Goin' on a Hunt!

Today I'm taking off for an overnight hunt downtown in Phoenix. I will be posting about it this week instead of live from the hotel because the hunters and I are planning on doing a bunch of experiments and that will no doubt keep us very busy until we do the actual studies during the night. I will, however, explain some of the experiments we are going to be trying:

At the suggestion of my brilliant blogging buddy Gabriel from "Time Human," I will be attempting to have someone hold a blank CD and stare at a magazine ad of their own choosing, trying to imprint the image onto it and then I will read it with my psychic skills. We will also do another test to compare different types of metals to see which ones I read more easily than others and see if that correlates with electrical conductivity of the metals. This guy is brilliant!

In another experiment, I have taken headbands and inserted magnets with the north pole located over the pineal gland to see if they can create apparition sightings as some experiments have found.

Another experiment involves me going into the room and noting where the "hot" spots are psychically and then marking them on a map. Then, each hunter in my group goes in and dowses the room and marks on separate maps the "hot" spots and then we compare the maps to see if we found similar findings.

Since claims are that the hotel's indian wells in the basement carry spirits in the water throughout the hotel, we will be testing the hotel water compared to city water and bottled water.

Should there be a break in activity, I might just blog from the hunt tonight, perhaps during the champagne teaser before the hunt!


  1. Good luck with your hunt. I look forward to learning more about it.

  2. Have fun and WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU...

  3. Wish I could be there. This sounds like a blast! :)

  4. Thanks Jessica;
    I've officially had 1 1/2 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours--wahoo!

    How the freaking hell did you know that? Will discuss when I write up the findings--but you're totally right, dude!

    I'd have given anything to see you wearing the headband with the magnet on your forehead and dancing to the strobe light--that film will be up later on, btw... Oh, and the experiments of yours that we did-most informative!

  5. Can't wait to see your findings!


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