Laser Grid: New Ghost Hunting Gadgets

The newer tools in ghost hunting can be more entertaining than the actual hunt. Case in point, the laser grid. This handy little device displays a pattern of lights on a wall and you can see if something crosses it quite easily by the interruption in the light pattern. Other than being terribly mesmerizing and just begging someone to do laser grid dancing instead of strobe light dancing, it has some merit. Although we can’t say that an entity of any kind has mass and can break through the light patterns, if they are able to leave a trail by refracting the lights, then we are one step closer to understanding what they are made of. There are some issues with this, such as whether dust or bugs could cause interruptions or if some knucklehead put the grid on a curtain and the air-conditioner turned on and blew the drapes.

Would I pack one? Hell, yes, but then I love atmosphere on a ghost hunt and if your local haunted inn turns into a disco after hours, then the hunt may take on whole new meaning. Besides, it might be fun for making hand puppets on the wall if the hunt is a total bust.

On a more serious note, should a shadow person have the form and substance as are reported, this device might be just the gem to capture that. My son used the target light on his camera on a shadow person only to find the light sat on it and not through it. The only problem is that shadow people have a tendency to come and go at their own will and when they think we’re not out and about, so setting a 10’ x 10’ trap for them is like trying to snare the only fly in the house on a postage stamp.


  1. Love it!!! Do they have it in hot pink or 70s pasley?

  2. CB;
    Seriously, I would love to get it with orange pumpkins!

  3. All these wonderful gadgets.
    It's like you're Batgirl !
    LOL !

    In answer to question on a earlier post about Halloween.
    I doubt I will ever show my face on the web again.

    I'm not scary, I've actually went out with a few ladies off the net
    in the past.
    Had a 3 year relationship with one
    that I moved to be with,and yeah that went bad after a couple of years.
    Skeltons kept jumping out of her closet.
    Anyways toooooo much info.

  4. Max, I find you intriguing. You should email me some time. I love to talk about the internet craziness. I don't have any doubt you manage to bag the babes whenever you want them, hon. Please keep the devil personna. It makes girls feel naughty and works for you.

  5. aHahAhAha !
    I just emailed you.
    You, and Dale got a mention on my blog as well.
    Have fun ...

  6. I sent you another email.
    Sorry it took so long.

    Okay, I am tired now .

  7. Cool little device. I wouldn't mind trying it out.

  8. This latest gadgetseems cool. I bet ghost hunting will be more fun with this!

  9. The 532nm diode laser has a 808nm and a 1064nm wavelength PRECURSORS to the final 532nm green output beam. Almost ALL of these lasers LEAK 808nm and 1064nm Near Infared light'

    If you examine the BEAMDOWN dot of a 532nm laser you will see TWO OTHER "BLOBS" along with the green 532nm DOT.

    This COMBINATION of wavelengths can have very strange NONLINEAR PHOTONIC EFFECTS. Also, the 808nm and the 1064nm BLOBS will be picked up by any good GHOST camera that images in the NIR.

    These are considerations that need to be evaluated.


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