Saturday, July 17, 2010

QUIZ: What Kind of Zombie Would You Be?

It’s quiz time again! Yahoo! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and see what you have the most of.

1. Tackling painting a room, I likely would…
a. Make a mess, I suck at painting
b. Make it neat and pretty and be very cautious
c. I wouldn’t volunteer to paint a room
d. Whatever my spouse told me to do

2. You have a choice of fun with friends on a Saturday night and you choose…
a. Go out and get totally smashed and get laid
b. To stay home and watch movies and drink beer
c. Go to our usual bar and play darts
d. Whatever my friends decide on

3. On the dating scene, I tended to…
a. Go for it, pursue and obtain
b. Make friends with someone and work my way in
c. Be lovable and fun
d. Wait for someone to approach me

4. When it comes to horror, I’d rather watch…
a. A gorefest
b. Something with interesting quirky characters in weird situations
c. Something that makes me laugh and cringe
d. The classics

5. So far as religion is concerned.
a. I’m going to hell
b. I go to church regularly but that’s it
c. I used to go to church but stopped when I got older
d. I am very devoted to my faith

Now, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and find out which one you have more of and scroll way down to find what kind of zombie you will make…

a. Classic mindless flesh-eater from “Night of the Living Dead”
b. “Fido:” A faithful trained servant
c. The stupid buddy on “Shaun of the Dead”
d. Mind-controlled “White Zombie” HooDoo type


  1. I'm leaning toward "Fido", with a little "Shaun of the Dead" stupid buddy mixed in.

    I think the first commenter is obviously a classic mindless flesh-eater in a dead-end emotional spiral akin to the characters in Pulse. If only the ache could be solved by a simple web link.

  2. Whoa! I too am Fido with a little bit of Shaun mixed in.
    AND I think Pang nailed it about the first commenter! LOL!
    I wish the last question had an answer more along the lines of:
    I'm spiritual and distrustful of organized religion. I would have picked that one!

    Hey! It's my Birthday! I MADE IT!!!

  3. Hey! Another great quiz. I'm a mindless flesh eater. I always knew that would be the case.

  4. Pangs;
    You dog, you! Of course you're a Fido. I ended up being a classic flesh-eater. hee hee... no comment.

    Cindi--it's your b-day sweets??? Happy B-day to you! Happy b-day to you! Happy B-day dear Cindi, happy B-day to you! (you don't want to hear me sing this--I'm awful)

    Hey, we can start a club and find an old farmhouse to surround at twilight...

  5. I am the mindless flesh-eater and stupid buddy. Yep, that sounds about right.

  6. Fido ...

    Autumn's paranormal polls require a lot of DEAD-ication!

  7. Barry;
    Fido was actually one of my favorite zombie movies. I loved that guy--would love to have him in my home. Nice pun--buddy. You are a hoot!

  8. autumnforest-well, i'm goona go through death the same way i went through life...dazed & confused (that song's stuck in your head now!), because i had a different letter answer for each question...hmph!

  9. Libby-Girl;
    There's 5 questions, so one of the answers has to have 2 hits. You are so funny! Maybe you'll be the buffet zombie--a little of everything on her plate.

  10. I'd be a zombie that runs around Main Street in Mesa making little old ladies very nervous...wait a minute---I AM that zombie!!!!!!!!
    I had so much fun playing zombie for the film crew---I got to gnaw on a kid! YUM!

  11. Debe;
    I do worry about my cholesterol in the zombie state--a diet strictly of flesh could really raise my chances of heart disease. hee hee

  12. Oh my God, I'm Nick Frost, er, Ed.