Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Global Consciousness Project--Whatisit?

I learned about something I hadn’t heard of. I don’t know how it missed my attention, but sometimes I’m flitting around with other things and miss really cool stuff, so on the conference call with the folks from “Fact or Faked,” they mentioned “Global Consciousness Project,” a study through Princeton and something inside me clicked.

I’ll tell you all an interesting tale before I tell you why something clicked in me. Years ago, I was coming out of the store and walking to my car and something struck me all at once (no not a shopping cart)a feeling. I stopped and stood there kind of helpless and baffled. I looked around me to see if anyone else was stopping and feeling it. I don’t normally succumb to such sensations but then I had never out-of-the-blue gotten one quite like this. It felt as if I were suddenly thrust into a meditative state, but the kind where you’re floating and peaceful and without judgment or bodily concern. Somehow, my feet were moving forward and before I knew it, I was across the parking lot, looking up to the northeast. I stood there, staring out over the mountains in the distance and feeling as if there was a gathering. An immense gathering of people in meditation and prayer. A peaceful gathering. I wanted to be with them. I wanted to get in my car and go there. It was the most blissful feeling I can remember. I stood there a long time. A few people walked by me and looked at me as if I were lost. I knew they were there, but my mind was not in the parking lot, it was reaching towards the mountain range and beyond.

I got into my car and turned the radio dial and listened anxiously as I drove home in that direction, my eyes not leaving the mountains. They announced a gathering to the northeast of our state where thousands were coming in prayer for peace in one massive effort to change the intentions of mankind. I laughed joyfully. I could feel it. I could truly feel it as if I were there with them. I had envisioned a kind of hippie commune sensation; an understatement.

So, now back to this project. The basic idea is that human consciousness focused in an area and especially human emotions can actually imprint itself on the environment. I’ve known this my whole life in the house I grew up in. I could feel pockets of it, touch it in the walls and blood-stained floors from the Civil War. I also felt it at places like Lincoln’s Memorial, the Vietnam Vet Memorial, working in a hospital ER, going into a church. There is a collective held there, like in the precious stones of Stonehenge and the walls of Machu Pichu. It is all designed as if to concentrate that energy.

Perhaps the concentration of geology, stone building materials, feng shui principals, spirituality and emotion come together atop leylines in a killer combination that creates overwhelming haunted sites? Perhaps these super conduits were designed to retain the spirituality and that is why standing in Stonehenge and ancient Incan and Mayan temples, we still feel it.

Just another thing to roll around in your mind. Do check out the interesting site link above about the study. Things I’ve known my whole life they are finally getting into realizing. I guess the fact I’m into ghost hunting theories is my destiny. I’ve been running these thoughts and concepts my whole life. Now, to prove a building’s construction and layout influence its “hauntability...”


  1. Cool! I had a similar experience once when I visited the Alamo....not the car rental place but the fort in San Antonio.....

  2. I had the same feeling in a few other places too--Mt. St. Helens and Oregon City--my favorite freaky place in the world. Some day, I'd love to rent a place there and work on a horror novel that would blow people's minds away. That town is freaking insanely weird--the energy from the hydroelectric plant and the general feel of the land and people is very unusual and unsettling. Don't you wish you could have figured out where that feeling came from?

  3. I had a similar feeling when I entered a stall in a public restroom... "Something sinister recently happened here!" Of course, the smell might have tipped me off too...

    In all seriousness, I don't think I've ever experienced anything that intense, but definitely weird sensations when visiting places. Only to find out later that it was haunted or something bad had happened there.

  4. Dr. Heckle;
    You know, most folks feel it standing at monuments and even in cemeteries. People ask me why cemeteries would be haunted but they are by very intense emotions everytime loved ones visit and, as well, them talking to the dead could create visitations...

  5. I can relate. Things like that happen to me... when they first started they freaked me out. Now, I am used to weird and freaky... its normal!!


  6. MarZel;
    I do admit to lots of those senses, but this one was like nothing I've ever had. The only other time I had a similar feeling was at Mt. St. Helens. It was utter peace and wisdom and calm.

  7. I know what you're saying.. strange. I was "blocked" from entering a monistary one time... very strange.

    I like the look of your blog... thought I was lost for a minute.

    I do miss the picture of your old homestead.

  8. @eloh;
    Yeah, I was dinking around with the site. Black with white writing made my eyes freaking hurt and I wanted something that reminded me of abandoned places in autumn time. The pictures of the house are still on there, on the righthand side down below. You just gave me a brilliant idea for a banner at the top of the page--one of the house from the 1860s post Civil War-you are brilliant my friend!!!