Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scyring: Seeing the Future

I can’t tell you how many people tell me, “you’re such a good psychic, why don’t you do the lottery numbers?” Hahahahahaha (catch my breath) hahahahaha (wipe the tears). Yeah, if it were just that simple!

Okay, here’s what it’s like: You get gas when you eat certain foods, right? What if people asked you to get gas every time you ate anything? Concentrate-dammit!

So, every psychic has specialties. Mine are touching items and people and gathering emotions and memories and also 100% accuracy with airplane disaster premonition dreams. I get other variations, but those are the two consistent ones. You can’t ask that kind of psychic to start a fire with her thoughts…

That under consideration, let’s talk about scrying or using tools and methods to try to predict the future. The second most asked thing of a psychic is “can you tell me my future?” Hell, I can’t tell you my own! (And honestly I don't want to know--it's a gift I open every day and until it's open, it could be a shiny new bike or a pair of underwear--but in that moment it's the shiny bike!)

It’s not fate until you make decisions and decisions are made in a split second based on comfort levels and stimulus from outside. I can tell you perhaps you’ll run into a handsome man who will sweep you up with sweet words, but I can’t tell that because you met him, you decided to leave your husband. That was a decision made by a shitty week, a movie you just watched in which the lead character up and ran out on her life, and some special set of words Mr. Handsome used to push you over the edge. Had you had other circumstances while meeting Mr. Handsome, you might have patted him on his head and sent him away.

A good psychic has ethics. Had I known you had a health issue or an imminent danger, I would let you know if you asked, but I would not pursue you and tell you without solicitation. My ethics as a psychic include to not put someone ahead of his learning curve by informing him of things before he is ready to use the information properly. He needs the life experience the next days, weeks, months will provide.

But, if you want to play with your future, I advise the use of Tarot or palmistry, personally. The two have been consistently useful for people who wish to know something about the way they’re headed. They also open a conversation about your past, present and future which must all be considered at one time.

If I read your palm and I see a tendency to defer to your mate, I will see a weakness that could be worked on for the future.

Tarot readings can lead you on a helpful path because it’s like therapy on the table. The cards are placed and you interpret what they mean by what they represent. You have more control over seeing your life from a new perspective, up above instead of at ground level.

If I had to decide, I’d do Tarot when I have big decisions to make and use palmistry if I want to see why I keep fucking up my own life or health.

Hope that helps!


  1. That helps very much. Tarot are my tool of choice also. I knew I liked you for a reason! :)


  2. The Frog Queen;
    For some reason, Blogge's commenting is still f'd up, but I did get your comment. Glad you enjoyed the post and, yes, tarot has results that usually make people leave with their head still spinning--gives them perspective they need.

  3. i bet it is hotter here than there. my trees are morphing into cacti. and the humidity has been low. but that is all about to change. the humidity is starting to rise. so it will feel even hotter. i am ready to join teddy on the stone floor. ugh!

  4. Poor Joyce;
    I gotta tell ya, it's like...102 at 11 am here, but it's been actually pretty good for this time of year because in June we didn't hit the teen's and we usually do, so I can't complain, but I still will. Monsoon is coming here this next weekend (fingers crossed). We have not seen rain in months, but that's usual here. I gave up watering the backyard grass. I feel guilty watering the crispy stuff.

  5. I can pick up the lottery numbers, but they're always last week's numbers..... :P


    Neat post!

  6. Dan;
    Thanks. Yeah, those lottery numbers--ever elusive. If I could touch the machine, I could probably get the numbers but I get the distinct feeling that's a no-no.

  7. Soooo....what am I thinking?

    I kid. I have never had any sort of reading. It isn't due to disbelief, it is due to being too cheap to shell out the $$. We do have any number of books on tarot, palmistry and spells around the house, just the same.

  8. MM;
    Yeah, it's ridiculous. I can't imagine charging for my services, although I do make the Etsy things out of objects with strong emotional and memory attachments, but that's really an art form more than a reading. Off hand, without having any way to hone in on you, I find you a creature of habits and rituals, but then I could be off on that--I have no way to peg you specifically, but I picture a certain routine to your life that makes the home situation quite comfy and satisfying.

  9. When I was in my late twenties I went to a Psychic elderly woman who lived in an senior apartment complex. She was really old and slow moving with dyed bright red hair. Her living room was FULL of dolls! It was nice and tidy but dolls were everywhere. It freaked me out a little. I thought that maybe her hair and the dolls was an attempt to create atmosphere?
    Anyway she had me come into her bedroom and sit at a card table (no place to sit in the living room!) and she gave me 5 pieces of paper to write 5 questions on. Then I had to fold them twice and stick them halfway out of the pages of a Bible. Then she would pull one out at a time and hold it in her hand and answer the question WITHOUT unfolding it. After she answered the question, she handed it back to me to unfold and to read and see if I had any futher questions on that topic. She got each topic right....about moving, about meeting someone, about if I'd have a family...etc BUT so far she has been absolutely WRONG on everything. None of the stuff happened. She did uncover a crystal ball and stare into it and said that my health was fine and she saw no cancer but stomach issues in my 50's and living well into my 80's...I'm still waiting to see if that's right! Hmmmmm.
    How did she know what was written on the paper but didn't have any answers right. (That was 20 bucks worth)

  10. Cindi;
    What can happen is something that I run into--interpretation issues. Some folks can pick up something, like the words you're about to say, or a song in your head, or something present, but cannot read anything of the future. Any psychic who says they can tell you your future, they are lying. There is no "fate" or "written in stone" future for any of us. You can leave the psychic's home and drive into a telephone pole. She can read you "a" future, but not "the" future. So, when people want to go to psychics to talk about the future, I tell them to save their money and invest it instead in getting their goals underway and taking command of their lives. Fate is a philosophical trap people fall into because they want to believe nothing is halfhazard about life and there is "the" man out there waiting for them. The truth is, life is mostly in your command and what isn't is not worth focusing on. And, unfortunately for all the romantics out there are thousands of soulmate men out there for you. So, if you want to go to a psychic for a form of therapy, I think it's wonderful. In fact, when I do readings for people I know, it's really a form of therapy, to help them look at things they didn't have "sight" of before. And, sometimes they reveal something no one else knows, like a long-held wish or desire you have hidden and when they make it real and bring it out--you suddenly focus on it. That's the real role of a psychic and the part I love about ghost hunting and being a psychic--counseling.

  11. Haha- hey sis- my eyes are going too! When I read your update at my blog - I thought it said "Soying" Seeing the Future" and I thought WTF??[:o)>
    As always this was a fascinating article - and I am a true believer in your psychic abilities!!!!!!!!
    thanks again for the movie suggestion- off to watch it in a few hours after seeing what blogfriends are up to and hopefully posting an article!!!!
    your're the best sis!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O - and keep the "soying" articles coming:-) when you get time- fascinating subject!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bror, my baby brother; you are sunshine in a bottle! I hope you enjoy the movie--I suspect you will. You are too funny. No more soying posts--haha. Tomorrow's is a fascinating interview. Enjoy and please sleep well, bror.

  13. I love reading tarot! I think my favorite deck is my Hallowen set of cards.
    I do a 3 card lay out each morning to give me an idea how my day will enfold!
    What FUN!!!!!

  14. Debe;
    That's funny. I think everyone I know who does Tarot has a favorite set. I have a Green Man one I adore--but I adore the Green Man.

  15. Soooo …. ya like the GreenMan, do ya? Hey Sharonny, hey. Well me, too. Too bad that we lost the singer of that song, Peter Steele, recently.

    Tarot has never let me down. Funnily enough, I've got that very same deck you used in the blogticle here, Tricia Newell (the illustrator) & Jungian Liz Greene & Juliet Sharman-Burke's The Mythic Tarot, but then again, I just had to, di'n I? I was already an aficionado of the vast storehouse of Hellenic mythology by age seven.

    Also another of my faves, the sumptuously rendered Fairy Tale one, from artist Lisa Hunt, is a must-have. Unusual as it is, it does answer the standard 78 cards, culling from the vast œuvre of fairy lore the world over.

    Unusual in its concept but a delight to fans of the macabre "weird fiction" of the New England Gent, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, horror fantasy artist Daryl Hutchinson's long out-of-print Lovecraft Tarot is due for a 3rd reprinting. And it's high time, too, seeing that the 1st two pressings are fetching astronomical prices on the collectibles market.

    Computer palette artist extraordinaire Davide Corsi's & fantasy writer Mark McElroy's Tarot of the Elves is, though a new slant on both this ancient form of divination as well as elven lore, too (the Alfheimran Elves whose stories unfold in this deck are a lost race wending their way back to their power which they've been separated from ~ either due to losing their traditions, coming to Earth, or migrations due to war ~ has met with a considerable amount of criticism, especially from Tolkien followers who had hoped that it would've reflested that master story-teller's Legendarium, which it outright doesn't.

    Most intriguing in modern day decks, though, is the Italian artist Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot, which renders the enigmatic cards as the vestige of an encoded language given us by a disappeared race. There's an old mnemonic device, ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR, meaning The Wheel of the Taror Speaks the law of (the goddess) hathor. Perhaps Signor Marchetti is on to something.

    Oh, i don't want to forget to mention Tarot designer Robert Place, whose three decks are well worth considering. Among them my fave'rit would have to bee his Alchemical Tarot, but hey, I'm a symbolist & a Hermeticist at heart, no matter what else I am. Thank you for this piece, Sharon. I'm honoured to be an older if adoptive sibling whose abilities also utilize more than the five senses.

    Oh! My goodness! I haven't even said a thing about bee-Ing made an Ambassador by my spiritual mentor, RJ Stewart, last week at the 10th Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress in WA! Later for that then. LOL! (Disappears in an iridescent blur of shifting colored light) ~ (•8-D

  16. Bror;
    I just know you'll be an expert on everything! I love it! Yeah, I have a Green Man deck and a Rider deck, which I guess is pretty much the most common one out there, I think. I never sit down and do tarot because I prefer palmistry--I need the touch factor involved, but every now and then, I'll shuffle the deck and pick a card and lay it face down--not look at it. Go about my entire day, come back at the end of the day and see if the card fit my day... it's pretty uncanny.

  17. There is a new BARBIE Tarot Deck that I would love to have just for giggles.

  18. Jeez, that'd be hilarious--whip those puppies out and real seriously have someone shuffle it and then flip them over and it's like Malibu Barbie as the death card... hahaha

  19. LW;
    The runes--very near and dear to my Scandinavian heart!