Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hotel San Carlos Pics--Thanks Dan!

I recently covered our overnight hunt at Hotel San Carlos, but as a blogger who is meeting other bloggers, I got to hunt with a follower, Dan. You might recall him from my "Lucky Bastard" interview about his two hunts with Zak and the gang at Eastern State and Waverly Hills. I was pleasantly surprised at how good a hunter he is. His instincts are spot-on and he was a great addition to the group. We did some insane experiments all night long and he even cooperated with strobe light dancing (although you will not see that film). As you can see, he was even willing to wear the magnet headband. What a good sport! He ended up being a good dowser too and rather psychically sensitive as to where energy was hiding in the building. Another member of my team was a follower and fellow blogger, Julie and my friend Ginny is also a follower so all four of us were somehow attached to my blog.

With the Hug-A-Blogger program beginning to pick up some speed, I'm hoping more bloggers consider meeting other bloggers in real life. I did meet him a week before so I would know if he was as nice a guy as he portrayed himself to be and he is very nice and as polite as he was in emails and on the phone. He also has a great sense of humor too which is critical for anyone who is going to hunt beside me. I would hunt with him again. He was on top of the action and knew just what to do and when to do it. You don't want to have to be instructing people in the field if you can help it. He noticed changes in me during the EVP session when something touched my hair and my hand. He had his meter out and was checking around me. Now, that's a natural hunter. So, thanks Dan for joining us on our crazy field tests and the insane hunt in the ridiculously hot basement. You're a great sport and a lucky bastard!

Now, if I'm lucky, I'll get another interview out of him after he goes to Mansfield Reformatory in September and the Queen Mary in December...


  1. Dan was a good sport and a joy to ghost hunt with. I hope he joins us again.

  2. He is instinctively an excellent hunter. I hope he continues this interest and I really hope we get a chance to hunt together again. I've never hunted with someone who had such great instincts that I didn't have to direct him. Smart guy!

  3. how fun! good to meet fellow bloggers-i hope to meet ya'll someday.

  4. Sandra;
    It is great meeting the bloggers. What enthusiastic and neat people! When hug-a-blogger hits the road, we'll be in TN to meet Courtney from Haunt Jaunts, so maybe we can meet up finally :-)