and if I'm meant to stay in the field, I will surely find another apprenticeship somewhere. FYI: in SC you are required to embalm a minimum of 50 people of a 2year period and complete 50 Funeral Director duties. I have embalmed about 150 bodies (some assisted at the beginning, but most alone) and completed almost 100 FD Duties. I've done the numbers...just haven't "done the time" as we like to call it. Because it is like being in prison when you are an apprentice! Oh well, such as life!

  26. Tara;
    You have an amazing attitude. Did you ever consider possibly relocating? You are obviously a very intelligent and talented gal, so I don't worry about you. Your attitude is resilient which makes me think you will always land in sunshine.

  27. Oh, and how did I get those eyes to close? Deliberate and gentle stretching over eyecaps and superglue when it was time to cosmetize. Boy the stories I could tell!

    Out of all the bodies I've come in contact with, there was one young man specifically where I did get an overwhelming sense of sadness as I was dressing and cosmetizing him. He was dressed and I was in the process of putting on the "makeup" and I looked down at him and this incredibly strong sadness overcame me. He had committed suicide by gunshot. I wasn't the one that embalmed him. It was an unexplainable feeling, I asked him what was so bad that he felt he had to do this. Of course I didn't get an answer, but that one sticks in my brain. Very sad.

    I always made a point when I was working with a decedent to introduce myself (sometimes aloud, sometimes in my mind) and tell them that they are in good hands and I was going to take good care of them and I would appreciate their cooporation during the process. The dead can be difficult at times! ;)

  28. Tara-Dear;
    You are a very special soul. Not many like you out there. Damn the system for not embracing your eagerness to enter the field! I would choose you to embalm me (is that a good thing?) hee hee
    Write me some time

  29. Yes I have actually thought of relocating. I actually applied at a funeral home in Beaufort, SC which is where my Dad and step-ma lives. I'm not in the position to move right now, but if I can get them to let me work about two or three days in a row, I can stay with Dad and then come back to Columbia for several days, and go back and forth that way. Unfortunately, even though fully licensed FD/Embalmers can transfer to most states; Georgia and North Carolina are reciprocal with SC, They don't allow apprenticeship time to transfer, which means I'd have to start all over again. The only advantage is that both of those states apprentice requirements are shorter. But I've been out of work so long here in SC, I may have to start over again anyway. Something I need to check into. Thank you so much for the compliments! I took much pride and care when I worked with decedents. It's an art form all in itself. And I have had the HONOR to do it for many families. I miss it. The work...not the BULLSHIT!

  30. Yeah, I get ya on that. I'm a medical transcriptionist and have always been so proud of what I do, but it has become a sweatshop atmosphere in recent years and it's changed in my mind from a career to a job. What you are shooting for is a career to be proud of and keep that dream alive--you really are meant to do it, I believe.

  31. Of course I'd embalm you and make you look just FABULOUS! Just do me a favor and cooperate with me! Would hate to have to have "words" with you in that state.......

    One more thing....Do you know who the last person is to ever see you naked? ME! THE UNDERTAKER! MUAAAAHHHAAAHHHAAAA!!!!!

    I'll hit you up on email!


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