Dale the Doll: She's Leaving him For me!

Shh....don't say a word. Just hear me out. This is what I think is going on: The human has been taking me on her overnight ghost hunts, staying in hotel rooms with her. The human is letting me borrow the laptop and write posts. The human is leaving him, but I am going with her....

You add it up

I'm not sure what I should be doing. Does this mean we're "living together?" Can I tell others that I'm her boyfriend? Which side of the bed do I get?

My mind is spinning. This is happening so fast. I mean, how does one find acceptance in a mixed species relationship? Will we be cast out? Will our friends understand? What will the dolls think of me for being a traitor?

Still, she is soft and she smells really good and her hair is all fluffy and she has an adorable giggle that makes my pants too tight....

I could really use your advice. How should I advance forward with this new change in our relationship? What do I do to make a human happy? How do I make this work?

Any advice would be greatly accepted.


  1. Dale...just be gentle with our friend...no hair pulling or bruises, ok?

  2. haha, autumn, this next word veri is "noncents"...think it means dale??

  3. Miss Libby;
    Thank you for the advice. I always forget that humans can bruise and such. Now, you've made me scared to touch her. What if I hurt her?

    Yeah, I think that word verification definitely applied to Dale.

  4. Dale...
    I want to set you on fire right now !

  5. Max;
    Why does the devil need matches? Can't you just think about me and make me go up in flames? You don't like that I'm moving in with her, huh? Makes you kind of jealous? Yeah, as humans go, she's a keeper. Too bad, Mr. Devil Man, I have her all to myself now.

  6. I don't need matches Dale ...
    You are history dude !

  7. Well Dale, I guess the great thing is you always have wood. Thank you. Thank you. I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitresses.

  8. Be a good little doll and don't be jealous if she brings a human man home. You are just too small for her my friend.....and I am married just in case you have forgotten.

  9. BTW, that is an evil look on Dale's face.....creepy!!!

  10. Miss Julie;
    I admit that the human is tall. That could be an issue. Perhaps I should have a talk with her about what this new relationship is. Am I her protector? Her boyfriend? Her roommate? Oh, I so hate to speak with humans about things of an emotional nature. It is all so baffling to me. You know, should your husband decide he is tired of his human, I would be most proud to be paraded on your beautiful arm,
    Sincerely, Dale

  11. Be careful Dale, she might turn you into a crash-test dummy.

  12. Sorry about your fears Dale. If I where you I stop exaggerating and check with Autumn on your status.

  13. Echo;
    You are right about that. I tend to build things up in my mind and project them on others. People think that us dolls are voices the human projected on us, but that's not true. It's our voice projected into their voicebox. Chilling, huh? We're masters are possessing....

  14. Yes, it is chilling.Next time I get to mental institution I know what happened and won't be afraid any more.

  15. dale, just one question...are you "anatomically correct", or are you like a Ken doll?

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  17. Dale,
    Be there to support her when she needs a shoulder to lean on. Tell her you love her and kind beautiful eyes. But most of all, stop drooling in front of her.

  18. Miss Libby;
    I am like a Ken doll, but that does not make me any less of a doll, mind you.

  19. Mr. Monkey Man;
    Is that normal for a man to feel all goofy in front of a lady when she smiles at him? Sometimes, I forget what I was going to say because I'm staring at her face and...ah, other things....

  20. Don't label, Dale. Just roll with it.

    And Dale, I'm sure you are aware of the "bow-drill method". Watch the friction, old boy. That's all I'll say on the subject.

  21. Mr. Creepy McCreeperson...uh, I mean, Dale, if you are going to have any chance with her, you are going to need an anatomically correct, human sized, umm, penile prosthesis! Sorry dude. Just the facts of human life!

  22. Mr. Pangs;
    I am curious about this process you are discussing, more details, please.

    Miss Tara;
    Do you really think my human would expect that of me? Oh dear! She will be most disappointed. Perhaps I should keep it in my pants, ah, I mean IF I had IT.

  23. no fears in the maleness department, dale, your own head is about the right size! :O lol

    but yeah, if you're ever mean, i'll hear about it... and you don't never wanna mess wiff da wuff! :P

  24. Mr. Laughing Wolf;
    I will not hurt the human so long as she keeps me with her. If she tries to get rid of me; however, all bets are off! Oh, and expect to see me in my animated form in upcoming videos as we get closer to Halloween....

  25. remind me to stay awake, k? ;) lol

  26. Dale has wood! LOL! Too funny.


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