Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Pick the Post Subject!

Ya'all know that I never run out of shit to talk about, but honestly I could use a new perspective. If you want me to do a post about any subject or propose any theory -- go off on any paranormal tangent or even personal, give it to me. I will post about it. If blogger hasn't gotten it's crap together to show your comments, don't worry. I still get emails showing me the comments. I will make it a challenge to write a post right after reading the subject proposed and do it within 15 minutes max including editing. It's a way to keep my skills sharp and no doubt amuse you to no end...


  1. I wouldn't mind hearing about some more objects/artifacts you've picked up and what you felt about them.

  2. Jeff’s suggestion for a post was to describe more artifacts and what I’ve read from them:

    Jeff, I’ll tell you about some people whose jewelry I’ve read. I had a friend who was part of a single’s group and she would drag me to events and, other than trying not to be picked up by the eager men, I would be sat down at a table where everyone would proceed to dump their jewelry onto the table. All of these people were strangers. They are the very best people to read because my logic can’t get in the way. If I read a friend, I am likely to talk myself out of things I find because I think, “nah, that couldn’t be true.” So, I pulled up a piece of jewelry at a time and proceeded to tell them about themselves:

    One woman’s necklace I felt had the same sensation I got on a girl’s getaway weekend, totally zany, like the movie “The Hangover.” I saw those machines with giant claws and prizes, drunken giggling, and total silliness with bright lights.

    The woman came forward laughing and excited. She got the necklace in a claw machine in Vegas on a girl’s weekend away.

    Another woman had a watch. I told her a woman named Margaret that she worked with was really her enemy. The woman had been intercepting phone calls from her boyfriend and making her sound bad and pumping herself up with him.

    The woman got very silent and blinked for a while. Her friend cut in, “Maggie works in our office and she caught her on the phone with her boyfriend, laughing and flirting.”

    Another man gave me a wedding ring from his ring finger. You’d think I’d tell him about his wife, huh? Well, what I got shocked me and my logical mind wanted to say “No!” But, I have learned to trust that first instinct. “This has been in a junk drawer a long time. It came from a man. He gave it to you because it meant more to you than him.”

    The man started to shake. He said that his brother announced he was gay and gave him the wedding ring and said that it symbolized more to him than it did for himself. He was so angry, he put it in a junk drawer in his kitchen for months and just that night put it on because he has decided to forgive his brother and show his solidarity.

    Those are just a few tiny examples of the kinds of things I’ve read. I quit reading years ago because I carry these people’s memories and images in my head forever as if they are my own. But, I am ready to explore it again. As I make the pieces for Etsy, I enjoy looking at the cumulative history I have in my head when I look at them.

    I suppose that didn’t answer the artifacts question, but it is a very similar thing to read the living.

  3. Wow, so cool to hear what you've picked up from jewelry. :) I came to your blog lastnight to catch up on some of your posts. I'm sorry I haven't regularly commented back here lately. :) Hey, maybe you can write about Ghost Hunters and Ghost adventures...comparing them. I know you've done this before fictionally and seriously, but I'm just now watching season one of Ghost Hunters and am finding it a little boring but maybe if you tell me the good things to look for in it I could maybe see a different side of things when I watch.
    I replied to your comment on my blog btw. :) Take care and can't wait to see more videos of you. :)

  4. Kim had a great suggestion to compare Ghost Hunters (GH) and Ghost Adventures (GA). I gotta tell ya, Kim… it’s like comparing the first child overachiever and the middle child rebel. They’re apples and oranges, but here goes:

    “Ghost Hunters” began with wonderful intentions to show us that ghost hunting is no longer mediums, séances, and ouija boards. The desire to get proof of hauntings is something all people who have encountered the phenomenon hunger for. Along the way, however, GH has found it’s not so easy to capture what you see and hear in a site. The first season wasn’t terribly interesting, but seasons 2 and 3 were excellent, so keep watching. There will be some evidence that will give you shivers. They go into a site to prove it’s not haunted. They find explanations for as much as they can, then they are left with the unexplainable. It’s up to them and their experience in the field to determine if it’s some activity that’s unexplainable or a real haunting. The good news is they don’t throw the “H” word around easily which I respect. The weak points of what they do is that they do the same thing and never change or grow. It’s become stale as a show and as an ongoing study. The field needs to grow.

    “Ghost Adventures” is just plain old f-u-n. I turned my nose up at them at first because they’re like frat boys going into a site and daring each other. I half expected them to pull out a spray can and tag the site. But, as I watched it, it had one thing the others didn’t. Why the hell not taunt and see what happens? I don’t personally believe it works very often at all—if you taunt someone, sure they can get mad, but more than likely they will just leave you to yell at the walls by yourself. But, the guys have a good idea-it’s only the 3 of them, no film crew so less contamination. They also are willing to try new equipment and techniques. They do a good background search of the history of the site which I respect. I want to know more about why it’s supposedly haunted. They also have so freaking much enthusiasm, although very little knowledge in the field, that it’s like having some dudes from your own neighborhood going on a hunt together and screaming like girls, advancing and retreating. So, if you want entertainment, they will provide it. If you want evidence, it’s extremely limp which to me proves that provoking is limited.

    So, hope that helped you. Both shows are worth watching, but you will enjoy Ghost Adventures probably more because every time it has a new episode on, I have a wonderful drinking game that goes with it! You take a swig every time one of them says “man,” “dude,” or “bro,’ and whenever Aaron’s eyes bulge out in horror and his mouth drops open.

  5. Well, I've always wished you'd do more "how to" stuff like on divination (i.e. scrying, ouija board use, automatic writing, reading objects and people, or anything along those lines). I'm always looking to do weird shit.

  6. how 'alive' are those shadows not your own?

  7. Grim;
    I actually have a post going up on that soon. It's about 3/4 written now. I'll finish it up and get it posted this week. :-)

  8. LW;
    Shadowpeople? They are alive. I think the best encounter I've ever heard was one my son had with his best friend. They were in a cemetery and saw it up against a stained glass altar area. They thought at first it was a homeless person tucked in for the night and so he held up his camera, hit the red target button and found the thing to be completely solid looking but pitch black. It scurried behind the altar and they rushed up to it. He aimed his flashlight at the altar to realize it was attached to the wall. There was no "behind" and this thing had been 3-feet tall. The boys got super freaked out. They said they felt a sense of "doom" before they even saw it and it intensified. They walked away, looked back, and the 3-foot tall dark human-like shaped thing peered out from behind the wall at them. So, it was not only witnessed by both of them, but it interacted--obviously seeing them too. I've heard that shadowpeople when seen, rush away as if they hadn't expected to be seen. I think something is happening where perhaps our eyes accustomed to fast updating screens and high resolution might be actually seeing things that had never been seen before. It's one explanation that sits fairly well on me. As to what these things are...I'm not thinking human spirit forms but I also do not have any personal belief in evil, demons and such, and they are so timid, it would seem to me to be either a projection of human minds or a life form that evolved alongside us in a way we were unable to detect... Perhaps animals see them all the time, which would explain some bizarre behaviors they can have at times, watching things that aren't there...

  9. 'not there'... in the usual sense

  10. LW;
    "Not there" being a human perspective, of course. The animals have a much more enriched world than we do...

  11. You should make note of the types of metals the jewelry you pick the most readings up from. Perhaps you could determine if psychic readings are electronic based information.

  12. Gabriel;
    You are brilliant! By an interesting coincidence (or is it?) I am extremely allergic to nickel which is why I don't wear any metallic jewelry--you wouldn't want to see what it does--lasts for weeks. I will do an experiment on metals and report back the findings. That was a brilliant idea. Your mind works just like mine, looking for commonalities and correlations. I will do a post to report back on that finding...