Tuesday, July 27, 2010

QUIZ: What end-of-world scenario scares you most?

It’s quiz time, my sweeties! Today’s quiz involves the worst end-of-world scenario for you. Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and find out!

1. I tend to hate confrontations that involve…
a. Having things sprung on me last minute without warning
b. Long drawn out encounters where no one wins
c. Everyone against me, I’m all alone
d. Both sides getting caught up in hysteria and fighting

2. The worst way to give me bad news…
a. Write it out in email or note
b. Lead up to it in bits and pieces to build up to the news, taking hours
c. Blurt it out in person all at once
d. Spend a day or two dropping hints to prepare and leave me anxious

3. I’m least attracted to someone who is…
a. Spontaneous and lively
b. Assertive and powerful
c. Unpretentious, putting on no airs
d. Warms up after you get to know him/her

4. A really awful party would involve…
a. Being busted by the cops
b. A girl cat fight over a guy
c. Someone getting drunk and puking on the hostess’s dress
d. Everyone getting drunk and passing out all over the place.

5. I’d like least like to be remembered for..
a. Leaving a big impression
b. Fighting for what I believe in
c. Getting what I want
d. Affecting the most people.

Okay, now count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and scroll down to find out what end-of-world scenario gives you the most chills…

a. Asteroid collision
b. Global wars/bombs
c. Zombie attack
d. Virus that spreads fast and kills slowly


  1. Actually, mine is zombie attacks and viruses.

  2. Mary, well they could go hand-in-hand

  3. Asteroid collision

    Although my real end-of-world scenario would be a total power grab by either political party. No matter which party seized power, I know my big mouth would put my in a gulag.

  4. Viruses... Sick people do scare me. Its a shame I work in a hospital. Good Quiz!

  5. Ohhhh, the irony - the horror freak winds up with the answer of "Zombie Apocalypse". You have to admit: that would be frighting!

  6. Barry;
    Yeah, open mouth, insert foot.

    Yeah, but I don't think your patients' sickness can be catchy--at least, I hope not.

    What a way to go!

  7. Asteroid collision... Hrm, good to know.

    I think a Zombie attack would be the most pleasant way to go out.

  8. Dr. Heckle;
    Hey, asteroid is expedient, but zombies would give you the sense you might be able to outsmart them, up until the moment one sneaks up from behind and bites you in the shoulder.

  9. well, according to this, we'll be attacked by bombs, while we're fending off zombies....& i won't be remnembered for ANYTHING!! thanks again, autumn..
    *kiss*! lol!

  10. Libby-Girl;
    You found the most interesting way out of this world. :-)

  11. I guess asteroids collide and release Zombies on me.
    Crap, I wanted it to be quick and painless.

  12. Cindi;
    If you're lucky, the zombies arrive and the asteroid comes seconds later so you don't have to deal with zombies and you go quickly (well that's the optimistic viewpoint). Tomorrow I'm posting the information for fledgling psychics to help them along. You might enjoy it--Ms. Creature Comforter...

  13. I have something for you on my blog! <3 :)

  14. E. Planet of the Apes scenario

  15. Virus, yuck!

    Where did I put the g d Purell?

  16. Pangs;
    I hate to see you waste away slowly, coughing, puking up blood, unable to breathe... (hee hee) I just had to torment you. Yeah, honey, I don't think Purell is gonna help this one.