Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fledgling Psychics

I recently did a series about the types of psychic abilities that everyone shows at one time or another and that if developed could become a full-fledged psychic. I mentioned soul seers who had the potential to become mediums, tactile tuners who could become healers and psychometrists, tomorrow tumblers who could become clairvoyants and creature comforters who could become animal psychics.

Many of you wanted to know how to develop these abilities and there are a lot of ways to work on psychic skills. The very first thing I would advise is to just journal it. Any time you have that strange premonition, from knowing who is calling on the phone to having an angry animal suddenly calm down and approach you. Note if it happened several times in one day and look for patterns. What is happening in your life? Sometimes, we are more receptive when we are contented and not stressed and other times we are more sensitive when we are depressed. See if there are good days, bad days or an entire week of luck followed by weeks of nothing.

There is a feeling you get in your body when you psychically connect. For many, this presents itself as “fact.” It’s as if you already know this thing to be fact so when you confirm that you were right, it seemed the obvious conclusion. That sensation is important to note. Ultimately, developing your skill depends on your learning to tune into how you felt when you made a reading or prediction that came true. Then, in the future when you get that same set of sensations, you will know you are on the right track.

I often suggest daily psychic testing so you can learn what happens inside you when you get the right answer. Each time you go to click on a picture on the screen and it is the wrong one, notice how you felt while picking that one. Then, notice how you felt while picking the right one. There is a sense of “knowing” and that it is “fact” that you feel inside your mind and body—a strange “rightness.” You will also find some days are particularly magical and other days are total duds. Even seasoned psychics run into this, as well. There are factors we don’t yet know about that make some days just total clunkers and it could be preparation, state of mind, or even geophysical forces we aren’t aware of. I usually like testing on gotpsi.

Being in contact with that which you are talented is helpful. I suggest the creature comforters spend as much time as possible with animals and petting new ones to learn to accept information from the animal by the simple contact and postures. If you go to a dog park and pet a new dog, ask the owner whatever impression you get "he took some time to learn to trust, huh?" It's a good way to test your abilities. Tactile Tuners dive right into flea markets and antique stores and touching your friend's antiques when visiting his house. Tomorrow Tumblers can open themselves to reading the newspaper or watching the news before bedtime. As much as you worry that could cause nightmares, it often times embeds events in your mind and life has a strange way of repeating these events and you will have honed in on one of the catastrophes you saw or read about and become now focused on future occurrences. For Soul Seers, I always suggest studying a room of people, finding the ones with old souls--life wisdom and insight. Introduce yourself and learn their stories. Learn if your instincts about people are spot-on. It's just like painting landscapes or writing lyrics, if you don't practice, you can't do it well.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of self observation. You need to learn if you hear things, see things, imagine things as if they are memories in your head, get them in your dreams or feel them in your body. I also suggest the regular practice of meditation so you can clear your mind and allow information to enter. It is a skill that is very helpful in gathering knowledge. You may not have the patience or the desire to become a full-fledged psychic, but fledglings can benefit from their insights as they also help them to make life decisions with a gut instinct many do not take notice of.


  1. maybe that's why i love listening to old people..or reading their memories

  2. I can't write it down or I'd never get anything done. All day long it just happens, I don't will it. It's like taking a breath, you don't stop to think about it. It's just part of you. It's natural. Once in a very great while, I will feel nothing from an animal and that's pretty rare. But to be very honest about it and not being mean at all but when I feel nothing, it's not usually a very bright "bulb" either. Maybe it's because I am surrounded by animals all day long and then I come home to a house full but I don't have to concentrate, or think. It's just the way it is.
    And I want to add this: When someone says that they can read a pets mind and its saying full sentences like "I wish I could go to the park today but she's busy watching that TV show" that person I TRULY believe is full of absolute BULLSHIT. That's not how animals think. They are NOT humans forming full sentences. If someone tells you that, I say they are a fraud and a liar. I've tried to explain to someone once when they were complaining about their dog jumping the fence and not "appreciating" the big yard it had to play in. I had to explain that the dog doesn't look around and say "Wow, I'm so lucky I have this big yard!" Instead this dog is looking at the closed gate. and the last time the gate closed on the dog, the owner went inside and died and no one found him for a few days and the dog was left there waiting and starving. So, No. the dog was in a panic because of the anxiety of being left again...not because he was a bad ungrateful dog.
    I'm just saying...that It makes me SO angry when people assume the pet is thinking like a person. Animals are so above that. They don't possess the horrible petty traits so many people have.
    Sorry, I'll climb down off this soapbox now......

  3. Libby-Girl;
    It definitely strikes a chord in your soul.

    It's not entirely true that people that read pet's minds are fake if they tell sentences. One of the weird things about being psychic is that about 70-80% of the talent goes into interpretation. Interpretation means referencing something. You get a sense of someone or something and you have to describe it and that's when you have to put it into your own words and your own words are trying to find an equivalent for people to understand, so you put it as if the dog is talking, when of course they didn't hear the dog say "I like shiny objects," so they're not always full of s-h-i-t. Sometimes, they interpret with a lot of colorful and descriptive language. Truly, a pet would say it more simply like "bad" "good" or "obnoxious" and we will give them a voice because folks just like to personify things. If that makes sense. I think your ability to read animals is definitely a psychic talent and it's probably closer to full-fledged. The ability to turn it off in crowds of animals is typical. I do the same thing in crowds of humans or I'd be lost in all the chatter.

  4. OK, Yeah. If someone is putting it into a sentence as a human would verbalize it so that people can understand it, I get that. I realize that it's part of the translation process for them but for ME, it (obviously) annoys the Hell out of me. I think it comes off sounding very fake and artificial. It can insult some peoples intelligence. And it can make people doubt the real communicator from the pretender.
    I think its hard sometimes to find the right "words" for me to communicate with PEOPLE. I'm assuming that stems from the fact that my desire to do so isn't as great as it is with an animal. Here I go again, rambling and probably not really getting my point across but I've never said to anyone ever that I can read animals thoughts or that I'm a communicator...I keep that to myself because I have doubts whether or not that is the proper description of what I'm experiencing, but I've had many people comment on my ability to be able to calm a pet or notice when something is not right. I guess because this is the blog world, I decided to just put this out there!
    XOXO - Cindi

  5. Cindi;
    With animals it is different so what you're feeling towards them is hard to define. It's not as clear-cut as reading thoughts, it's more like reading intent and spirit, so you're right about that--it makes it hard to determine just what your relationship with them is. It's probably obvious to me that you have that connection, but it's just a very unusual talent and a very unusual thing to read, so it is always a vague thing to explain. You are definitely in the right line of work and exposing yourself continually with animals is your ideal situation.