Friday, August 6, 2010

Check out my dear friend's blog

(I've had a few people reading the blog but not signed up to be able to leave comments but want to discuss things with me by email. Sometimes it's not real clear how to get a hold of me, so here it is I get a lot of questions about things I've talked about on here that they didn't comment on. Please feel free to write. I am actually very friendly and approachable, just like my blog)

Ya'all who read my blog regularly read the witty and interesting comments by Pangs. Pangs has his own blog now; Improbable Frontiers and it's just as amazingly astute, witty, intelligent and fun as Pangs. He contemplates all kinds of things that make him scratch his head and wonder at the state of the universe. He reminds me of a disillusioned prince wondering what has become of his kingdom while he was away. I love this guy. He is part guru/part prince of dark wit/part honest observer of all things unusual and strange. So, welcome this breath of fresh air to the blogging world. He is one of my top fav's to read.


  1. I feel pathetic and can't figure out how to follow it. x.x

  2. Soraya;
    Just copy his address and put it into your dashboard as an "add" to follow.

  3. Pangs;
    Totally! That's probably why I like him (hee hee)