Blogs Purely For Laughs

Sometimes, I seriously just need to pop onto a blog where someone does something goofy and makes me laugh. I need this regularly as I am laugh addicted and, no, please do not call Dr. Pinsky. I want no cure!

Here’s the blogs I go to every day just to get my laugh on and center myself when I start taking myself too seriously. Yes, even I do that from time to time—hard to believe.

Every day I get my fix on these sites: One sharpens my witty skills (Dr. Heckle)who puts up ridiculous pictures you have to comment on and another pokes fun at the very things I like to poke fun at—stupid humans and worthless information (Not Worth Mentioning). When I just want to see something purely ridiculous with some awesome music, I check out (Max Evel Underworld Blog)

I suggest you definitely follow these blogs and get your daily laugh on. Please share with me any funny ones you go to for mental relief. These guys should seriously be paid for this mental health break they allow us each day—they’re freaking geniuses.

P.S. Tomorrow is a post about the best Halloween blogs


  1. Thanks for these. I always need my daily laugh/laughs.

  2. Mary;
    Don't we all! I'm usually a self-contained unit of chuckles, but when things around me start to weigh the curl out of my hair, I just read one of these and the world is rosy again.

  3. Thanks sooo much for giving me a shout out!!! I'm flattered to be a source for your laugh-gasm. Haha. I'll definitely have to give the other blogs a read.

  4. Yeah, those are good ones to go to for a laugh...

  5. Thanks Autumnforest for the shout out.
    People either hate me, or like me.
    I've learned to live with it.

    I think the best part is the smartass comments, I get from some.
    You, and others keep it fun for me.

  6. There's not enough chuckles in the blog world, it's why I wrote the laugh series! Thanks dudes!

  7. That's a fact on the sense of humor scene on the ol' blogger for sure.
    Glad you have one.

    This is my fourth try at the blogger.
    I'm not sure, but I know,I had you as a follower as Dirty Shorts, and maybe as Stupid Ninja Cat.

    This whole blog thing has been trial, and errors .
    I almost walked the other day
    from this site as well,
    because of some bad emails.
    I finally said, f#ck it !

    I like being this little demon.
    It's fun being bad.
    Okay, I'm done ranting now.
    Again, thanks for being a great
    blogger friend.

  8. Max;
    Yeah, don't let the online trolls scare you off. Whenever you do something contraversial, you'll get that kind of thing. I have gotten the same here on GHT. There's those religious zealots that tell me if I find their god, then I won't need to hunt for ghosts. It goes with the territory. I would really miss you if you went away, buddy.


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