Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creature Comforters


This is the last in my series about fledgling psychics. Earlier, I did one on “Soul Seers,” “Tactile Tuners” and “Tomorrow Tumblers” and now we’ve got “Creature Comforters.” We are all born with psychic capabilities, but some of us are not encouraged, do not recognize, or want to ignore those abilities and like muscles, they atrophy. This series is about the fledgling psychics out there, those who if they worked their talent could be a full-blown psychic. In the case of Creature Comforters, you get the picture—they have a way with understanding animals.

Here are some characteristics of this type of psychic…

They love the outdoors and feel more at home there than indoors. The seasons don’t discourage them and as children, they likely would have laid on the floor with the sunlight pouring down on them on a cold winter day and dream of being outside.

There is a natural love of animals but to the point of seeing them as family members and talking to them. As a child, the family dog was likely to be the very best friend of all.

When meeting people in their home, they are more distracted by the pets, wanting to greet each one and get a feel for them by touching. No matter where they go, animals seem to follow them silently as if they are a pied piper. Even the most timid pets come to seek them out.

Sometimes, it seems as if the animal knows what they are saying to them. They are often mesmerized by the talented human. Just a hand to the creature and it seems to calm its restlessness or pain. Subtle changes in the animal do not go unnoticed by this type of psychic. They are acutely attuned to the normal patterns, behaviors and expressions.

Lots of people love animals, but only some can communicate with them. They don’t just love animals, animals love them back in a noticeably unusual way. As these people walk by, dogs on leashes may even pull to get to them and act very excited, the owner telling them that they have never seen their pet get so excited by a stranger.

Pet psychics are actually a legitimate type of psychic. There is as much difference between a true pet psychic and a dog whisperer (trainer) as there is between a psychic and a mentalist. One has true PSI capabilities and the other is trained to appear so.

If you have these features, you can sometimes have the problem with putting animals before people. You also can become consumed with rescue and overwhelmed by the death of a pet. You can’t avoid involvement with animals, as it is your calling, but you can also know that the time you were in the pet’s life, you made the interaction with humans seamless. You can’t ask for more than to be a wonderful interpreter.


  1. I've enjoyed your last few posts about the different types of psychics. Do you have any suggestions on how a person could develop their skills?

  2. OK! BINGO!
    MY best friend when I was small was my dog.
    Same situation now, just different dog.
    I was SO CLOSE to my Maddie, my Golden that has passed on, that even now my eyes well up with tears thinking about her.
    When I garden out in my front yard, and anyone walks by with a dog, the dog always strains on the leash to get to me.
    I run a boarding kennel and people are constantly amazed when I walk up front to get their dogs... they start jumping up and wagging their tails and go off running with me when they were just frightened moments before.
    Many times a dog has boarded with me and I will sense something is wrong and I take them up to the vet and discover I was right.
    People tend to bore me. Dogs never.
    I can just look at a dog and I can "feel" what they are feeling most of the time.
    My neighbors garage once was burning down and I had to run out of the house in the middle of the night. The policeman asked if I had everything out of my home that I valued and I looked at my car, filled with my animals and said YES. (later I realized my purse, photos and everything else were still in the house.)
    and YES, My "kids" are a bunch of furry rescues.

  3. Jeanne;
    I will be writing a post on that next week. I have discussed it several times on the blog, but I'd suggest you start out with daily psychic testing on It's a good way to learn what you feel in your body when you choose the right answer. Observe that feeling so in the future you can use it to anticipate when you're getting information accurately.

    You are a classic creature comforter. The good thing about these types is they tend to work their skills constantly because they can't help attracting and being around animals. You have some lucky critters in your life!

  4. So I'm everything except the Tactile Tuner. Creature Comforter is very much like me. I swear, my dog understood everyword that I said to her. And although my cat is in her crazy teenage years (She's 3 or 4) So she's all anti-social, I swear she understood when I told her that I'm aggravated that she hates me so much now. Because now she's all lovey to me. :-p
    I also sat in the park one morning... And had practically every animal come up to me. I felt like Snow White. Lol! Ducks, Moorehens, Squirrels. Birds. It was weird.
    Loved this series! <3

  5. I've noticed that when I'm around people who have pets, the animals seem to ignore everyone but me. My sister's dog wouldn't leave my side, even when she called for him.
    When I called about a dog that was in the paper and the owner brought her over, she jumped out of the car, ran past my huband at the time who was holding the door open for them, ran into the living room and sat next to me. Her owner said she'd never done anything like that before because she is afraid to go into strange places and be around strangers. Needless to say, he let me have the dog because he knew she had picked me.

  6. Tina;
    That's a classic example of a creature comforter.

  7. Cool, I love my doggies and even talk to them when no one else is home, but I don't think I can be considered a "creature comforters".

  8. Julie;
    I'm the same way. I adore animals but they could take or leave me.

  9. autumnforest...i like cats...and i have liked some dogs (tiffany's old boyfriend's papillon...), but i could take or leave most any animal but a cat!!
    :-D !

  10. Libby-Girl;
    I don't know how in the world I critter could resist you. Animals recognize big hearts and happy spirits when they meet them.

  11. Wow! I can honestly say that each of those things have happened to me at least once in my life if not numerous times. I've had people amazed because of how an animal reacted to me, especially if they are normally timid or just shy. I speak to all my animals just like I'd speak to you. They all know their names - yes, even the cats. No, "here kitty kitty" in my house. My "voodoo" kitty Gris Gris (pronounced Gree-Gree) lost her collar somewhere in the house, we call it her necklace, one day when I was still with my husband...I said "Gris, go get momma your collar, go get me your necklace." She disappeared and a few minutes came back in the room with it in her mouth! My husband and I were amazed! Believe it or not! It happened! I also believe that your pets pick you, you don't pick them.

  12. Tara;
    You might be past being a fledgling and simply are an animal psychic. You might try placing your right or left hand on an animal and see if you pick up any emotions or feelings in your body. You might find which hands reads better. One hand will read them well, the other will comfort them well.

  13. Thanks Autumn, I'll give that a try. I know that all of my animals that we had to put to sleep, they "told" me it was time. They came to me, or looked at me in a certain way. I fought it with my dog Scarlett. She was me and the ex's first dog. She was our baby girl and we miss her so very much...getting teary eyed typing this now. I knew it was time, but because I loved her so much, I didn't want to listen at first. Needless to say, she MADE me listen. That was the hardest thing we had gone through in a long time. She was incredibly special. A rescue that was given to my ex the 2nd year we were dating. She was almost 15 when we had to let her go. But, I know she's still here, in our hearts, her soul still watches over us both, I honestly believe that.