Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I'd like to thank Mark from The Ringmaster's Realm for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award.

The rules attached to this award are:

• Thank the person who gave it to you.
• Share 7 things about yourself.
• Pass the award along to 15 who you have recently discovered and who you think fantastic for whatever reason.
• Contact the blogs you picked and let them know about the award.

Here comes the hellacious part of this endeavor, finding 7 things ya'all don't know about me...

1. I am going through a huge life change that I hope to soon be able to share with ya'all and give you credit for giving me the courage and belief in myself to finally make this dramatic change. (no, I'm not going transgender)

2. When it comes to men, I'm fascinated with eyes (can't hide the soul or feelings), hands (especially when they're on me) and shoulders (broad, flexed)...

3. I think one of my sexiest features is my moles...really!

4. I'm painfully loyal. When you are in my inner circle, I would die for you and defend you to the end, be your therapist, your instigator, your life coach and shake up your world so you're not asleep at the wheel.

5. When I hang with friends, the most important thing to me is make an evening no one ever forgets; I'm all about creating memories--insane, crazy, unpredictable, dangerous, goofy, funny as hell, ridiculous.

6. I am completely unpretentious. The best date? Stopping at a roadside carnival and riding crazy spinning rides, cotton candy, and making out in the funhouse.

7. My dream day off? Lazing around naked in the bed all day, tangled in the sheets, legs intertwined, sun shining through the window onto our bodies, napping, making love, napping, making love, scurrying to the kitchen for a tray of yummies, feeding each other, making love, lying around staring at the sunset rays coming in and shining on the ceiling while holding hands and talking about places we'd like to visit, taking a shower together, curling back up in the bed, and spooning as we fall asleep.

Bloggers who deserve this award (I'm also lazy at the end of the day, only 3 people get this)...
Time Human
Brain Stew (just cause I know he won't do it)


  1. Eyes huh? Can't wait for you to get here! Congrats on the award btw!

  2. Brian;
    You're a hoot! I bet you have beautiful soulful eyes. You are one of the most devoted daddies in the world--which will show in your irises.

  3. Hey good choices! I love the Time Human. Congratulations

  4. Hmmmm...OK
    Thanks (I think! LOL!)
    I'm thinking...I'm THINKING!

  5. Cindi;
    You never know what to say about my comments. I have to admit, I'm off the cuff and don't have a lot of self-editing techniques, but I'm honest as hell.

  6. No.... I KNOW when it comes to YOU to expect the UNEXPECTED! HA! HA!
    I'm just thinking of what my answers will be.....
    I'm trying to think of something more intriquing than saying I don't care for MILK! LOL!

  7. and by the way. That's why I love your blog cuz...
    You're honest as Hell!

  8. Cindi;
    So you're stumped at your own answers, huh? I say you give us some tantalizing stuff...who was your first teacher crush? Do you sing in the shower? What celebrity would you most like to have a whole night with??? Inquiring minds wanna know, girl!

  9. Well, since you already got one, I guess you don't have to accept mine too! But I wanted to give you one too! LOL

    Take care,

  10. Maggie;
    Thanks! I must be putting magic out in the air lately. I'm quite honored.

  11. OHHH neat, I was chosen! :) Congratz on your award Autumn! Your always a winner in my book ;)

    Oh, and Jessica -- I never knew you felt that way about me ;) lol...