Monday, July 19, 2010

This week in horror movies and paranormal TV

*(asterisk) shows ones I’m going to watch.


*AMC: “Ghost Ship” (movie)

*SyFy: Repeats of “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International” (“Sweeny Todd) I’m not sure what’s up with GHI… They did Robin Hood and now Sweeny Todd. I’m half expecting an episode about Hamlet or David and Goliath…

SyFy: “Mary Knows Best” (don’t get me started—I’m counting the days until this one is dumped).
****SyFy: “Fact or Faked” Yahoo!!! (creatures caught on a family’s home security cams and a Lake Havasu UFO)

Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” repeats

I admit that I will try to watch GHI, but invariably, I will become distracted. It happens every time. I look up occasionally from my writing, but I don’t usually focus until evidence review. The exception is when they go to a cool place, but lately it seems that they’re into themes… So far as “Fact or Faked” is concerned, it will have my 100% attention and a review every Friday—and expect more pictures of the “girls” in the tank top—including a few shots of a friend wearing one as well… Hey, "Ghost Adventures" has a music video and drinking game for every time they say "dude," "bro" and "man" and every time Aaron's mouth becomes unhinged in horror. "Destination Truth" has a drinking game for every time they take any new mode of transportation. But, "Fact or Faked" is much more serious, so they get the fun pictures every Friday with hopefully little themes to each one...


  1. I would watch Ghost Ship just for the wire death scene and the ghost singer (rawr).

    BTW, my word verification is "falibled". I think I've been offended.

  2. Hey, Pangs, I got "prick" the other day for word verification. I hadn't even insulted Blogger...jeez! Yeah, Ghost Ship wasn't awesome, but it did have some cool scenes and the dance floor one--very creepy cool! I wonder if they'll cut that out when showing it on TV?? You know, you have a good knowledge of horror, buddy. Wish I were in your neck of the woods. We would so kick ass watching the worst of the worst and making fun of them like MST 3000.

  3. yes, i'll watch ghost ship too, but i can hardly wait til fact or faked is on again!

    word veri - reuddies...does that mean "buddies again?"

  4. Libby-Girl;
    Reuddies? Sounds like people who were once friends and during the high school reunion became "reuddies." That reminds me, I just got my invite to my reunion. Ain't going. I never do. I graduated a semester early to get out of there. It was a school of rich coke heads. It was miserable. I'd only go to be sure bad things happened to the worst of them. Hee hee. Although there was one boy I wouldn't mind seeing again...but just my luck he's completely offensive in his "old age."

  5. autumn, hey, i went to my 25th reunion in '08, & i thought the same type of thing, but i was totally surprised!! it was a LOT of fun...but, i know, everybdy's reunions are different...

  6. Hey Libby;
    I suppose it would be different if I went to the reunion at my high school back east with the people I grew up with, but we moved west when I entered 10th grade and, honestly, I dated a LOT of the guys and pissed off a LOT of the gals, so I didn't make a lot of close friendships. Everyone was just so miserably superficial and empty-headed. I had no history with them and knew most of them one semester here or there and had no past with them, so there was no connection. Now, if I could go to a reunion at Green Acres Elementary School--I'd ride my skateboard across country to get to that! Those kids I grew up with would be fun to see as adults. Even if the cuties I used to date were there at the reunion--I just know they'd be just as stupid and superficial as they used to be. I despise rich arrogance and snobbery.

  7. I love ghost ship. I'll have to watch that one again.

  8. I can't wait for more Fact or Faked. I really like that show! I watched it last night for the first time and I think I'm hooked! I set my DVR to record the series! LOL.

  9. Maggie;
    Excellent! The team leader, Ben, comes on and comments when I write about the show--he's a smart guy and cute which ain't bad :-)