Saturday, July 10, 2010

Messages To The Dead

We spend a lot of time in ghost hunting concerning ourselves with messages from the dead, but what about messages to the dead?

Pagans have a delightful attitude about communicating with the dead that takes place on Samhain in many different forms from a feast for the dead with their favorite foods prepared and mementos laid out and some even do spiral dances.

Similarly, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Latin American celebration in which altars are designed and favorite foods and drinks are laid out on November 2nd and prayers are made for the dead.

Most cultures around the world have ways to venerate the dead in remembrance and ceremony.

The spiritualist movement of the turn-of-the-century had people sending messages to the dead in seances through psychic mediums who supposedly speak to the other side.

It is human nature to want to say that which was not said while alive. I live by the very strong doctrine to tell people how I feel about them every day of my life and show them through my acts how important they are. No one should ever spend a day on this earth wondering if they are cherished--that concept breaks my heart. Anyone who knows me, knows I live each day as if it's the last--lots of laughter, hugs, and encouragement and praise. Someone's last impression of me should be that they smiled and felt cared for, no doubts about their importance. But, not everyone has lost over 2 dozen people in their lives, so perhaps that perspective is in retrospect for the majority. For those with unresolved issues with the dead, trying to get that last important message to them can be all-consuming.

How do we know if our messages to the dead have been passed in an effective manner and are received? Well, we can’t know. Here is something I know, however: When I go to a cemetery where someone has recently visited and spoken or prayed to the dead, activity shows up. To me, that is telling.

If you’ve lost a loved one and call upon him or her, you more than likely don’t hear or see him or her or even feel he or she is there. But, if you want to know if they are with you, you must eliminate all sensory distractions. Eyes closed, ears covered with headphones, sitting up comfortably in a chair, hands on your thighs, take some deep breaths and speak one single question to your loved one. Call his or her name, ask the question. Repeat it again. Now, picture that person as clearly as you can in your mind. If nothing happens, try it again and again until you feel the answer come to you. You will know what he or she would say to you, you will hear how he or she would say it. Just trust what you “know” deep inside. Sometimes, this will be quite surprising that you even hear a voice.

When my sister died suddenly in 2005, I was sitting in bed reading and I sighed and took a deep breath and sadly said, “Tina, if you still exist in any way, please let me know. You know I hunt ghosts. You know I want answers. Please, just give me this one last gift.” From the corner of my eye, I watched the lampshade move. I turned my head and watched the lampshade beside me sway all the way as far as it could and then back again. I snapped my book closed, sat up, hand trembling and touched the lampshade. It was affixed very tightly to the light bulb by a clip and to move it, I had to shove it up and down again. It could not swing as it was held to the bulb. This was not a fluid or easy movement in the least. As a person who is a skeptic first, I was very impressed. I was even more impressed when I realized that it was the lamp my sister and I both wanted when my mother passed on. She had kidded me that she would concede on that one if she could have a rug that I wanted. Both items were sentimental to us and it was hilarious that she chose this way to let me know.

You may not always get results when making messages to the dead, but you can always know that you feel better having sent that message into the universe and all the love and intent that goes with it.

That alone can attract…


  1. OK, this is what happened with me. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, but I know this happened without a doubt.
    When I first got my home, I had gotten it on "contract" and had to finance it in 3 years. To do this I had to make enough improvement on it so that it had equity to make it so that I could get the financing. I worked on the house with my father and then he suddenly died. I realized at that point that he had done all the work that I was unable to do. What I'm trying to say is that he "skipped around" and did things like electrical etc. rather than finish one room at a time. This was not my fathers usual way of doing things, and it dawned on me that he obviously knew that he might not be around to finish. So one night as I was following his patterns in the plaster and getting the rhythmn of the swirls so that I could finish the living room without an obvious change, I stopped. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I broke into tears. There was no way I could do this on my own. Then I heard his voice, not in my mind or a dream but completely clear in the room - "Just do a little at a time". So I stopped crying and picked up the plaster brush and continued. Every night after work I just did a little bit and finally I was finished. Others might be skeptical but I don't care. He was there speaking to me.

  2. Cindi;
    I absolutely know that happened to you. How? My father visited me on the night of his death and stood at the end of my bed and tugged on my big toe like he used to do when he returned from a business trip and mom wouldn't let me stay up to see him.

  3. Okay, when I was college I took a psychology course and remember my instructor touching briefly on grief and loss. He said it wasn't unusual for a person to hear a loved one's voice after death or to even receive a phone call from one of them. My prof. was intriguing in that the guy was pretty "spiritual" for being a scientist and said that even he was unsure of what was going on with this phenomenon. Is it just the grieving mind trying to comfort itself or is it something more?

    Me personally, I enjoy just having a private drink or smoke in honor of that person, remembering them as I do. Most of the people I've known enjoyed those things so in essence, by doing them, I'm connected to them and in my mind's eye I'm consuming for the both of us. Weird, yeah, but I kind of enjoy the whole idea that the dead enjoy the essence of what is physical and offered to them on this plane. Don't know if I really believe it but it's comforting.

  4. Grim;
    It's interesting. I wondered about this often because the night my father died, we came home from the hospital celebrating because he was doing fantastic and we thought we were over the hump, so when I saw him, I thought the hospital released him early and then the phone rang and we rushed to the hospital to find him dead. I had no knowledge of his death, so it couldn't have been influenced by it. I like what you do. That's not an uncommon thing to have a memorial "smoke" or "toast" to the person. When I lose people I love, I write down one thing that meant a lot to them and I do it. My father would have wanted me to help others because that was his business, and I ran a self help group and sponsored and counseled people for 20 years now. My mother wanted me to do genealogy so I've been doing that. My brother would have wanted me to be closer to our California relatives, so I have stayed in touch with them. My sister wanted me to get a tattoo, so I did. I sort of continue what they thought was important in some way. People never die, you just gestate them inside. Right now in my life, I am sort of channelling my father and I feel as if he's with me mentoring my efforts. It's total bliss. Truly as potent as if he were here. If we're living right, we leave that coach piece inside others that tells us what to do and how to do it and sometimes what NOT to do...

  5. Yet another topic I wish you'd do a post on: Channeling.

    I guess in the same way I try to not so much incorporate the activities that they'd done or wanted done but instead the "philosophies" they held in life into my every day. For instance, if they lived and breathed music, I try to crank up the radio a bit more. If they were a non-conformist, I make it a point to do or say something I know they'd enjoy seeing or hearing while thinking of them. In this way I don't feel I'm killing myself to meet their expectations or standards but am still honoring them in their own right.

  6. Grim;
    I like where you're going with that, buddy. I will definitely be doing a post on that. In fact, I've become a life coach for about a half dozen people who are all succeeding nicely and one thing I know about is channelling...

  7. i love this post & the memories that are shared here! right now, i'm getting ready to move to an apartment out of town. not far, just on the east side, & when/if i do it, i can't ride my scooter into town cuzz it's a road with no sidewalks, speed limit 55...but i checked out the apts again yesterday, and i think that's where i need to be...big apartment complex, lots of people, a swimming pool, ponds on the property, sliding glass door to the back, which haas a view of a pond with a of all, they have a handicap-accessible one, and my wheelchair fits in the bathroom, the tub & toilet are low, which is SO what i need...a big walk-in closet in the bedroom with washer/dryer hookups in there!! and lots of closets all ovver the place! so i've been beegging Mom & Dad to help me deccide...but all i come up with is both of them saying "this is a no-brainer, dummy!!"get out of your 2story house in town & GO!! sigh...

  8. Libby-Girl;
    I'm sooooo excited for you! That is just what you need. Once you get situated, I want to hear all about it. Yahoo!

  9. The night that my father passed, I was sleeping and woke up when I heard him call me. I felt like he was there just for a brief moment. I know in my heart that he is just fine. The hispanics have a tradition of picnicing by the graves of their loved ones on certain holidays. I usually will visit my Dad or mother-in-law early because there is never a place to park. Very interesting post AF...

  10. Hey Julie;
    Amazing, isn't it? That visitation by a dead relative is the most common kind of paranormal encounter. I have seen the Hispanics leave cake at their baby's graves. So sad and yet so sweet.

  11. i get frequent visitations from my dead mom, dad, sis, cousins, aunts, uncles... they appear 'in' me, look out through my eyes at what i'm doing, then depart... never once have they been menacing, only supportive

  12. LW;
    That's a very talented ability. I'm intrigued. You are a great vessel (haha--don't take that the wrong way, well, you can if you wish...) It's interesting that you realize that is what's happening. Do you sort of shift back while they look around and then you shift into place again?

  13. exactly, i always acknowledge their presence, and wish them well when they retreat... goes on regularly

  14. LW;
    I want to drop in some time--that would be fun. I want to see the world through wolfie's eyes.

  15. Maybe you can tell me what this was. I was home alone last night, and was going into another room, and I saw something black fly by the door out of the corner of my eye. It felt like a small bird. It was fluttering. I KNOW something went past, but of course nothing was in the house. the cats were even out in the barn.

  16. Hey Cindy;
    Two things could be at work when you see the black-bird sort of thing out of the corner of your eye. One is vision. I get these a lot at nighttime in my bedroom. I lay in bed on my side and along the ceiling I see a bird-sized dark spot and turn to look at it and flies away. Then, I put my eyes back into their original position and see it again. I'd suggest recreating the lighting and try seeing if you can recreate the incident. The chances are probably 95% of the time, that's what it is. It's an issue in the peripheral vision and once you turn to look at it, it rushes off. If the room was well lit and you can't recreate the same phenomenon in your vision, then you might have had a moment of visualizing something we have all around us that we don't often get to see unless the conditions are just right. Some folks blame it on pre-earthquake phenomenon, some say it's a shadowperson variation. It should be a one-time event. Let me know if it happens again.

  17. LW;
    I have done remote viewing often. I have done it in my sleep, but also in the meditative state. Do you do a little traveling without your body too?

  18. not much lately, nearly every night in my teens/20s....

  19. LW;
    Come visit some time. If you need a target, let me know in email.