Friday, July 9, 2010

QUIZ: Best Halloween Fun For You

(**Tonight SyFy is the premiere of "Haven" Based on The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King, Haven follows FBI agent Audrey Parker (Rose), who arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine to solve the murder of a local ex-con. Before long, her natural curiosity lands her in the epicenter of activity in this curious enclave, which turns out to be a longtime refuge for people with a remarkable range of supernatural abilities.**)

It’s quiz time again, my pretties! Count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and let’s find out how you should be spending your Halloween to have maximum fun for you…

1. In school when the bell rang, I was anxious to…
a. Rush home, get comfy
b. Meet for a club or activity
c. Go where everyone was hanging out
d. Find a lonely spot and do some writing or sketching

2. My dream place to live…
a. A suburban home, comfy, paid off
b. The city where everything is happening
c. An apartment building, no repairs
d. A country house, old and creepy

3 Most risky sex I ever was…
a. When the kids were not asleep yet
b. In a public place
c. With someone I hardly know
d. In an off-limits place like my parents’ bed or office

4. In a restaurant, I am likely to order…
a. Something I eat at home, am familiar with
b. Something new on the weekly featured menu
c. Something I see someone else eating that looks good
d. Something I would never normally make

5. A day out shopping that I enjoy is…
a. Target or Walmart, fast food restaurant lunch drive through
b. A new import shop and Asian market
c. The food court at the mall and then shopping chain stores
d. The bookstore and the Starbucks inside

Okay, count your a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s and find out which one you have more of, scroll down and find out the ideal fun Halloween for you…

a. Hosting a party in my home
b. Going to a club and entering the costume contest
c. A zombie walk
d. A haunted attraction


  1. Split with D's and B's,,,, but I've done all four of those things and enjoyed them.

  2. First of all, Target and Walmart are too entirely different experiences. I have to be dragged into a Walmart, because I am totally creeped out by the people in there (maybe it's only in my town but...) and Target, well, I rather enjoy that store.
    I was all over the board again but A's won. But that zombie walk sounds fun! wait, maybe it's just like going to Walmart again, nevermind.

  3. LW; Yeah, I was half c's and d's and the final result was D.

    Mary; Zombie walk--planning on doing one of those this year.

    Jessica; I know, I know--I love all the options too.

    Cindi; Some folks don't have a Target, but I'm in total agreement about Walmart--you ever see the funny pictures online taken of shoppers there? hee hee. You probably would get more out of the party at your home experience than the zombie walk and, hey, you can shop for it at Target. hee hee

  4. Pangs, precious, sweetie, there are 5 questions, in what universe did you tie, cutie??

  5. Of course I got D. I do that almost every day!

  6. Gabriel;
    I'll see you at the haunted attraction, I guess.

  7. Yup D's kind of like my grades in school


  8. Barry;
    Hey, school just wasn't designed for your kind of intelligence. One time, I challenged my teachers in my senior year "If you let me do essay questions for all the tests, I promise to get an A." They were intrigued and I got straight A's. I have to admit that I am not the "circle a, b, c, d" type which is funny cause I'm doing these quizzes. I am a theory girl--we play with all the answers...

  9. I'm an A & D person. I think I'd do both.

  10. Becca; How about making a haunted attraction at your home?

  11. Although I turned out as a "party" person on your quiz, extreme decorating would have to be what I love doing! Funny thing is I'm hosting my first Halloween party this year!

  12. HalloweeNut;
    Isn't it a blast? I had one last Halloween and it was the best Halloween party I've ever been to. It was over the top--"Postapocalyptic graveyard" theme. There was a huge mannequin wearing a viking helmet and a gas mask that greeted people in a glow in the dark graveyard of white crosses and the pool was lit green with floating canisters with "toxic waste" symbols on them and green glow juice inside, a cemetery and a huge creepy doll set up with scary doll movies playing up against them, a reaper, and tons more. It was over the top and the most fun EVER! I covered in last October's posts. I can't wait to hear what you're planning...

  13. I will be taking a zombie walk at a haunted!

  14. My answer to #1 was neither a D nor a B :P

  15. Okay Pangs;
    You're not gonna have an answer if you don't change that one that wasn't a B or D. I'd say, pick B or D for that one--whichever one is stronger and then you have your answer, sweets!

  16. Almost all d's. Haunted attraction it is! :-D

  17. Onipar, you can't go wrong with those--sure to cause a few jumps, startles, and screams--and deafness--the last one I went to, they had a train whistle hanging a few feet overhead. You know how loud a train whistle is? Took me days to get my hearing back.