Video: Me Making a Psychometric Clock

(above: Video of me working on a psychometric clocked entitled "Haunted Cemetery")

Ya'all know that I'm working on my psychometry talents to be able to make items that regular folks can visually see the emotions the parts hold, but also be able to feel it more viscerally. It aggravates me to no end that people don't get memories when they touch pieces and don't feel the emotions coming off of them. I think about all the times friends have had me touch things in antique stores before buying them and realize that people need pieces guaranteed to give off a certain powerful emotion. By combining items with similar feelings that complement each other, I can make items that have a collective memory that is fascinating and strong. I am focusing on jewelry and clocks because they are powered by the human body and the battery to be able to give off even more of the embodied emotions and memories. I will be opening my Etsy shop "AutumnForest Haunted" at the end of the month, the last weekend, so I will give you a warning before it opens and then you will not hear about the shop again. I will put a button on my blog so you can hyperlink to the shop if you're curious, but this blog is my blog for ghost hunting theories and not for advertising my biz. I'm hoping to just reach as many folks as possible with the benefits of having personally handled, read, and integrated pieces to give the owner a "sure" thing as far as the visual contents and the psychometric ones.


  1. So excited about your shop! The clock is fantastic. So fun to hear your voice. My hubby walked in and heard. He thought I was talking he said we sound similar. I'm not surprised!

  2. Can't wait until your shop opens. It sounds like your going to have some cool items

  3. Jessica;
    Yeah, it's weird to put my stupid hands to some good use. I have a huge collection of items I've sifted through and touched and sorted and set aside and being able to focus like feelings and memories together is a thrill. I'm glad I found a way to use this ability and make it accessible. I should be opening on the 26th. I'll put up a notice on the blog.

  4. Becca;
    Thanks so much. That's funny about the voice. I just hate my voice. I had to make myself slow down cause I usually like to talk fast. I think I sound like a southern valley girl.

  5. The clock is looking so good. I like the stones around the edges, the necklace, checker pieces and rusty nails. They all work so well together...nice job!

  6. I'm leaving you something over on my blog. :) It'll be there shortly

  7. First of all -
    WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that clock! I think that your creations will just blow out of your shop! How cool is that!!!! I know that you don't want to "advertise" but that is so AWESOME! I would love to hear about each and every item you create! So I will make sure to save your shop as a favorite!
    Second, you have a very nice voice, nothing "valley girl" about it but I was surprised! I was so sure that you would sound like Kathleen Turner! Actaully that's kinda how I picture you too....VERY early K.Turner though! NOT NOW!
    I'm still blown away by your clock, I have to go now! and watch your video again! Great job!

  8. Cindi;
    You're a doll. Yes, each piece will be explained. People like to know the origins of the pieces and their memories and emotions. When I powered up that clock, I could feel the results of it from 6 feet away, so I suspect that folks who aren't even practicing their psychometric skills will feel this. You're a doll! Kathleen Turner? Loved her in Romancing the Stone movie--hot-o-rama! My friends usually compare me to Julia Roberts and Sheryl Crow and I guess I can see that. I have the kind of casual jeans/California girl look of Sheryl and definitely the personality of Julia, especially in Pretty Woman. I'm just sort of awkward in my body, bursting into laughter at inappropriate moments, and totally doing 10 things at one times, so yeah I exhaust my friends. They need to go home and get a good sleep after hanging with me. I'm glad to finally have some good projects to funnel all that energy like the my workout routine and making psychometric pieces. I tried to learn Reiki one time and was told I have so much energy coming off my body that I could never learn to control it. Hee hee That about says it all, probably also explains why I never ever get cold.

  9. I was thinking more of the Kathleen T. in Body Heat because she was so wickedly smart! I loved her line - "You aren't too smart, are you? I like that in a man." But I loved Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, her personality was so BIG that she made Richard Gere sort of fade into the background!
    When I was younger everyone always said that I reminded them of Melanie Griffith. Now I'm afraid to ask! Hmmm (I really DO need to get my act together!....)


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