Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brothers Quay: My All-Time Favorites!

Just looking at that clip from my favorite of theirs “Street of Crocodiles,” you can see why this was the DVD I played in the background on my shed during my Halloween party with the dolls I made look creepy, all lined up on the shed. This constant movie running had fascinated people and scared them at the same time. I can watch these clips forever and never get sick of them. They feel like something from Eastern Europe in the 1930s or 40s. It’s just dark and atmospheric and you watch the dolls and creepy little settings unfold like a constant mind scramble.

Stephen and Timothy Quay were actually born in the late 40s in Pennsylvania. Hard to believe, huh? They actually reside and work in England. Their stop-motion films are positively mesmerizing and will haunt you long after you watch them. Their influences included Polish animators, puppeteers and composers. Most animations use doll parts and organic and nonorganic elements which is really something that appeals to me a lot. They have really had their hand in all forms of the arts from music to theater, art and literature. These talented brothers are perhaps up on my list with Nikola Tesla as some of my favorite most influential and brilliant men of all time. (It takes a lot earn that spot from me!)


  1. Could not agree more. There work is inspired, definately one of my favorites.


  2. Very eerie with the dark surroundings and those creepy little dolls.

  3. We so need to get a fun place to have the most awesome Halloween party. My yard was just too small for all the people that attended. It's always been my dream when I make it big some day to have the most awesome Halloween party of all time. I think I'd want to rent a farmhouse for it in the middle of the woods and just go Sleepy Hollow all over it...

  4. What a magnificent piece of work. I wasn't familiar with the Quay Bros. Thanks for the intro.

  5. MM;
    They're just your kinda guys. You'll love them.