Friday, June 4, 2010

The Winner of the Dowsing Rods is...

Thanks everyone for entering. Below, you will find instructions on how to make and use dowsing rods. If you experiment with them, let me know what you find.

Dale got to pick the winner from the basket with his “sticky taped hand.” (video above) The winner was ….. Jeff!

For those who didn’t win but want to make some dowsing rods, it’s a simple process to make your own. You need some heavy gauge wire or coat hangers can even work. Cut 20” lengths. Mark them at 5” with a sharpie pen and either put that mark against a straight edge table and bent at 45 degrees so the long length lines up with the tabletop or put it in a vice at 5” and bend it at a 45 degree angle.

From this site are some simple instructions:

Calibrate your dowsing rod(s): Lay out cards numbered 1-5 face up and in a line with about 1-2 feet (1/2 meter) of separation between each card. Start at one end, holding your dowsing rod(s), and make a request, like "Show me where the card labeled 4 is". Close your eyes and visualize the card you want the rod(s) to find for you. Then open your eyes and walk slowly next to the line of cards with your dowsing rod(s) over them, pausing over each one, and see what happens when you go over the card you requested. You may find that the metal rods cross each other.

Test your dowsing abilities: Repeat the previous step, but this time, shuffle the cards and put them on the ground facing down, so you don't know which is which. Make your request and see if you can correctly identify the card you requested by dowsing. If you can't, either you're a bad dowser (you're not focused or relaxed enough, you're psychically challenged, you're holding the rod(s) incorrectly, or you're too skeptical to allow dowsing to work for you) or dowsing is nothing more than superstition punctuated by coincidence. You decide.

Using in paranormal investigations:

Hold the base of each dowsing rod, one in each hand, at approximately body width apart, with your arms extended. The arms of the rods should be able to swing somewhat freely in the palms of your hands, but they should not be too loose, or this will cause them to tilt and swing. Very slowly and steadily, walk across the area you're investigating, watching the dowsing rods along the way. Ask questions to see if you can get any response. You can ask the spirit to come close to the rods, cross the rods to let you know its present, and so forth. The rods will cross deeply or spread apart widely in the presence of noticeable "charged" energy, depending on the energy they're detecting. Slight movements in the rods are natural and not really indicative of activity.


  1. Congrats Jeff! I wonder want the little booger has in store for you? Be ready for anything...

  2. Thanks! Don't be trying to scare me like that Julie!

  3. Yeah, Jeff, I think she's referring to what Dale plans on doing to me for making him wear his footie pajamas. We'll find out tomorrow on my blog.

  4. Cindi;
    I hope you make a pair. I made my own and they work quite well. I have to say, every time I see your black kitty avatar I smile. Now, I can't help thinking of you every time I see a black kitty. Hee hee

  5. Hi,
    i do believe in and have tried dowsing. there is a spot in my garden where the rods go apart very strongly. i tried to find the direction of a line but i get the result only in a circle with 2-3 m diameter. what could this mean? i would be grateful for any information regarding the way the rods react. thank you.

  6. I would have someone else try the rods without telling them where they separate. Then, go back again and see if you still get it there. If it's consistently there, you might be dealing with underground water.