Monday, June 28, 2010

This Week in Horror Movies and Paranormal TV

(*asterisk is next to what I’m watching)


NBC: “Persons Unknown” (show)


SyFy: Repeats of “Ghost Hunters” and new “Ghost Hunters Academy”
Animal Planet: (if you’re brave) a marathon of “Monsters Inside Me” (about parasites in human bodies)

SyFy: “The Brothers Grimm” (movie) “Enchanted” (movie)
FX: “27 Dresses” (I put this cause I know there are no dudes out there brave enough to sit through this gal-fest--horrifying!)

*TNT: “Unlawful Entry” (movie) This one is about a cop (Ray Liotta) who gets obsessed with (Kurt Russell) a guy’s wife. A tense thriller and I like it cause, heck, Ray and Kurt are both kinda hot and I have a thing for men with badges… (wink)

I know, I know, my sweeties, no more whining, puh-lease. The drought will be over and the much anticipated new show to see—“Fact or Faked” will be on SyFy mid July—just when monsoon season is kicking up. If I’m lucky, I can watch it while it’s thundering outside for extra atmosphere. I figured I’d also let ya’all know what’s sitting my Instant Queue on Netflix cause, well, you can see the kind of stuff I pull up during the drought to watch…

(I might as well open up my underwear drawer...You tell a lot about a person by what’s in their Instant Watch queue and what they will watch at any given moment or mood.)
“Californication” (just good old dirty fun and I love it!)
“Animals” (movie about werewolves, but screw the werewolf part—sucks, but has the very best sex scene in any horror movie—ever)
“Season 4 of Highlander” (Adrian Paul is my #1 hottie of all times, gotta get my fix)
“Lucas” (movie—sometimes I get nostalgic for the 80s and Corey Haim)
“Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (movie—in case I just want a monster movie)
“The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3” (movie—hoping to see this remake with my son. I actually liked it)
“Die Hard 2” (movie—I love the series, what can I say? Bruce Willis is just a real guy.)
“Cheesy Horror Vol. 1” (collection of horror movie trailers)


  1. Oh yes, Unlawful Entry...I also think those boys are rather hot especially Ray *now fanning myself*. I guess it is a good thing that nothing worth watching is on because I have so many things to do this week.

  2. Yeah, I almost never sit still for TV anymore, so Fact or Faked is gonna get my full attention and that's not easy to do unless you're Ray Liotta. Love the light eyes/dark hair combo--it's physically impossible to have that combo and not be attractive--I dare you to name one person with that combo who isn't hot...

  3. I can't wait for Fact or Faked. I don't usually get too excited about shows, but I saw an ad for this show and it looks really good. Seems like a "Mythbusters" for paranormal stuff.

  4. Doc;
    You got it! I am excited about it. We've all gotten numb from watching hunters prowl around with nightvision. I think it's time to come out in the light and go through evidence review. We can't better the field if we don't weed out the ridiculous and hoaxed.

  5. "I dare you to name one person with that combo who isn't hot..."

    Um...Marilyn Manson? ;)

  6. Dan;
    Hey, if I were a bit more funky--yeah, he's hot for the anemic/vampiric/effeminate type gals--like that dude from "Twilight." Hardly my type. I like them more rugged myself, but male or female, that combo is always attractive--it's the contrasts.

  7. Sighhhhh......well....maybe we brown-eyed people will get to start parking in the handicapped spots.....


  8. Dan;
    Didn't say I didn't like brown eyes. In fact, for me--I prefer brown eyes. Light eyes are cold and impersonal and brown eyes tell their soul all the time. That is why I possess them myself with little bits of gold and orange in them. Most of my gal pals agree that we prefer brown eyes in men. They are mysterious and brooding and a stare from brown eyes holds more punch than a blue-eyed puppy. So, don't feel bad, honey. You're still"all that" for the females.

  9. You forgot ME on GHOST STORIES on the TRAVEL CHANNEL this FRIDAY night!!