Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hug-A-Blogger Needs These States NM, TX, AK, OK, TN, AL, LA, MS

Most of my followers know that Julie from Above the Norm and I have been working on a project for a book and blog called "Hug-A-Blogger." The Blog will follow our antics as we drive across country to meet and hug and hang out with bloggers and interview them for a book. The blog will contain our daily journalling, video, and photos of the crazy places, haunted spots, and neat locations along the roads of America. We have bloggers lined up and we need 2-3 more bloggers in the states listed above. If you are a blogger of something paranormal-spooky-related and wouldn't mind meeting us on our road trip, let me know. You would get a chapter in the book which would promote your blog. The proposal is ready for the publishers, but we need to line up our bloggers first. The proposal will actually be posted on the Hug-A-Blogger blog and show the publisher how it will look as we trek across the US and people can follow our trip and then read the book about the bloggers we meet. The bloggers we go to meet will also have their blog buttons on our special blog with links to their blogs. Thanks!


  1. What an awesome and innovative project. Very exciting.

  2. We are excited about meeting other bloggers and can't wait to get started.

  3. I know someone who'll volunteer for the AL contingent.

  4. What a cool idea...I remember you mentioning wanting to ride around the country to meet other bloggers, but I didn't know you were planning to write a book about it too. If you think you might be coming through NC, let me know.

  5. BG;
    You know you're our AL dude! We have whittled it down to a person in NM, TX, LA, AL and TN. We figured we'd loop around and head back via the more northernly RT 66 after doing the 10. We wanted to have about 7-8 bloggers, so we're hoping we can find some in those states.

    We went over our route and cut out our VA person so we could loop back around at the AL/TN area and come back. We laid it out and realized this could be 4 weeks at the rate we were going and we're going to shoot for 2. That'll be hilarious and insane, but hopefully the publisher can get some sponsors for us--you know, car rental places, hotels, Flipcam, Blogger...whoever wants to help out. We will be putting the proposal on the blog we've set up. We still need to add links to the bloggers we're visiting, but the bare bones are at