This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

*(asterisk) are ones I’m watching


*DISCOVERY: “The Colony” A new season for this show with contestants in a reality format who play out an end-of-world-scenario and have to learn to survive, protect themselves, get food and water. Awesome!
HISTORY CHANNEL: “Ancient Aliens”

*SyFY: “Ghost Hunters” repeats and a new “Ghost Hunters International” called “The Wolf’s Lair”

HISTORY: “The Universe” (I put this option up because I know none of you want to see “Mary Knows Best,” but you better turn to “Fact or Faked” when it’s on!
*SYFY: “Fact or Faked” (review tomorrow morning with t-shirt pic, followed by another LAUGH installment based on the show)

TRAVEL CHANNEL: Repeats of “Ghost Adventures


  1. I need cable.....or a newer computer.

  2. I think I'll watch The GH wolf's lair. I just started recording the Fact or Faked. Now if the boys will go out to play I could watch this stuff! I just saw Shutter Island that was pretty disturbing. And I finally go to see The Wolfman. I loved the mood in that one. The gore was a lot for me though.

  3. Cindi; can catch most on the computer if you have a fast enough one.

    I bought Wolf Man thinking I'd adore it. I do love the mood and even the wolf is awesome, but the plot was just kind of weird. Reminded me of the twist Tim Burton took with Sleepy Hollow--kind of strayed and made a plot that was just off the mark. I just rented Shutter Island so I hopefully can sit still and see it. Yeah, I'd like to hear what you think of Fact or Faked. I think it provides for the category it's in.

  4. I'll be watching: the universe, fact or faked, and maybe ancient aliens.

  5. That history channel special sounds interesting. Thanks for posting these. You are now my TV guide.

  6. Jessica;
    I'm glad to do it. I used to do this every October so I didn't miss any of the horror specials and movies, but I thought...hey, with there being paranormal TV, why not remind myself each week.

  7. How did I know that about you, Gabriel? hee hee

  8. Hey, that reminds me! I finally watched "The Howling" because of one of your quizzes. And um..hated it! Sorry. Then I watched the "Wolfman"...visually, I like looking at it but not scary either.
    So far I haven't seen a thing that scares me like the original "The Omen" (the remake was a joke). I'm trying to get the right inspiration for making a Halloween painting luck yet. Oh, I also just watched "White Noise", which I had been avoiding for years...I was sure I'd have nightmares...instead, i haven't thought of it again until just this moment.
    Suggestions? Anyone?

  9. Cindi;
    White noise did suck. If I wanted inspiration for Halloween paintings--the one that made me do a whole series was Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow." I spent a lot of time concentrating on the scarecrow at the beginning of the movie and the witch in the woods. If I were painting again, I'd watch "Sauna" because visually it was sooooo beautiful and creepy and taut. Hope that helps. :-)

  10. Thanks! Yes Sleepy Hollow sounds good! I've never heard of Sauna! I'll have to find that one!
    XOXO - Cindi


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