Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ahtwatukee Horror Writer's Critique Group

**"Fact or Faked" tonight on SyFy! Review tomorrow.**

I figured I'd put up a little post about this. I put the ad in the local community paper to try to get together a horror writer's group in my neck of the woods (uh, desert)...

Just in case anyone is out searching for Ahwatukee and horror - they might just land here for this post.

My hope is to get a group of horror writers in all forms, screenplays, flash shorts, short stories, novellas, novels, blogs, nonfiction paranormal, poetry, graphic novels and, hell, if someone writes horror lyrics -- I want to hear them!

We'd meet for 2 hours one night a week at a local place, perhaps a coffee house, and bring copies of work to read anything 3 pages or shorter and let others critique it and make notes on the copies. If they don't have anything to show yet, they can come anyways and knock around concepts, bounce ideas, or simply critique.

I'm already a member of another writer's critique group across town, but having people in my own neighborhood would be pretty awesome because I've pretty much given up hope anything about yuppie-dom Ahwatukee-Foothills is horror-loving (other than the blasted heat).


  1. This sounds great, may you have a huge group.

  2. Gail;
    I seriously hope to find one interesting person in this terribly conservative environment. I know there has to be some closet horror freaks around here--I'm just trying to poke them with a stick.

  3. If anyone can lasso the horror talent together it's Autumnforest. Now can we see a picture of you using said lasso?

  4. CB;
    You just won't let it go, will you, cutie? I tell you what, maybe I'll shoot you a picture of me taken within the past...5 years...