Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, ask me, "how is Hug-A-Blogger coming along?" Glad you asked! Oh my! it's very very exciting. We have all the bloggers in line now that we are going to use--7 of them from all different states. We have the blog up. We have a Twitter and Facebook which we will put the feeds onto the blog for. We are going to put up some posts that are samples of our writing. My son is designing the logo and we are having shirts printed up that say "HUG-A-BLOGGER" and will be selling them on the site too because every blogger should have something to tell people why they're special. We are getting down to the prep time when we put up the proposal on the blog, send the publishers the link, and wait for the magical "yes." When we get the okay, we will make the blog active. It will begin with a map of our crazy planned trip, our preparations, and then when we hit the road it will daily have our photos/zany videos/journalling of the cross-country trip in which we will go to only the strangest places. This is for the horror loving bloggers, you know. It will be totally insane (hey, I'm part of this project, it has to be).

The next thing we need is for folks to go over to Hug-A-Blogger and become followers. We want to show the publishers we already have a following anxious to witness this road trip. We will Tweet daily, as well. In fact, I might even do something insane like let followers tell me what they want me to photograph or videotape or do on Twitter--some kind of road trip dare game and put it on the blog. The followers can watch the adventure and when the book comes out, ya'all can read about the interviews and the times we spent with the bloggers. We'll pick up some super cheesy gifts in gift shops on the road and have giveaways. Since there won't be room enough in the car, we'll take ya'all along as virtually as possible!

Here's the bloggers who have given us the okay--check out their blogs. We love these folks and are itching to give them all hugs for their hard work.

Gummerfan's Monster Hunter HQ
Season of Shadows
Photographing the Dead
Haunt Jaunts
Strange State Paranormal Mysteries
Hayes Hudson's House of Horror

As well, we set up our Twitter as hug_a_blogger


  1. Twitter is up and running. We are following over 250 peeps so far and a getting followers as I write this. I can't wait to hit the road with you, it is going to be a blast.

  2. We will no doubt keep the highway patrol at the keen alert and the citizens pulling their shutters closed and hiding...

  3. flog-a-blogger sounds cooler! :P lol

  4. LW;
    I've had some pretty odd requests with what to do with a blogger... I won't even tell you where their minds are going...

  5. i'm a member of a tribe! wow! at least it's not a cult..

  6. Libby-Girl;
    No, definitely no cults here. Just a bunch of think-a-like interesting and intelligent folks, thank goodness!

  7. I was working on posting my Hug-A-Blogger entry for this afternoon asking for other bloggers to apply. But since you're all set with seven of us, I'll change that over to posting about following the Hug-A-Blogger blog.

    This is very cool, autumn! Can't wait to keep up with the happenings on your trip and eventually meet you both!

  8. Count me in sis !! that is fantastic that 250 are already following on Twitter - I think it was a great idea to do this - and will be "huge" as it gets rolling!!
    all the best in the world to you and blessings to this project (especially as I was the first -I believe?) one to benefit from meeting you and Julie back in May!!
    I can't wait to read some of the articles about it!!

  9. John;
    So far, I've met 3 bloggers in the valley and got my hug and made very dear friendships with all 3. I am sure that will be the way as I solidify the long-term friendships with these bloggers with a big old bear hug and lots of laughs. I'm sure you will swear that a dust devil just cut a path through your town because I don't leave anything unsettled when I arrive.

  10. It's rather insane, but we're hoping it takes. If we get enough following, the publisher can't help but have fun with this project.

  11. I tried to leave a comment on HUG-A-BLOGGER but couldn't. I noticed there were zero comments so perhaps others are having the same problem.

    I wish you luck on your road trip and success in finding a publisher.

    I have a daily ghostly serial where I find myself trapped in my own fictional world, wanted for the murder of the ghost of Ernest Hemingway. My two cohorts are the ghosts of Marlene Dietrich and Mark Twain.

    At least I'm having fun. Roland

    Oh, I became a follower of HUG-A-BLOGGER. A return follow would be appreciated. Have a great Sunday, Roland

  12. Um, I'm last, as usual, to add my two cents. Sorry. I'm not as good as you and Julie at keeping up at the commenting end of things...

    But I am helping spread the word about Hug-A-Blogger when and where I can! ;) Funny Road Trip!!!!!!!!!